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Avatar n tn how does anyone find a doctor to prescribe enough medication to where someone can take as many as 30 or more pills per day. I could recall going to the ER on one occasion and being sent home w/ a shabby diagnosis and a bottle of 10 pain pills, and that was to last me untill I got into to see an orthopedist a month or so later. Come to find out, I had some serious problems.....I walked on this leg for one year, before I found a doctor to tackle the problem....I suffered that whole year.
Avatar n tn I slept maybe 6 hours in the first 3 weeks, and ended up in ER. Fortunately, I wasn't working then and just grew roots on my futon and watched the history channel all day. I wouldn't leave the house at all, my girlfriend got me food. I'd walk the dog and get 10 yards and turn around. My neighbors looked at me in disbelief. They must have thought I was on LSD or something. Sounds like you are right on schedule, right where you are supposed to be.
Avatar m tn Anyway 2 days later I was at the mall with my family and I started hurting everywhere sooo bad. I was crying so my husband took me to the ER they told me I was withdrawling, I said there is no way I was only taking them for 2 weeks, they said sorry but you are, they didn't treat me bad at all like they would someone else cause I had no clue what was going on. I will NEVER touch morphine again. So if she comes off them pills it might get really bad just to give you a heads up.
777686 tn?1235808014 I've been dealing with something similar. I hurt my back at work. I've been on Oxy, Opana, Kadian, and whatever else. Workers Comp paid for it all. Nothing out of my pocket. I've also crushed them all and put them up my nose. I'm trying to stop so I don't lose my wife. It's hard since I still need them for my back. I know how you feel though. I also think that detox/withdrawal is the worst. Feel free to send me a message if you want. Where are you from? Let me know how you feel.
Avatar n tn My monthly pain meds include 15x100mg fentanyl + 60 Opana ER 40mg pills(these ar a little over twice the strength of "2" 80mg Oxycotin), 120 Percocets & mucsle relaxer. My Pain doc recently tested my test and it was 164. I am 32 years ol 6ft 3in tall, weigh 220 lbs, played college football, ^& am in decent shape considering I have just started excericising again after 10 years(VERY light exercise).
Avatar n tn Having had a chronic kidney infection as a child I value my health tremendously. The fact is, there is NOTHING that anyone can do for my back. Not a thing that can be done to fix it. That being said I will need to live in pain the rest of my life probably unless by some miracle modern science and medicine come up with some answers. Until then the only thing we have is relief. If you choose to call yourselves addicts for seeking out and obtaining RELIEF from torture, suit yourself.
Avatar n tn I got paid from my job Friday, and was over $400, it came Saturday, and I had $25 left of that paycheck and no bank value. I broke down, that last $25 I had, I bought a percocet with, and although I do have a source of income, and have money right now, I had to stop, my girl too! we set a committment and promised we had to. And I knew a friend that got me a suboxone and only gave me half and told me to only do a little bit in the morning and then if needed.
Avatar f tn Then whhhaaaaooommmoooo his behavior started to change about 3 weeks ago. Needless to say I had my suspicions then he faked an ER trip for pain pills (been there before quite a few times) for what he said was a horrible stomach pain. After 10 years of his addiction I was not blindsided this time. When he came home with his pain meds I hid them to see what reaction I would get planning on putting them back if I was wrong. I wasn't wrong I never am and I hate being right.
Avatar n tn I find this really odd and frustrating that in the past 7 years of posts - not one of us can come up with a solution. I wish you all well. I will post ANYTHING I find of merit and value to getting us all over this.