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Avatar_n_tn Although 99% of ovarian cysts are benign, you need medical attention. Do not ignore your symptoms. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Avatar_f_tn I am having extreme bloating as if pregnant, sensitivity right above belly button, under rib cage (spleen), left bottom, and sometimes pelvic pain, heavy bleeding the first few days of period, bladder burns sometimes, and general fatigue. When this first started I noticed swelling also on spleen which I could feel it gurgling when I applied pressure to it or gently massaged it. That symptom seems to have gone for now.
Avatar_f_tn I also have had endometriosis for 20 years. Can the ovarian cyst be causing rib pain? My ribs, back and abdomen hurt on my right side. The pain is almost unbearable. I feel it constantly. I also have bouts of constipation and diarrhea. I've also gained weight. I'm scheduled for a hysterectomy in a month but I'm not sure I can wait that long. Is all this normal? I feel like I'm going crazy.
Avatar_f_tn I am still in pain and have had other symptoms occur. I am having blurred vision, pain in my rib cage on the right side, headaches (occasionally migraine), and have felt as though I am buzzed from drinking. The doctor thought I had a thyroid problem and did the test for it, all test came back fine that I had no problem. However, I am still having the problems and the pains from the cysts. The doctor is scheduling me for an MRI this month.
Avatar_n_tn It could be your cysts causing the bloating and all the pain, but I will say that I had all the symptoms you are having and I ended up having intestinal surgery. I had bloating, shortness of breath, fullness when I tried to eat, I had gained weight, constipated all the time, nausea in the mornings especially. It turns out that I had scarred and twisted intestines that I had to have removed and resectioned. They found that ONLY after I had emergency appendectomy.
Avatar_f_tn Are you saying your history of ovarian cysts puts you at risk for uterine cancer? Do you have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and miss a lot of periods? Other than that, I have not heard of ovarian cysts increasing risk of uterine cancer (or ovarian cancer). Have you tried birth control pills to try to prevent the cysts and regulate your cycles?
1210271_tn?1266593648 last year I decided to try going off birth control to be more natural and it was discovered that I have pcos, a hormone imbalance tht causes many ovarian cysts. This is the first time ive been able to connect the rib pain with pcos. I've been able to control my rib pain for the most part by reducing activities that trigger it, but I am a very active person and enjoy playing sports so this makes me really sad sometimes. I'm very curious to ask my obgyn about a connection b/w rib pain and pcos.
951587_tn?1249230748 Apparently, I have bad endometriosis, extreme thickening of my uterin wall, huge fibroids, and very large ovarian cysts covering most of my ovaries!! I feel like an idiot for not even thinking that it could be 'female' related, but my pain was not low enough I thought. I have been a bad girl, and haven't been to a GYN in 18 months. So, I have a referral to a GYN for Thursday, and I will probably need a hysterectomy. I am 47, and the shop is closed, so it's okay!!
Avatar_n_tn Hello, Various possibilities are there for these kind of symptoms. Sharp pain under the right rib cage points to gallbladder disease. Types of gallbladder disease include gallstones and inflammation of the gallbladder.Liver disorder may cause such kind of pain. Liver function tests as well as an abdominal ultrasound would be a reasonable approach to investigate this.
1408770_tn?1283216803 food cravings, and an increased appetite, headaches, dizziness, leg cramps, heartburn, nasal congestion, nose bleeds, rib pain, and indigestion are NOT signs of cysts! With cysts u get a bloated feeling, but the pain, if any, is in ur pelvis! These r however, ALL signs of pregnancy! I myself had no trouble at all with the cysts during pregnancy... if fact, I didn't know they were there!!!
Avatar_n_tn First of all let me reassure you that you are wise in seeking medical attention. Although 99% of ovarian cysts are benign, you are doing the right thing. These cysts can cause so many symptoms from severe acid reflux to changing your mentrual cycle due to hormonal imbalances. And let's not forget the pain that they can cause from your rib cage to the back side of your leg. I am glad that you are finally getting the us.
Avatar_n_tn For approximately 6 months I have been having pain behind my right rib. (not below or underneath the rib) The pain is also in my right side and back. The pain is aggervating/uncomfortable during the day but is worse at night. It keeps me awake. Pain relievers do not help nor does a heating pad. There are times my rib gets tender and feels like it is bruised. I have had no injury in the area. I do have IBS and Gerd.
Avatar_f_tn Why in the world would a ovarian cyst cause pain under your rib cage. It makes no sense to me it is no where near it.
