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Avatar_f_tn I took some tylenol 3 when I had wisdom teeth removed, never even finished the bottle and could not understand how anyone could snort an oxycontin, eat it...much less each 40 vics a day. I was trying to help hi maintain his sobrety. At one point, he had gotten some OC's. I was livid. Through his ways, he convinced me to take one (so i could see it was "no big deal). I did. I dont know why i did....but, i did. ONe pill lead to another pill which led to another pill.
135691_tn?1271100723 While I was in the hospital these past couple of days, they started me on Oxycontin 40mg sustained release tablet. I've previously been taking percocets and I'm finding that, the longer I take them, the less of an effect they have on me, which I understand is totally normal. At the hospital, they were giving me the 40mg tablet every 6 hours and I literally felt in a constant daze - which was fine, when I was confined to a hospital bed!
177036_tn?1192290235 I pulled this off the top medhelp...Oxycontin lawsuit OxyContin has been a top selling painkiller, but it is also highly addictive. Did taking Oxycontin devastate your life? If so, you may have a legal claim. The manufacturer of Oxycontin, Purdue Pharma, began selling Oxycontin in 1996. The drug company, however, found it had a major obstacle to overcome when it began selling Oxycontin. Oxycontin is a narcotic drug, in the same class with heroin and morphine.
366557_tn?1259103224 I know this will be of little or no help to the members of this group struggling to get off of OxyContin. We are all ultimately responsible for our own addictions. But it is interesting to learn how this company with absolutely no conscience promoted it, and got away with it. If you're interested, copy and paste this link below. You can buy a used copy for as little as $2.88. http://www.amazon.com/Pain-Killer-Wonder-Drugs-Addiction/dp/1579546382/ref=sr_11_1?
Avatar_n_tn More people die bleeding to death from aspirin and NSAIDS than from oxycontin, not to mention tobacco and alcohol which ruin more people that oxycontin ever will. I hope this reporter isn't wanting to write something sensationalistic. Journalists have virtually no credibility left anymore anyway. This happened when Woodward and Bernstein popularized the profession and we let any Tom, ****, and Henrietta into it. It seemed so glamorous back then. Now look.
429155_tn?1205676864 MY PERSONAL DIARY OF OXYCONTIN WITHDRAWAL. May I briefly fill in a little background.I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
Avatar_n_tn Do any of you even know what it is that I take or would you have to go back and read some of my posts since nobody really seems to give a ****. I'll come back here some other time when I move on to the oxycontin and morphine and hell some of the other stuff yall take is so strong. what's it called formaldehyde or something like that?
Avatar_f_tn When Purdue Pharma reformulated the pill and renamed it Oxycontin OP, that extended the patent on Oxycontin. Purdue Pharma won the lawsuit and all the generic manufacturers that were producing Oxycontin had to exit the market. A similar scenario happened with Opana ER. Endo Pharmaceuticals reformulated Opana ER so that it couldn't be crushed and snorted. When they did that, it extended their patent for at least another 10 years.
Avatar_n_tn They're both short acting medications. When you say oxycodone do you maybe mean oxycontin as oxycontin is chemically oxycodone in a longer acting form(12 hours). I only ask because I find it strange for someone to prescribe both percocoet and dilaudid(oxycodone and hydromorphone) together unless they were being rotated out every few weeks so they wouldn't lose effectiveness. But even then.
Avatar_f_tn thanks!. My husband Gordon is on day 25 now for Oxycontin (320 mgs to 400 mgs daily) and day 11 for diazepam (30 mgs daily). He was put on Oxycontin 4 yrs ago as other pain meds were not working for his pain due to a MVA 18 yrs ago. He has chronic pain and a head injury to his frontal lobes. 2 yrs ago I wanted him off the oxy's as he was getting more and more depressed. He was having severe mood swings, always angry, always negative, loss of memory and a change in personality.
216046_tn?1193947004 A recent lawsuit has been filed for the death of a high school coach who died with interactions with tramadol & methadone. Suit was for some millions against Walgreens because of the pharmacist who gave him the medications and didn't warn them.
986593_tn?1283535811 What matters is what it is prescribed for. Lyrica reminds me a lot of oxycontin in it's marketing. And it's all about the marketing. I'm not saying Lyrica is as addictive as oxycontin but we don't know the whole story about it yet. The history of oxycontin in Appalachia is a horror story. The FDA approves a drug which is then really tested on the general population. The pharmaceutical sales people push it and give out free samples and it is the new wonder drug.
Avatar_m_tn Even though oxycontin gave me my life back from chronic pain of over two years, when the drug company won their lawsuit and I could no longer get generics, I had to look at another option, that's when the doctor started me on the patch and started decreasing my oxycontin. I now use the patch,, oxycontin 40x1 and 20x1 and percocet 10x2,twice per day. eventually the doctor will get me totally off the oxycontin but I'm not sure we are going to stay with the patch.
544292_tn?1268886268 As soon as I get better from being on Tramadol I am going to track down the attornies who (I HOPE) are working on he CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT and insist they do something to get it more wisely known to these incredibly ignorant Doctors that this is NOT a safer kinder gentler option to narcotics. WIthdrawal is a living hell. I feel like I am going insane (thanks so much for not knowing or mentioning that this drug messes with serotonin DOC! ...
Avatar_n_tn 9% of surgeons have had at least one lawsuit against them for some reason, but several complaints or lawsuits should give you cause to think about someone else. This surgery cannot be undone any more than an amputation.
