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However after reading lose the wheat lose the weight I had decided to take a natural approach to see if this and other chronic inflamation processes I have could be treated naturally to come off my medications. I also suffer from restless leg syndrome, and IBS which I treat over the counter.
and have had a full hysterectomy over a year ago and I think that's what caused mine I love how you put how you feel me to, I can't remember the last time I felt good I take Elmiron 100mg and Oxybutynin it helps alot and Pyridum it turns your pee orange and stains panties but takes the burn out of it when I pee.
I feel fine and then all of a sudden my left eye goes really blurry. When i went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror that's when i notice the pupil in the left eye was dilated. thank God it didn't last long but it really scared me. What should I do? The only meds I am on Oxybutynin a generic for Ditropan. I am 37 have developed bladder issues in the last couple of years which brought me to being put on the current medication.
when iam seating,is just sometimes every 30 mins and at night when i am sleeping,it will take about 2 hours or little more.but when i am at work and really working,it may take up to 4 to 5 hours befor i will really have the urge to urinate.could be the symptom of Hiv?i am already afraid and paranoid.
So I finally got my internet back. Really bad lightening storm, phone lines under ground had to be replaced. Found out the ethernet port to my dsl box was fried. Got my new dsl box yesterday, hooked it all up and still the same thing. :S SO I grabbed the laptop and it worked fine and now it's also the ethernet port on my desk top, ugh!! lol So I've seen a 2nd urologists and he definitely comfirmed my Interstitual Cystitis..he was it was "moderate" stage.
I have had a lot of trouble with Neurologists and poor care or little to no care and I just recently was seen by a Neuro that seems to want to take me seriously. He explained to me that since I have no "new" symptoms, it wouldn't make sense to him to start me on a disease modifying drug (DMD) unless I presented with "new" symptoms so here I am!
Overactive-Bladder or Urinary Urgency is quite a common feeling when a catheter is present, in my experience at least. Ask his Urologist for a Urinary/Bladder antispasmodic. I take Ditropan (Oxybutynin), but as I don't know what medication(s) your husband is currently taking, it's best to ask his Urologist who I feel sure will know what other medication(s) he's on and can watch for drug interactions when he prescribes you one of the many others that are available. Hope that helps!
Normally, when you swallow, your lower esophageal sphincter — a circular band of muscle around the bottom part of your esophagus — relaxes to allow food and liquid to flow down into your stomach. Then it closes again. If you have GERD, this band of muscle doesn't work properly. Certain medications can further impair its function, including: Anticholinergics such as oxybutynin (Ditropan), hyoscyamine (Levsinex) and certain antidepressants.
This backwash of acid causes irritation and inflammation of the lining of your esophagus. Normally, when you swallow, your lower esophageal sphincter — a circular band of muscle around the bottom part of your esophagus — relaxes to allow food and liquid to flow down into your stomach. Then it closes again. If you have GERD, this band of muscle doesn't work properly.
Normally, when you swallow, your lower esophageal sphincter — a circular band of muscle around the bottom part of your esophagus — relaxes to allow food and liquid to flow down into your stomach. Then it closes again. If you have GERD, this band of muscle doesn't work properly. Certain medications can further impair its function, including: Anticholinergics such as oxybutynin (Ditropan), hyoscyamine (Levsinex) and certain antidepressants.
We have been looking at IC as a possible diagnosis, and before this surgery, I have responded well to drugs like Sanctura XR and now Oxybutynin. These meds have really taken the pain and frequency away and have improved the way I feel 100%. I also feel like perhaps I am feeling some better after the hydrodistention itself, which I hear is possible treatment for IC. Is it possible to have IC even if the uro claims the bladder "looks fine"?
The showed me how to do self catheter. To me is a painful process. I never had any blood in my urin, but when I do the self catheter, there is blood. In addition I have sever shooting pain in my rectum which I never had. The pain sort of goes away after self catheter. I should mention that I did not have any problems urinating before the operation. I am able to release urine (clear/no blood) with burning sensation and not enough to empty the bladder.
Also try looking up pressure points. Just please if she becomes to gas take her to a doctor. Cuase it sounds like it could be severe. Maybe even an infection. Does she have a fever? If so and it seems high that should b a red light that she needs to go. I am praying for her.
If your doctor should deem your sweating is abnormal, ask him/her about Drysol. Drysol is aluminum chloride hexahydrate and when applied to the underarms works to block the sweat glands and plug the pores. It is a prescription medication and should only be used with a doctor's guidance. Your doctor may suggest an in office surgical or laser treatment. Check your local drug store or grocery store for an antiperspirant/deodorant.
About 6 years ago I began to suffer from hyper hydrosis of the arm pits and slightly on my lower back. It was embarrassing for me. Especially when I was in high school and had to layer up even on the most hottest days of summer. I tried Drysol and found that it just wasn't enough. So I did a little research and found out about endoscopic thoracic surgery, and I had it done. Six months have past and I have had the most intolerable compensatory sweating of my lower back and butt.
