Neurontin and edema

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S8f4'>Ince surgery he has 8f4'>been 8f4'>on Lyr8f4'>Ica but 8f4'>It was changed to 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 7 days ago as he was gett8f4'>Ing some 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>edema8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 8f4'>In h8f4'>Is feet and ankles. H8f4'>Is last doses of Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In were yesterday because he has aga8f4'>In developed the same edema but now 8f4'>It has extended to calves of both legs. the edema has not subs8f4'>Ided, 8f4'>In fact, 8f4'>It 8f4'>Is somewhat worse. H8f4'>Is legs are not hot or red, but walk8f4'>Ing 8f4'>Is more d8f4'>Iff8f4'>Icult because of the swell8f4'>Ing. 8f4'>Is there another poss8f4'>Ible cause 8f4'>for the edema?
8f4'>for the past year he 8f4'>Is also gett8f4'>Ing t8f4'>Ingl8f4'>Ing 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> numbness 8f4'>In h8f4'>Is p8f4'>Inky 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> r8f4'>Ing f8f4'>Ingers 8f4'>on h8f4'>Is left hand. He also has p8f4'>Itt8f4'>Ing 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>edema8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 8f4'>In both feet. from the research 8f4'>I 8f4'>have d8f4'>one 8f4'>on the 8f4'>Internet 8f4'>It sounds l8f4'>Ike Per8f4'>Ipheral Neuropathy (he 8f4'>Is also go8f4'>Ing 8f4'>In 8f4'>for a EMG study so8f4'>on) but 8f4'>I cannot f8f4'>Ind much 8f4'>In8f4'>format8f4'>I8f4'>on 8f4'>on p8f4'>Itt8f4'>Ing edema w8f4'>Ith Per8f4'>Ipheral Neuropathy. Does anybody else 8f4'>have p8f4'>Itt8f4'>Ing edema w8f4'>Ith PN?
Gabapent8f4'>In 8f4'>Is known to cause d8f4'>Izz8f4'>Iness, drows8f4'>Iness wh8f4'>Ich can expla8f4'>In mental fogg8f4'>Iness 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> per8f4'>Ipheral 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>edema8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> at h8f4'>Igh doses. Do you 8f4'>have any swell8f4'>Ing 8f4'>In hands 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> feet? Gabapent8f4'>In does not 8f4'>Increase we8f4'>Ight 8f4'>In any other way. 8f4'>I would suggest you to d8f4'>Iscuss th8f4'>Is w8f4'>Ith your phys8f4'>Ic8f4'>Ian.
H8f4'>I, the most comm8f4'>only observed adverse events assoc8f4'>Iated w8f4'>Ith the use of 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 8f4'>In adults are d8f4'>Izz8f4'>Iness, somnolence, 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> per8f4'>Ipheral 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>edema8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>. But 8f4'>It does affect the whole body . the effects 8f4'>on d8f4'>Igest8f4'>Ive system are – d8f4'>Iarrhea , c8f4'>onst8f4'>Ipat8f4'>I8f4'>on , flatulence , nausea and vom8f4'>It8f4'>Ing . 8f4'>for complete 8f4'>In8f4'>format8f4'>I8f4'>on, please v8f4'>Is8f4'>It - http://www.rxl8f4'>'>ont8f4'>In-drug.htm. Hope th8f4'>Is helps you . Take care and regards !
8f4'>I would take just pla8f4'>In 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>. Tr8f4'>Ied 8f4'>It years ago 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 8f4'>It made me s8f4'>Ick all the t8f4'>Ime. 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> the loop8f4'>Iness was worse.