Avatar_f_tn They are experts in ovarian cancer. Since you have so many symptoms and a cyst and an elevated CA 125 it would probably be a good idea to see a specialist. Remember that less than 1% of all cysts are malignant but it is better to be safe than sorry. They did say that CA 125 is not reliable because there are other things that can cause an elevated level, but it is a cause to get it double checked. Good luck!
Avatar_f_tn I keep having terrible stomach pain. I had an abdominal CT scan the first time and was told that I have a left ovarian cyst (2 cm) and a moderate amount of free fluid around my ovaries. I went to my OBGYN and had a vaginal U/S only to find out the the free fluid was re-absorbing and the cyst was smaller. Last week I ended up in the ER again for horrible stomach pain again but mostly in my upper right side and in my ribs (some discomfort in my pelvic area too). Again the found a 2.
Avatar_f_tn Lower back pain (Not all the time) Difficulty breathing (I think this may be due to the bloating and pressure, sometimes when the bloating goes down a bit I can breathe better) Jaw/Sinus pressure (not sure why I have this, but I do have TMJ so again, this could be caused by the bloating and pressure, everything pushing up) I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced these symptoms who have ovarian cysts? Hopefully I will get some answers myself when I go to the doctor's... Thank You.
Avatar_f_tn Hi- I'm wondering how this turned out for any of you that had ovarian cysts and chest/rib pains. My 17-yr old started having really bad abdominal pains a couple months ago and at the ER they discovered she had an ovarian cyst on her right side. It flares up each month since during ovulation and then mellows out in between. The ob/gyn had her start a birth control pill but then had her stop it about a month later because of some symptoms.
Avatar_n_tn Although 99% of ovarian cysts are benign, you would be wise in getting the 2nd opinion. Ovarian cysts can cause all sorts of symptoms. You could have gi problems and also referred pain. Sometimes the cyst rests on a nerve that sends pain messages to other parts of you body...down you leg, up to your rib cage, etc. Also a large cyst can press on other organs such as the bladder and you have that constant urge to go. Please, what ever you do, try to get the 2nd opinion from a gyn/onc.
Avatar_m_tn You said he didn't seem worried about the ovarian cysts. Is that because they were functional cysts which are part of the normal menstrual cycle? Those can sometimes hang around causing some symtpoms but almost always resolve within 2 cycles. Have your periods been normal and pretty much pain-free (except for mild cramping) up to this onset of pain 3 weeks ago?
Avatar_f_tn I have PCS and often have pelvic pain because of it. I get ovarian cysts too but gnerally the doctor believes my pain is caused by the PCS (it is varicose veins in your pelvic) OR it could be endometriosis.
Avatar_m_tn Hello, Various possibilities are there for these kind ofsymptoms. Pain along with fullness under the right rib cage that worsens after eating points to gallbladder disease. Types of gallbladder disease include gallstones and inflammation of the gallbladder.Liver disorder may cause such kind of symtoms. Liver function tests as well as an abdominal ultrasound would be a reasonable approach to investigate this.
Avatar_f_tn The Doctor came and and pushed on my belly button and i passed out from unbearable pain. the pain got worse, and the pain meds did not even touch the pain and he gave me the strongest Dilaudid, and morphine. Symptoms, starts low..like where my ovary is..then raidates to my left side (flank area) i can hear gas bubbles, but no gass. To pass urine does not hurt but there is pressure (no infections). the pain is imense.
Avatar_n_tn Hi there your symptoms do sound like they could be ovarian related but unfortunately the symptoms are so similar for any problem in the pelvic region that it is hard to work out exactly what it could be. You are doing the right thing following through because I have been through weeks of worry for no good reason. I had pelvic u/s and transvaginal u/s and they found complex masses on my ovaries. The sonongrapher seemed to indicate that it was something sinister.
Avatar_n_tn my biggest concern is over ovarian cancer and i am very prone to ovarian cysts. if, in fact, my simple cyst from march is still around and growing, should that raise any cause for concern insofar as it turning into a complex cysts... or do simple cysts stay simple. also, ovarian cancer is growth that doesn't stop growing and can't disappear, right? i'm just worried that i've been dealing with ovarian cancer for two years and none of these doctors are picking up on it.
Avatar_f_tn will NOT accept that I had these symptons way after I had the scans and I ve told them that scans don't always show OC or cysts and I have the symptons eg never feeling hungry and always feeling full and they don't ackjnowledge the fact taht altho my tummy is getting bigger I ahve lost weight elsewhere,i have had a cough since October and rib pain fro over a year all which caused by tumour or cyst.