I when to the restroom in every class everyday. Teachers started not to let me go, so then I had to go to a urologist to get a nurse's pass. The urologist told me everything was OK and I had an "overactive bladder" and started making me take Oxybutynin 5mg tablets once a day in the morning that relaxes my bladder or something like that. I noticed the side effects after the 1st week like dry mouth, sleepy and if I didn't eat with the pill diarrhea.
i feel self-conscious when going somewhere in a car with friends, because i know i will have to stop to pee at least 3 times. not that they really care but it's annoying!
There has been so many times that I have had to stay home when things get really bad, my husband had to take the children to see fireworks without me this year. Do you know how much Knox Gelatin she mixes with her drinks? I am willing to hear any alternatives of things that people have done that have helped them….. I’ve always been the type of person that has always tried to grin and bear it…. just haven’t been doing a whole lot of grinning lately.
After that he prescribed Oxybutynin, which did not help so I had to go through cystoscopy. Nothing wrong was found. The doctor said that I just have an overactive bladder. I started to search the web for possible reasons for my problem.
As many know I have the burning in my perineum at the moment, and some bladder issues, mainly urgency, but some hesitancy but of late I have what i call leakage, I DON'T EVEN FEEL LIKE I NEED TO GO TO THE TOILET, and a little bit comes out, enough to make me have to change my pants, so then you race off to the loo to do the rest and your bladder isn't even full, but not enough to be a huge problem, like a pad can catch it? Is this a MS problem? (neurological) or another problem.
But it still hurts, just a little less than before. Sigh..chalk it up to something to mention when I go back to the neuro in November, I guess. July 2010: Another bought of slight urge incontinence. July 2010: The eye pain has come back for a day or two a few times, Contemplating calling the neuro-opth. If you press on the left eyeball, there is pain in the back of it. Sep 2010: Had both eyes sore, maybe conjunctivitis. I washed them out several times a day and felt better.
Now, in his elder years, we have had some medical emergencies arrising from his tendency to take pills by the handfull - aspirin, potassium, codeine, acetominophen. So, I periodically go through my meds to see if there are any I can do without. I have come off sleeping meds, extra anti-depressants, meds for vertigo, ....the point here being that I have tried to keep the glow of glittery medicines down so we are not raided for being a pot-growing house in suburbia.
30 to keep moving. I take days off work to manage things I can't get to regularly. And, I try to delagate what I can't do - that's hard for me because I feel many things are "my job" as a Mom and Wife. I try to steer clear of environments where I'll be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons depending on how I'm feeling. I don't look down to avoid buzzing, and I try not to get ahead of myself among other things. Of course, I include a daily dose of you all each and everyday.
my dear friend I will also propose u a treatment as well; 1- start to take Duloxetine 30 mg evening for 1 week then swich to Duloxetine 60 mg evening for a second week then make it a morning dose for 2 months then tell me about your pain. 2- start to take an oral solution of 2 ml of CITICHOLINE morning at noon and evening, do not stop your treatment before 4 months. 3- take half tab Tolterodine or Oxybutynin each evening 1 hour before u fall asleep.
With my recent discomfort, I was about to go to the emergency at our local hospital when I tried to do the following. I disconnecter the catheter from the bag and lightly pulled on the catheter while twisting the catheter around. As I did this I could feel the balloon and tip of the catheter move away from the sore spot. I don't know if this is a good suggestion, but I was getting desperate. For me right now it has made a difference and I'm comfortable again.
Opened up his medicine cabinet and helped myself to 3 of what I thought was short acting adderal- he caught me, threw me out of his house and never wants to hear from me again. I have no reason to blame him. What happened? I don't have a clue to what I was thinking! I'm 10 years clean from this kind of behavior! I'm all done making ammends! except for this one of coarse! I didn't even NEED the meds! I had my own! and as it turned out, they weren't even what they said on the bottle!
No one believes me (in the medical field) when I tell them I am allergic to needles...but I just KNOW I am! ~grin~ Since moving to CA (July 2008) I have seen 2 neuros. The first one was a joke...enough said. The second one I think is a really good neuro...if you have had a stroke. That is what he specializes in. He told me to pull my boot straps up. Tug Tug!! I pull them up every day but I think I got a discontinued model!! My MRI's have not been done with MS protocols.
I am only supposed to take 15 mg but I take 30 mg at bedtime. The 15 mg just doesn't work. When I was in the hospital this last time (I just got out yesterday) I asked for a better sleeping pill but they didn't give me anything. I'm going to try again with my primary. 9. Omeprazole 20 mg – I take 20 mg daily. My primary prescribed this when I had really bad heart burn. 10. Amitriptyline 25 mg – I take 25 mg at bedtime. This is a brand new medication.
) I capsulized it myself and take it when my urine is real acidic The other thing you can take is called Prelief. It is over the counter.. as well and somehow helps to make your foods less acidic too Diet is a big thing and avoiding acids foods as well as preservatives is important. The bladder is irritated and needs time to heal. There are several good articles on the websites above on diet that will help a lot..
We have also seen a urologist who did not perform any tests on her, but recommended that she take Oxybutynin. He based this prescription on a suspicion that her problem is due to a delay in neural maturation which can cause bladder spasms and will no doubt be a problem that she will outgrow. To date, the medication is not producing a positive result. We are hopeful that you can offer some advice or information that will help us find a solution to this problem. Thank you!
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