8f4'>If so how many m8f4'>Ill8f4'>Igrams a day d8f4'>Id/do you take and how l8f4'>ong does 8f4'>It take 8f4'>for the 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> to start work8f4'>Ing? 8f4'>I'm currently tak8f4'>Ing about 70mg of hydrocod8f4'>one/day 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 8f4'>I want to stop. 8f4'>I hate be8f4'>Ing 8f4'>on op8f4'>Iate pa8f4'>Ink8f4'>Illers 8f4'>for so l8f4'>ong. 8f4'>I 8f4'>have a prescr8f4'>Ipt8f4'>I8f4'>on 8f4'>for 100mg of gabapent8f4'>In to take 3x a day. Does any8f4'>one know how much to take 8f4'>for cold turkey op8f4'>Iate w8f4'>Ithdrawal? and should 8f4'>I let the gabapent8f4'>In bu8f4'>Ild up 8f4'>In my body be8f4'>fore 8f4'>I stop tak8f4'>Ing the hydro?
8f4'>I started out 8f4'>on a lower dose of 600-900 mg, and after some m8f4'>onths, my arms and legs started to ache m8f4'>Id-day, but the pa8f4'>In went away after the bedt8f4'>Ime Norco/8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>. now, 8f4'>I am 8f4'>on 7 Norco/day 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 1800 mg/day 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> to c8f4'>ontrol my arm/leg ache. Last year 8f4'>I suddenly had to 8f4'>have 9 crowns and a root canal, and now 8f4'>I 8f4'>have to 8f4'>have 4 more crowns, 2 be8f4'>Ing red8f4'>one. Dent8f4'>Ist says people tak8f4'>Ing lots of meds can 8f4'>have dry mouth and get lots of cav8f4'>It8f4'>Ies.
8f4'>I 8f4'>have had type 8f4'>I d8f4'>Iabetes x 51 years and slowly, but surely even w8f4'>Ith great care 8f4'>I 8f4'>have developed neuropathy 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>edema8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 8f4'>In my legs 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> feet 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> hands. 8f4'>I hurt so badly that at t8f4'>Imes 8f4'>I th8f4'>Ink 8f4'>I'm go8f4'>Ing mad. 8f4'>I 8f4'>have 8f4'>been tr8f4'>Ied 8f4'>on all of the old and new drugs, Lyr8f4'>Ica, Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In, Cymbalta, Metanx, Tegreatol etc... all w8f4'>Ith great 8f4'>Intolerable s8f4'>Ide effects. my pr8f4'>Imary care doctor has me 8f4'>on Lortab, Val8f4'>Ium and Amb8f4'>Ien.
After two weeks of the 8f4'>Inject8f4'>I8f4'>ons 8f4'>I started hav8f4'>Ing pa8f4'>In 8f4'>In my f8f4'>Inger jo8f4'>Ints that goes 8f4'>on 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> off. swell8f4'>Ing 8f4'>In the f8f4'>Ingers that goes 8f4'>on 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> off.t8f4'>Ingl8f4'>Ing 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> numbness 8f4'>In the hands 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> arms that goes 8f4'>on and off wh8f4'>Ich depend 8f4'>on my s8f4'>Itt8f4'>Ing pos8f4'>It8f4'>I8f4'>on and or the way 8f4'>I sleep. the pa8f4'>In walk through my arm al8f4'>ong the ve8f4'>Ins up to the elbow and when the pa8f4'>In 8f4'>Is bad the ve8f4'>Ins look dark and sl8f4'>Ightly swollen..
the th8f4'>Ings 8f4'>I've d8f4'>one 8f4'>Is chang8f4'>Ing my d8f4'>Iet to lots of raw fru8f4'>It 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> veg8f4'>Itables 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> avo8f4'>Id8f4'>Ing gra8f4'>Ins as much as poss8f4'>Ible (though 8f4'>I do allow myself some). 8f4'>I stretch a lot, dr8f4'>Ink t8f4'>ons of water (avo8f4'>Id sugars) and 8f4'>I found therapy probably the best th8f4'>Ing 8f4'>In help8f4'>Ing c8f4'>ontrol my m8f4'>Ind frame 8f4'>In deal8f4'>Ing w8f4'>Ith all of th8f4'>Is. St8f4'>Ill...8f4'>It's hard. That's why 8f4'>I f8f4'>Ind th8f4'>Is so helpful - talk8f4'>Ing w8f4'>Ith others about 8f4'>It. 8f4'>I also am 8f4'>In a chr8f4'>on8f4'>Ic pa8f4'>In group that meets 8f4'>once a m8f4'>onth locally.
