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Avatar n tn Finally went to a gastro about 1 1/2 years ago (same guy who found my cancer 1/06) who did an endoscopy to determine I had the H Pylori virus (which causes ulcers) treated me for that as well as Nexium for acid reflux. November 2005 I was still having stomach problems and he did a colonoscopy which was clean. Fast forward to my cancer story beginning 1/27/06 which is told in another thread here. My but we are all tied together aren't we? It's so strange.
Avatar n tn I would give your dog Pepcid rather than Nexium. Pepcid has been proven safe and effective for dogs and is available over the counter. A large dog can have a full human dose.
Avatar f tn what do you think of nexium , for acid reflex ,any comments would be helpfull .I have try so many,Ihave alot of pain in my chest & upper back,gas up & down , every day !
Avatar f tn Reading about Nexium, a person can only be on Nexium for 7? months???? or so??? Just wondering if anyone has ever been CURED??
Avatar n tn LOL.......You know its bad when your 5 yr old is getting ticked off at you,holding his nose and waving his hand walking thru the house... Must be the prune juice......
Avatar n tn I walk to 2 to 4 miles about 5 days a week and those changes did not make a difference for me. My GI Dr. even prescibed a medication call Amitiza that I tried twice a day for 4 days and it did not work. Any thoughts from you who have been through this would be helpful.
Avatar n tn My doc had me get Prilosec OTC. It seems to help. I got a script for Nexium, but the ins. won't pay. Oh well. Just remember not to take Maalox or tums or things like that. They cut down on the absorbtion of the Riba.
Avatar m tn Unfortunately lots of people want pets, especially dogs but are to lazy to train them. For example people are to lazy to walk their dogs especially in the morning so they open their doors and let their dog/dogs go to the bathroom, and roam the neighborhood, that is how I got bit the first time.
Avatar f tn Some are psycological and others are nuerological and who knows what else. I see the posts about the acid reflux. I have been on Nexium for years now and pretty much have that under control. Last year, I also taking thyroid medication. Switched from Levothyroxine to NatureThroid. The upside for us is that the symptom is acknowledged by the medical profession. Therefore, if my doctor doesn't take me serious, I will look for another. First I will have to find one since I am new to the area.
Avatar m tn The stress in my case would be living in a neighborhood with a bunch of people with dogs that let them bark 24/7 and don't seem to care that they may be bothering other people. For me barking dogs are something I just can't tune out. It is annoying the hell out of me. So, I'm trying to change my diet in the hopes that I can eliminate most of the problem. Any more questions/comments, feel free.
Avatar n tn I am going to be on my Zofran, Reglan (the combo helps with nausea for the most part), Nexium I'm on the 2nd day but no relief yet.
Avatar f tn I have been on omeprazole, which helped a bit to start with and then tapered off. I asked my doctor for Nexium (Esomeprazole) as I had read online that its much better for it and on my 4th day of this and only starting to get a little benefit. I have also made sure my bed is elevated.
Avatar n tn My first gastro was treating me for acid reflux and I took Nexium for 3 yrs and it did even diminish the pain in any way...I tried to tell this to the gastr during every visit and he would ignore my comments and explainations of my experiences of pain and problems.
17566731 tn?1457907522 But now you have started on Hill kd canned, that's good, as it contains about 80% water and is low in protein and phosphorus. These are important when trying to get kidney disease under some control. Diet changes are the most important secondary management protocol after IV and SubQ fluids. Don't forget ... treats are also part of the daily food intake, and most will contain excessive amounts of bad things for caninine kidney disease.
Avatar n tn hi, for a several days now it has felt like there is some food or something else stuck on the back left of my mouth. When I look closely, I see a tiny black speck of something around the rear of my left tonsil. It has been there for several days but doesn't seem to have grown. it is not painful, just feels like something is stuck back there (like food). The doctor would not normally see it by a quick look, you have to look at an angle. About 1 millimeter wide tops. Any idea?
Avatar n tn Hi for the past year and a half i have had all types of pain in my stomach , im a 37 yr old F. it started out that i had pain just below my sternum above the navel...and chest pains . my blood work was fine -they did the scope and said i had benign polyps and acid reflux. then i started having pain on the sides of my abdomen -they said i had ibs . was put on nexium,donnatal and ativan (had panic attacks from chest pain) .
116701 tn?1210262764 I just got some Nexium for my dry heaves and wet ones...problem is I never know when its going to hit. Hope the Nexium works! Thank goodness for the back button on these post comments or I would never remember what anyone said at all! I have to go back and forth when Brian Fog is around. I thought noassatol was a drug too! I never had one to begin with so I sure hope I don't lose anymore. I can imagine myself like Stator in pants falling down...that must be a sight on the job site!
