Ondansetron hcl 4 mg

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789911_tn?1368640383 Triamcinolone 0.025% ointment for itching Hydroxyzine HCL 25 mg tablets for itching Citalopram HBR 20 mg tablet 1x/day for anxiety/depression/irritability Over the counter and recommended by his nurse practitioner: Eucerin cream for rash Tea tree oil for blistery parts of rash Tucks for anal itching/irritation That's all for right now, but he's just finishing week 4 of triple therapy with Inc.
Avatar_f_tn WOW! Thanks for checking on all that Sandee. I'll check out what my insurance plan covers and my pharmacy as well. That is such good news for me!
1654058_tn?1407162666 The generic for Zofran is Ondansetron.Its prescribed alot for cancer patients on chemo.It comes in pill and oral form.I have used it before and it works great....
Avatar_n_tn My girlfriend had ivf and had to stay after at the clinic for 4 hours with her pelvic up. my clinic let me go after 30 minutes. that made me nervous. any thoughts.