8f4'>for 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>, 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> see what 8f4'>It says, there are several good drug s8f4'>Ites, l8f4'>Ike the rxl8f4'> 8f4'>one 8f4'>I gave, 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> also 8f4'>Is same th8f4'>Ing. 8f4'>If you 8f4'>have good 8f4'>Insurance, you could sw8f4'>Itch over to Lyr8f4'>Ica, a cous8f4'>In to Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In, you take less mg, yet 8f4'>It's more powerful, w8f4'>Ith less s8f4'>Ide effects, but 8f4'>It's expens8f4'>Ive. But keep 8f4'>In m8f4'>Ind, w8f4'>Ith all those GABA type drugs, the dose has to be 8f4'>Increased unt8f4'>Il you reach a plateau, usually w8f4'>Ith8f4'>In a few m8f4'>onths of beg8f4'>Inn8f4'>Ing 8f4'>It.
8f4'>If you 8f4'>have pa8f4'>In, t8f4'>Ingl8f4'>Ing, numbness and paresthes8f4'>Iae 8f4'>In upper l8f4'>Imbs, you could take NSA8f4'>IDs al8f4'>ong w8f4'>Ith 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>. Look 8f4'>for s8f4'>Ide effects l8f4'>Ike fac8f4'>Ial 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>edema8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> body swell8f4'>Ing w8f4'>Ith 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>. C8f4'>onsult a phys8f4'>Iotherap8f4'>Ist 8f4'>for the needful exerc8f4'>Ises and support8f4'>Ive measures, pa8f4'>In phys8f4'>Ic8f4'>Ian 8f4'>for cerv8f4'>Ical sp8f4'>Ine ep8f4'>Idural 8f4'>Inject8f4'>I8f4'>ons to reduce 8f4'>Inflammat8f4'>I8f4'>on, surg8f4'>Ical decompress8f4'>I8f4'>on of the bulg8f4'>Ing d8f4'>Iscs as deemed by the neurosurge8f4'>on. Hope th8f4'>Is helps. Take care.
8f4'>I am a large but not terr8f4'>Ibly overwe8f4'>Ight pers8f4'>on, just tall 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> Nord8f4'>Ic (lol). 8f4'>I 8f4'>have seen some commentary about 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>edema8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>, k8f4'>Idney 8f4'>Issues, and heart 8f4'>Issues assoc8f4'>Iated w8f4'>Ith th8f4'>Is k8f4'>Ind of swell8f4'>Ing (God 8f4'>forb8f4'>Id 8f4'>It's any of those). 8f4'>I 8f4'>have never had th8f4'>Is type of th8f4'>Ing happen be8f4'>fore (well, unless you count 8f4'>Injur8f4'>Ies from general clums8f4'>Iness). my 8f4'>Insul8f4'>In usage has also skyrocketed 8f4'>for some reas8f4'>on. 8f4'>I check my blood sugar and take an act8f4'>Ive part 8f4'>In my health.
8f4'>I am 8f4'>In phys8f4'>Ical therapy as well, 8f4'>on 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> d8f4'>Id prev8f4'>Iously 8f4'>have m8f4'>ono, 8f4'>Influenza 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> poss8f4'>Ible lyme 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> car acc8f4'>Ident 8f4'>In 2006.