Avatar n tn Can anyone share anything with me that you think may be helpful knowledge for me in the future please? Feeling a little overwhelmed right now and this is not a subject matter I feel comfortable discussing with family/friends at this point until I have an idea of the reality (no sugar coating please) of this situation.
Avatar n tn I have exactly the same problem but I have to add that my voice has change due to this problem. Not significantly, but enough for me to notice. For example, I lost the ability to talk in false voice (like imitating a kid) and I get sore throat by just having a 15 minute conversation. I can't scream because it hurts. I went to an ENT doctor and he didn't insert the scope into my throat but he made the "medical assumption" that my problem is allergies.
Avatar n tn i am a 39yo white male,hx of ibs,hiatal hernia,and just recently(in the past year primary htn)started with bp 180/120 last year lowered with nitro at work was in for cardiac cath that afternoon.results 0 luminosities.started on 50mg lopressor bid, now up to 250mg daily.3 mo after cath. ultrasound done,good heart function,mild thickening of ventricular wall,otherwise normal.was told over time the wall should thin out d/t effect of lopressor in relaxing heart muscle.
Avatar n tn Read the instructions on the box or better yet there are several websites which tell you about instructions for taking it. After I take Nexium, I must sit up for at least 1/2 hour. That means no lifting stuff, no moving around a bunch. It's a good time to write or read. And the medication needs to be taken 1 hour before you eat. That's for Nexium. If I bend over I can have fluid rise up into my throat. KLB32: There are other reasons for tightness or pressure in your throat.
Avatar m tn Good morning, I hope all is feeling well. Today is shot #2 for me and I hope all goes well, with 22 shots to go. I just hope my anemia does well. If any one has info for Iceboy about anemia please let him know. We don't want him stoping tx, there has to be an answer for him/her that works. I'm one who never believe's in giving up. Today is the first day of the rest of our life--let's use it well not just for our self but to help others.
Avatar m tn The point of that is, you should go to a notable hospital gastro group near to where you are, preferably in a university setting, and have them go about testing you for H. pylori and no matter what treating you for H. pylori, whether or not you've been tested and treated before. As you can already see, IF this is indeed H. pylori doing all this to you, that bacteria can be lethal.
Avatar f tn 9 years ago, I had a breakdown and afterwards moved into a place for 6 months where the lady let her dogs run all over the beds. I had cats in my childhood and was fine with them, until developing a cat fur allergy in the last 4 years of their life, and ever since then. Since moving out of the lady's house, I have ever since had the most almighty, hacking, crackly, phlegm producing cough which sounds very similar to a smokers cough-I have NEVER ever smoked in my life.
Avatar n tn I have a feeling this has to do my food allergies for me because it quit while I eliminated potential problem foods (wheat and gluten..) for a month. But I am not sure on that and am going to get tested for food allergies this week; also i am planning on getting back on the elimination diet soon and if it quits again and I feel better than that is all I need.
Avatar m tn High ferritin , the tubes didn't want to accept any iron from my diet and ya know where that wound up(goof get the toy fishin pole with the little magnets for hooks), for the stool sample. Since cutting back on the meat , that seems to have let up some. No meat hardly , whats next, eyes crossing when I watch baywatch!
29837 tn?1414538248 While one PPI a day (like Aciphex or Nexium) is usually sufficient for ordinary chronic reflux (GERD), two pills a day (one every 12 hours) is usually required to heal the damage of LPR since the tissues involved are more fragile. Best person to check out LPR is an ENT specialist -- not a gastro -- who can examine your throat and vocal chords. Other things to try are H-2 inhibitors like Pepsid AC or Pepsid Complete, especially for nightime reflux.
911669 tn?1294102788 Good morning all, Thanks for the replies.... Ess, I hope you stay on your same path and do not have to be dilated for a long is no fun.... Ess, I agree with what you are saying. I have thought about the whole "benign MS thing" and I now truly want neuro to say is that I have secondary progressive, which I know is my stage. Now with this actual visible finding/documentation, I hope that in January he will step up, so that I can get something disease-modifying.
Avatar n tn I was told that it's new here but they've been using it in Europe for some time. I've been taking it for four days now. It hasn't stopped the hives completely but I'm giving it some time and praying every time I put one in my mouth. I should mention that those people who have been suffering with hives for months test positive for antibodies against their mast cells (mast cells release histamine).