Avatar_f_tn The panic attacks, irritability, depression, and sleeplessness, plus severe lower back pain, are all common and expected. He was proud of me for getting off them, mentioned the lawsuit against the makers of oxycontin, but seemed concerned enough to set up another appt for me in 4 days and a therapist appt in three. I guess in a way it gave me vindication, that it's not just my sorry wimpy *** who can't hack it,, who can't suck it up.
Avatar_f_tn Maybe my doc would like a major lawsuit since in reality she is the reason I got hooked in the first place. I was doing fine on codeine and she jumped me to fentanyl patches. There was no reason to do that. She said that way I wouldn't get tylenol and I didn't know what a patch was. I trusted her. Well, the first surgeon knew, and immediately downed me to oxycontin with codeine for breakthrough pain. That was my first withdrawal. Sorry for the vent.
Avatar_m_tn And then worked my way up to 4- 80 mg OxyContin with 8 Percocet for breakthrough pain.. Now I am on methadone as it is much less of a roller coaster than oxy/perc. I ran out Of methadone yesterday, and have no refills. Apparently my dr at the pain clinic is on vacation until Thursday and nobody at the clinic can help me!! I'm 24 now and needless to say have had my fair share of withdrawal. Also, I am due for another surgery in a month and am still in excruciating pain.
Avatar_f_tn He says maybe I need to get a job and do this another time when I have insurance and can get help. I am in the beginings of a huge lawsuit that I cant even work on and could lose it all becuase I am so messed up. If I get back on the methadone and finish the suit Id have plenty of money to get help. I am obviously Not a person that can do this alone. I dont know what to do.....................
Avatar_n_tn i take about 5-8 oxycodone 30mg a day 2 at a time sometimes and if i cant get those ill take an oxycontin(have only done this a few times) ive tried quiting before and never made it through withdraw. the problem is im in a band and going on tour next week, when i get back i have to fix this problem but i dont know what do....
Avatar_n_tn Dear Dr. Steve, I have a problem with stopping oxycontin. I take 80 mg.s three times a day for chronic pain due to two herniated disc's and nerve pain in my legs. I would like to switch to a long acting opiate. Oxycontin is not a long acting opiate. Am I correct in saying this doctor? I would like to have an example of a true long acting opiate. Isn't oxycontin a time released formula of a short acting opiate? My question is Dr.
Avatar_m_tn Not confidential but my real name isnt in these messages so that will do. It is hard to prove my case since I have near completely normal days and I lost a lawsuit (unless you call $20K in arbitration out of $750K winning) since they had video of me doing laundry and some taichi classes and my lawyer apparently never listened to me and what I tell you above and below.
Avatar_n_tn Actually, you can taper the patch but I don't think you'll need to having only used it for 6 days. Since you have oxycontin on board, you may feel mild withdrawal symptoms for a few days like insomnia and a bit of restless leg syndrome, but nothing major. How did it happen that you are getting opiates from two different doctors? That's a real bad idea if you need continuing opiate therapy.
Avatar_n_tn Post operative, they placed him on 20mg oxycontin twice daily (w/ Darvon for breakthrough pain). Sixteen days post operative he began to feel sick... nausea, trembling, depression, palpitations of heart, sleeplessness. He was miserable but still took his meds as directed. On learning of his sickness, his General told him to discontinue oxy (cold) and use the Darvon for pain.
Avatar_m_tn I stated this before, BUT THIS IS A CONSIPIRACY with the pharmaceutical companies and a lot of doctors trying to make money. You heard of the lawsuit with oxycontin?? The pharmaceutical companies were giving doctors kickbacks in order to get them to prescribe their medication. Read "Natural Cures" by Mark Trudeau and you'll be surprised at the money making business like doctors, hospitals and drug companies.
547368_tn?1440545385 The wedding is this Saturday. My PCP is wonderful and has me on OxyContin and multiple other medications to help me attend this wedding. No surgeon in my area will touch me as any abd surgery will be life threatening. Indeed I have not found any surgeon willing to even consider it. However I am informed that there is a well known surgeon at a large teaching hospital that I will be consider surgical repair, if that is even possible. He does the "tough, high risk surgeries.
629993_tn?1242962958 Myooshki, I had neck and arm pain and muscle weakness and saw a dr who sent me for my first MRI - from there to a neurologist that was in the throws of a class action lawsuit and was never aware till it was too late. That was when I had my first laminectomy. The arm pain started immediately after surgery. The damage was so severe post op I had no ability to move my hands or arms for weeks.
Avatar_m_tn hes in terrible terrible pain. anyone knows you cannot just stop taking oxycontin after youve taken it that long you can die! this happened once before when he couldnt get his prescription filled he had no oxys and he got real sick and went to the emergency room and they told him if he didnt come in that night he would of died from being cut off like that. and he doesnt need suboxin, suboxin is to get you off pain pills. my dad is old man who cant walk and the only relief he has is a pill.
401095_tn?1351395370 as u say....i do know had i started on oxycontin or went to the patch...or i guess i could have started mainlining heroin...number one those drugs are not easily available and i was going broke just keeping up with my lortab habit...number 2. even had i switched to a stronger drug..this same thing would have happened when my body/brain adjusted to that stronger drug...there is not an answer that i can see that fits in with living life and staying productive...not for me anyway...