Lyr8f4'>Ica (not sure of spell8f4'>Ing) 8f4'>Is 8f4'>for nerve pa8f4'>In, l8f4'>Ike 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>, 8f4'>only newer 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> more expens8f4'>Ive s8f4'>Ince a gener8f4'>Ic ex8f4'>Ists 8f4'>for 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> (gabapent8f4'>In) where Lyr8f4'>Ica 8f4'>Is brand 8f4'>only. 8f4'>It's put out by the same company that makes neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In. my neurolog8f4'>Ist c8f4'>ons8f4'>Idered 8f4'>It, but d8f4'>Idn't feel 8f4'>It offered much advantage over neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In 8f4'>for me.
8f4'>It 8f4'>Is best treated w8f4'>Ith med8f4'>Icat8f4'>I8f4'>ons such as lyr8f4'>Ica and 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>, exerc8f4'>Ise, 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> phys8f4'>Ical therapy. F8f4'>Ibromyalg8f4'>Ia occurs frequently 8f4'>In pat8f4'>Ients w8f4'>Ith chr8f4'>on8f4'>Ic fat8f4'>Igue syndrome. 8f4'>If no cause of the c8f4'>ond8f4'>It8f4'>I8f4'>on 8f4'>Is 8f4'>Ident8f4'>If8f4'>Ied, 8f4'>It 8f4'>Is best to look 8f4'>for other c8f4'>ontr8f4'>Ibut8f4'>Ing factors such as anx8f4'>Iety or depress8f4'>I8f4'>on. 8f4'>I would suggest you c8f4'>ont8f4'>Inue to follow up w8f4'>Ith your neurolog8f4'>Ist. You may also want to follow up w8f4'>Ith a pod8f4'>Iatr8f4'>Ist (foot spec8f4'>Ial8f4'>Ist) regard8f4'>Ing your foot fractures.
now, 8f4'>I 8f4'>have to tell you @ th8f4'>Is 8f4'>for th8f4'>Is could be a l8f4'>Ink, but 8f4'>I d8f4'>on't know. 8f4'>I 8f4'>have had 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>edema8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 8f4'>In both ankles 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> up to the knees. now, 8f4'>I had 8f4'>been see8f4'>Ing someth8f4'>Ing else that 8f4'>Is really creepy and 8f4'>haven't found 8f4'>It anywhere 8f4'>on net, but hope you can help or tell me 8f4'>If these th8f4'>Ings are related or not. my muscles 8f4'>In my legs are just d8f4'>Isappear8f4'>Ing r8f4'>Ight b4 my eyes. 8f4'>I 8f4'>have these r8f4'>Ings that are 8f4'>form8f4'>Ing r8f4'>Ight underneath my knees. 8f4'>It 8f4'>Is l8f4'>Ike 8f4'>Indent8f4'>I8f4'>ons from where you 8f4'>have worn socks too t8f4'>Ight 8f4'>for a week.
8f4'>I 8f4'>have 8f4'>been checked out by Neuro, ENT 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> GP 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> NOTH8f4'>ING. 8f4'>I'm w8f4'>onder8f4'>Ing 8f4'>If 8f4'>I 8f4'>have TMJ but 8f4'>I d8f4'>on't know. Here are my symptoms... R8f4'>Ight ear pa8f4'>In R8f4'>Ight ear fullness/r8f4'>Ing8f4'>Ing Pa8f4'>In beh8f4'>Ind r8f4'>Ight eye spot headaches 8f4'>on r8f4'>Ight s8f4'>Ide gr8f4'>Ind8f4'>Ing teeth at n8f4'>Ight st8f4'>Iff neck - go8f4'>Ing 8f4'>Into my shoulders 8f4'>I had an MR8f4'>I/MRA back 8f4'>In Oct and all 8f4'>It showed was chr8f4'>on8f4'>Ic s8f4'>Inus8f4'>It8f4'>Is wh8f4'>Ich 8f4'>I am be8f4'>Ing treated 8f4'>for by my ENT however he knows the pa8f4'>In 8f4'>Is not com8f4'>Ing from my ear. 8f4'>I am worr8f4'>Ied. Could th8f4'>Is be an aneursym?
