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Just wanted to share my "solution" for this problem. There is available an over-the-counter "antiseptic liquid bandage" called NEW SKIN that has eliminated the pain associated with this cracking. It keeps out moisture allowing the skin to heal and in the meantime eliminates the pain associated with the cut. I don't leave home without it!
Its a hard pea-sized bump under my skin, and can be pushed around a bit. I was thinking it was a cyst, but is it normal for it to develop within 8 hours? I normally have a bit of vaginal discharge, but it seems to have increased the past few days. Any ideas for what it might be? I don't think it is an STD because i havent seen my boyfriend since the summer... so haven't had sex since then ( he has been my only partner).
It contains essential oils known for their antimicrobial  properties so i decided to apply it to my skin by saturating cotton rounds and applying it like you would a facial toner. This magical liquid did more for my skin in one day than the typical OTC antifungals had done in months (yes, MONTHS). I even pour some in my bath along with organic coconut oil (another antifungal) and Epsom salt (replaces magnesium in the body and eases discomfort by drawing out toxins).
it had been about 2 weeks and the cut still had not healed, so worried about infection i went to the pharmacy and bought some antiseptic new-skin liquid bandage on it...BIG MISTAKE...about 30 secs after i applied it the area i had sprayed was on fire!..i hopped in the shower to rinse it off and immeditelly it felt better...i get out and dry off and about 10mins later i notice that about 6 or 7 blisters had formed where i put the spray..
If you are also like me who cannot help but bother them ( I find that is does relieve some of the itching and pressure if you do release the liquid) it must be done while the area is completely sterilized with peroxide, alcohol, antiseptic something to eat the liquid when you do pop. Drench the area with antiseptic and try to release as much of the fluid so that you are left with a sore/cut. Then apply neosporin/ vitamin E oil/ whatever your choice of skin repair ointment.
My blisters only last for about a week before they start drying out and turning into thick yellowish itchy skin that peels so that the new skin comes in. The flare ups can also be stress related. Soaking my hands in Aveeno collidal oatmeal bath 3 times a day for 10 minutes help the blisters to dry up faster and when the dry skin comes you must keep your hands moisturized with and ointment like Aquahor and a prescribed medication as well that your dermatologist will give you.
Also, it seems like I've had the same 3 blisters this whole time. They've never filled with very much liquid and never popped on their own. The skin in the area of my foot where they formed was too thick for me to pop by scratching (as I can usually do with other blisters that form) and I actually broke down and had to get a pair of fingernail/toenail clippers to break the skin over the liquid.
When I scratch them in my sleep or when they break, they often weep a little amber colored liquid. Also, when I scratch them, more tiny blisters will develop around the original blister, signifying an infection. These broken blisters often leave (little open sores) which can be difficult and slow to heal. These outbreaks seem to come in waves, as I'll often go weeks or even a month or two without a sign of blisters, itching, or infection.
If you've ever shaved, it could be in-grown hairs. I sometimes get small whitehead type things with red circles around them that look a lot like in-grown hairs on my legs from shaving them.
thank you for your comment...ive tried EVERYTHING...i went out and bought brand new undies, wear loose clothing, no soap down there, i dont even dry my undies or even wash them with anything else....if it was an allergic reaction to something, how long until it does clear up, are we talking months???? i was instructed to put lotion down there....that maybe its dry.?.?.? im at my last wits with this, it will clear up and then then come right back....could it be something im eating???
) The stuff inside is a combination of dead skin cells and oil from your skin, which is what the 'white' stuff is. It is usually kind of thick and oily when it comes out, and is sometimes mixed with a little blood. I think washing the area gently once or twice a day with antibacterial soap is a good idea. You might also want to apply an antibacterial ointment to it like Neosporin to keep it from becoming infected. I like the Neosporin with Pain Relief, the pain relief medicine really helps.
I decided to try a moisturiser cream, because it seems to me that the reason of these tears to open up again is because these tears and the new skin covering them dry. this must be reducing the flexibility of the skin. I tried a cream named neutrogena deep moisture comfort balm (many other brands should work too). I used it on that part of my penis everyday for a couple of times during the past 5 days. I didnt masturbate during this 5 day period.
The peeling is not as bad as it used to be, but the superficial air-filled skin that callouses and then cracks and peels leaving new raw skin that is painful for couple of days gives me a sign of a break before the whole cycle starts again. Lately however, most of what I suffer from is the superficial air-filled skin that callouses and then cracks leaving cuts and lesions that come and go over and over and over again.
I persisted with the sore throat and swollen ear(constantly applying Dettol antiseptic liquid) until the pain(especially my ear) reached the point that I needed better medicine to relieve my discomfort in my ear and throat. I purchased the antibiotics(Ibilex) 2 days after the initial visit to the GP and started taking them immediately, along with betadine gargle and strepsils to relieve my sore throat. After 2 days taking Ibilex, my ear did not improve, with pain and swelling increasing.
It does sound like the dx is right and the change in color to pink is probably due to the tightness of the skin as the growth enlarges. Believe it or not, the act of it draining will probably feel like a huge relief. It will take the pressure off and most likely be more relieving than painful. But given it's size, you need to make sure that a doctor is the one that drains it. Don't just start poking at it with a needle or something or you will find yourself with an even worse infection.
The baby Powder helps the mositure and if you can ever take the pain- some new skin -like a liquid bandage - on the tear will keep it closed and dry. It hurts like a ----- though-so it is not for the soft hearted!!
I almost dread sex due to the pain an knowing it will result in new tears. I'm going to see a new GYN in 2 weeks I hope he can tell me something. By the way- I've found that Desitin(for baby diaper rash) works good at coating so air and toilet tissue aren't so painful.
I live in central New Jersey. I absolutely think its Brachioradial Pruritus, thats the only thing that makes sense. I personally believe its neck/spinal problem causing the itching not sun exposure. I know that i had a problem with my neck when i was younger and maybe that is what has started causing this now. I also have a slight case of scoliosis. Many people are debating the cause and reasons for this its been written about in journals but there is nothing concrete.
) Since then, I had an US in Feb on the right breast for 4 cysts (no follow up needed at this time) and a mammo on the left side in May for a new lump (cyst). Now in July, had my yearly mammo for which I got the call back for spot compression. I go in on the 10th. I'm doing fine mentally...just wish I didn't continue needing screenings. In march I also had a biopsy of the lining of my uterus (benign). I have conflicting feelings about screening...
I've been sick much more often in the last six months, probably due to a horrible work environment (new boss). My doctor didn't know how or why my neck has suddenly swollen. But it worries me a lot and my husband is really concerned. I feel like my healthy is spinning out of control. I'm still having severe neck pain and my should is still pretty stiff. I wish someone could tell me exactly what's happening and why.
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