Oxybutynin in men

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Pain in urination may also be nerve related. In the absence of any infection and in the presence of increase in urinary frequency, interstitial cystitis may be a differential.
I never had any blood in my urin, but when I do the self catheter, there is blood. In addition I have sever shooting pain in my rectum which I never had. The pain sort of goes away after self catheter. I should mention that I did not have any problems urinating before the operation. I am able to release urine (clear/no blood) with burning sensation and not enough to empty the bladder.
people have criticized the use of simple oxybutynin as opposed to a newer drug. But one thing that I have observed in taking care of these patients is that they tolerate dry mouth much better than patients who do not have MS. I think it's unfortunate, but it's my guess that they deal with such a harder life. These patients are usually so debilitated, so if you have a hard time walking, wearing pads and having dry mouth may be more acceptable. I think it's a very interesting study.
Hi, Thanks for writing in. Pain after stent removal can be due to recurrence of stones, stricture in the ureter or inflammation. I would suggest that you get a ultrasound done to check the possibilities. In case of stricture immediate action needs to be taken to prevent scarring. I would suggest that you visit your urologist and discuss the above mentioned possibilities for further advise. Best.
My doctor told me i could be perimenopausal, although she said there is a test to do i have to have NOT had period in 6 months. Strange thing is I am on my third period in 30 days....Not any fun. ...This one is lasting longer than my usal 3-4 days, it is going on 9 days.... I gave up on my doctor for this and have scheduled an appt. with a gyno, but it is not until next month...