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Avatar_m_tn Yes the liver can regenerate.. Here is some information I googled...What is fatty liver? Fatty liver is just what its name suggests: the build-up of excess fat in the liver cells. It is normal for your liver to contain some fat. But if fat accounts for more than 10% of your liver’s weight, then you have fatty liver and you may develop more serious complications. Fatty liver may cause no damage, but sometimes the excess fat leads to inflammation of the liver.
Avatar_m_tn //www.howtolivealongerlife.com/200 ... tance.
Avatar_f_tn While these medications have not yet been studied extensively in people with hepatitis C, there is data suggesting that they are associated with reduced ALT and improved liver histology in HCV negative patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The authors also suggested that use of higher doses of pegylated interferon and ribavirin for extended periods might help overcome the lower response rates observed in obese patients.
26471_tn?1211940121 however, if the liver biopsy of a hepatitis C patient shows features of steatohepatitis (fatty liver), I do measure HOMA and try to sensitize the patient to insulin by weight LOSS through diet and exercise, and consider use of metformin." And Dr K only tested patients for IR and recommended weight loss if they had fatty liver. Pitiful. Realistically....how many people will loose weight if they're given no education? Co P.S. Notice how neither one mentioned smoking.