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Avatar_f_tn I also talk w/ my surgeon about it). However with the pain getting so bad I could not work or do anything with my 2 young children or my wife. So, I am currently taking a very high dose of oxycontin and oxyIR for breakthru pain. Also, I was able to get the brand name oxycontin which worked by FAR the best, but now have to get the generic oblong ones which are the worse. The round generic are somewhat better, but the brand seems to be almost 2-3x's better.
Avatar_n_tn low dose formulations of oxycodone such as percocet(oxycodone/acetiminophen(tylenol)) or percodan(oxycodone/aspirin) which is most commonly given in 5mg or 10 mg tablets is usually given after certain surgeries and for people in severe pain. both oxycontin and percocet abuse has grown in popularity immensely in the past 10 years. its extremely drastic how fast it has arose to being a DOC for people. and the wd's are the same as other opiates of its kind like heroin or dilaudid.
Avatar_m_tn every 30 days to get a face to face prescription as my wife and I travel out of state - Is there an issue with a 90 day prescription? What are the guidelines / rules - why this concern for a 74 yr. ????? I see my primary doc., Heart doctor, Pacemaker doc., Dermatologist, Ortho for Knee /Hip, Pulmonoloogist (Have COPD), Dentist, and upon occasion a Neurosurgery doc. as well as a Pain Mgmt. doc.) Please help!
Avatar_n_tn Thank you so much for your fast response! I am so happy to hear your children are both happy and healthy! You have helped tremendously! You have no idea how scared and worried I have been! I will hopefully be off really soon, the doctors are thinking about suboxone for a couple days to help take the edge off and from then off I will remain off until the day he is born! Do you remember what mg you were on? And they didn't need to wean your babies off? Thanks a million!
Avatar_f_tn Methadone will not interfere with absorption or function of Oxycodone. You may be thinking of another drug. Many ppl find great relief with Methadone.... Indeed there are some interesting articles that praise benefits of Methadone in Pan Management. So relax and enjoy a restful night's sleep. :o) If you have additional question please feel free to post them...... we'll try to be helpful!
Avatar_f_tn I have another two pharmacies that don't know about my insurance, I pay cash from time to time at those pharmacies. Luckily, Oxycodone is a cheap pain med without insurance! I have had problems with Walgreens Pharmacy, one of the pharmacies I use my insurance at. They started calling the doctor who prescribed Oxycodone and they told that doctor that I've been getting Oxy's from a list of other doctors!!! Does anyone know of the risk with that? Lately, I have been avoiding Walgreens!
Avatar_f_tn Lots of mommy's have taken and come off prescription pain medications with the help of their doctor. Its best to wean off them from what Ive read. You will be OK. How far along are you? Keep talking to us there will be other members on later that have some better advice ;). (((hugs)))~Bkitty and congrats!
Avatar_m_tn Hi there, sounds like everyone has gave you great information. I too totally agree. I realize you probably already know this from all the good information from the community, but I would just like to reinerate that as long if you only have (1) Doctor that wrote both controlled prescriptions you will be just fine. Please remember I'm no Dr., and don't have all the answers, but with that said I like to give healthy opinions.
Avatar_n_tn Do you know if it's actually the oxycodone that you are having a problem with? Or could it be something that is in the tablet with it? The reason I ask is because before I started taking oxycodone, the drug that my doctor had me on for a while was Vicodin. I had absolutely no problem with it, and I took it for about 10 months before I started going to my current neurologist.
Avatar_m_tn My suggestion is just to be honest with your doctor and yourself. Yes it's okay to say oxycodone works for you, but maybe think before you say it's the only thing that works. I bet 80 mg. oxycontin would work also, or most any opiate with the equivalent dosage of 30mg. oxycodone tablets.
1757846_tn?1312752049 well you might be one of those that for no aperent reason other then God is getting thew it with little or mild withdrawals....also if you really took a lot b/4 you quit the serum level in you blood may still be high enough to keep the withdrawals at bay for a couple of days....kinda what im thinking here.....man that a lot of pills in one day hang in there and just be ready for what ever this puts you threw you habit is going to su ck the life out of you.....
Avatar_n_tn Most pharmacies have different days they have stock come in so check what day yours has theirs come in and be there then with your prescription ready. I done this today. I had an appointment and so I called the pharmacy and she said she had just enough but she could not hold them without the prescription so my doctor gave my son the prescription to have it filled while I was waiting to see the doctor, how nice:) It seems if you use the same pharmacy they will be more apt to help.
Avatar_m_tn My doctor has led me to believe that she can only prescribe one month at a time with no refills, but the doctor (dentist) that I work for recently told me that a doctor can give a RX for oxycodone with 2 refills, equaling a three month supply. I live in Minnesota.
Avatar_m_tn ) to 7-8 5mg pills before and my body seems okay with that (but sometimes not). So I've been taking oxycodone in some formulation now for approximately 13 months. Does anyone have any incite as to which prescription I should cut out first? My thought would be the OxyContin 40mg since I can guage my dosage per day with the 5mg tabs.
Avatar_m_tn Once that happened I would just not take anything for a few months until my friend came back in town. About 2 months ago I was introduced to Oxycodone 30mg. I started taking half a pill in the evening and now I am up to 3 a night and i take them all at once. I have been doing this for about 2 months and did not think i had a problem until the other day when my stash ran out.
Avatar_f_tn And I'm nauseated, and my head feels like it is vibrating. My husband has been taking such wonderful care of me, and he had to go back to work tonight, which scares me. He hid the last of my stash (at my request) and left me 1/2 for when I reach the 16-20 hour mark. I did get out and take the dog to the vet today, don't know how I did it, because now I feel like I've been chewed up and spit out, a miserable glob.
Avatar_m_tn I have been taking 7.5mg of oxycodone hcl for the last 3 years, as a result of a failed ankle transplant which is now collapsing. I often snort the dose in belief that it will more quickly ease my pain, which is excruciating in the mornings. I have decided i no longer want to be taking this stuff for whatever reason. Maybe it's the negative stigma that is associated with painkillers like these, but i almost feel ashamed to be taking this.
Avatar_f_tn Is there anyone out there who take these drugs not just for the feeling of getting high, but to feel good about yourself? I sometimes have a drink with them to maximize the effects. I know this is dangerous, but I can't help it. I started out taking them as prescribed, one tablet every four hours, to taking 3 at a time every 3-4 hours. The effect does not last long anymore. I am afraid I will start taking more and more just to feel better longer.
Avatar_f_tn I have been on opiates on & off almost 2 years. The doctor switched me to oxycodone 6 months ago & I have been a daily user since then. I also take gabepentin & Baclofen for pain & muscle spasms the pain triggers. About 2-3 months ago I started feeling pressure in my ears & tinnitus in my right ear, especially at night. I saw my allergist and he said I might have hearing loss. Now I need to see an ENT to get my ears checked.
Avatar_f_tn Ive been on 15mg oxycodone every six hours prn for almost a year. I hv ruptured bulging disc and almost no disc cushion between some of my lower disc. Ive been struggling with pain for ten years. With my current PM doctor ive tried ms contin percocet methadone and now duragesic 25mcg. I take a new med it seems to work for one to two weeks then it stops.
Avatar_n_tn like avisg said, if he could taper down some it may be a little less shock to his system.....that is a high dose...there are different ways to quit...scan the health pages...lots of good info there....like gtm said...he has to want it and commit to the goal....it is a process that takes commitment...
Avatar_f_tn I just had sex with a gay guy who is on Oxycodone! He performed oral on me, and we mutually masterbated. As I was leaving I saw the prescription bottle on his counter, and it read Oxycodone... So I googled it, and it says something about HIV risk factor or something. I don't know. May I have contracted the virus?
Avatar_m_tn It should last up to 12 hrs. opposed to 4-6 hrs. with the Oxycodone. I don'rt feel that there is any difference between the two as far as pain management goes. Why do you ask?
Avatar_f_tn You need to speak with your doctor to help with slowing reducing the amounts which will help tremendously with withdrawals and I don't know if your in pain management but you may want to check into it maybe they can use injections they help some folks but not all. Tramadol is non narcotic however anything can become additive. Try finding a support group in your area, an exercise program, physical therapy, heat or ice can help with the pain and make it more manageable. Good Luck.
Avatar_n_tn Hello, I'm new to this site, so I don't know if I'm at the right place, but I'm looking for some advice on taking Oxycodone while 29 weeks pregnant. I woke up this past Thursday with sharp severe pain in my lower left abdomen right above my pelvic bone. The pain went away in 20 minutes, so I was nervous about the baby, but I felt movement, so I didn't overreact.
167_tn?1374177417 My doctor is talking about reducing my shifts but also gave me Oxycodone to help with the pain. She gave me 30 pills. I got the prescription filled last Thursday but have not taken any. I have never taken this medication and have heard so many different things from people saying it's extremely addicting and you feel good when you take it, to things like how it makes people itch and nauseous. Obviously I don't want any of that and I also don't want it if it's not good for the baby.
Avatar_f_tn The past 2 or so years I feel it's been bad enough to where I do 'get on' with life but never find myself truly happy with small things in life that I used to find joy in. Recently I was prescribed 5mg oxycodone for a kidney stone, I took the medication as needed, which was one pill every 4-6 hours or as needed. I never abused the medication. I never took multiple pills looking for a "high". What I did notice was that while taking 5mg's 2-3 times per day, I felt happy.
537731_tn?1268268886 Anyway Dr gives me a medicine i inject B12 weird-and gives me talwin nx- for pain to take with my oxycodone to help my pain more and tells me if i go to pain clinic and the call him he will prescribe what they say. I am confused this talwin has naloxone in it- i am about to research it but i believe that is what they use to reverse overdose effects.
Avatar_n_tn The main concern I am having is that he is going to be born with developmental problems or have to attend a special school. I trusted my doctors to help me and they have assured me that the prescription is fine to take while pregnant. I am hoping there is someone out there who has been through this and can tell me what their outcome was. I am NOT abusing the prescription and have never taken more than the doctors have told me to.
Avatar_f_tn she is currently pregnant AND taking oxycodone. So she will be able to tell you what she's dealt with as far as doctors and experiences go; I didn't take it until near the end for myself. But you are absolutely right; quitting cold turkey has the possibility of causing miscarriage and you don't want to risk this, so please speak with your doctor ASAP. if you are taking a prescription, you will NOT get in trouble and they will help you do the best thing for you and the baby.