8f4'>In other words, 8f4'>I can't move or s8f4'>It or stand, and 8f4'>I feel l8f4'>Ike 8f4'>I am between a rock 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> a hard place. 8f4'>I take 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>, Nortr8f4'>Iptylene, Trazad8f4'>one, pa8f4'>In k8f4'>Illers 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> muscle relaxers 8f4'>for my pa8f4'>In. 8f4'>I go to phys8f4'>Ical therapy 8f4'>In a warm pool three t8f4'>Imes a week. 8f4'>I can barely make 8f4'>It from my car to the supermarket, where 8f4'>I need an electr8f4'>Ic scooter to get around the store. 8f4'>I am 8f4'>In the process of purchas8f4'>Ing an electr8f4'>Ic scooter and am nearly totally d8f4'>Isabled and almost housebound.
8f4'>I also 8f4'>have a B12 def8f4'>Ic8f4'>Iency 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> take shots tw8f4'>Ice a week. 8f4'>I too 8f4'>have muscle tw8f4'>Itch8f4'>Ing 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> numbness 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> t8f4'>Ingl8f4'>Ing 8f4'>In my hands and feet. 8f4'>I am go8f4'>Ing to see a Neurolog8f4'>Ist because my doctor told me that b12 def8f4'>Ic8f4'>Iency can cause nerve problems. 8f4'>I am not sure 8f4'>If v8f4'>Itam8f4'>In d can cause nerve problems as well as the b12. 8f4'>I 8f4'>have terr8f4'>Ible headaches and the eye doctor sa8f4'>Id that the nerves 8f4'>In my eyes were 8f4'>Inflamed.
Recently, 8f4'>I 8f4'>have not8f4'>Iced an 8f4'>Increase 8f4'>In lower leg and pedal edema (m8f4'>Ild, but sl8f4'>Ightly p8f4'>Itt8f4'>Ing 8f4'>If 8f4'>I'm up all day 8f4'>on my feet). 8f4'>I 8f4'>have cerv8f4'>Ical d8f4'>Isc problems 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> a type of tr8f4'>Igem8f4'>Inal neuralg8f4'>Ia 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> take 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>. 8f4'>I also take metoprolol 8f4'>for WPW (8f4'>only 12.5mg da8f4'>Ily). the 8f4'>only other med 8f4'>Is Prov8f4'>Ig8f4'>Il to help counteract the t8f4'>Iredness 8f4'>I get from Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In. my doctor suggested Mob8f4'>Ic but 8f4'>I 8f4'>haven't had any rel8f4'>Ief from the jo8f4'>Int pa8f4'>In or the strange paresthes8f4'>Ia 8f4'>on the bottom of my foot. Any suggest8f4'>I8f4'>ons?
Stup8f4'>Id headaches are back as 8f4'>Is scalp feels very sun burnt to brush(but 8f4'>Is not), ha8f4'>Ir 8f4'>Is th8f4'>Inn8f4'>Ing out, lymph nodes swollen, stomach bloated, ovar8f4'>Ies hurt, l8f4'>Ightheaded often, edema, v8f4'>Is8f4'>I8f4'>on blurry, throat feels t8f4'>Ight to swallow, jaw sore (probably just TMJ) 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> BP 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> HR 8f4'>Is up (more often than regular or low)...stup8f4'>Id roller coaster, 8f4'>I walk l8f4'>Ike a pengu8f4'>In 8f4'>In the morn8f4'>Ings or after s8f4'>Itt8f4'>Ing, al8f4'>ong w8f4'>Ith cough8f4'>Ing often aga8f4'>In, to the po8f4'>Int of just about pass8f4'>Ing out or vom8f4'>It8f4'>Ing.
8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> caused we8f4'>Ight ga8f4'>In 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 8f4'>I became allerg8f4'>Ic to lyr8f4'>Ica as well as ga8f4'>In8f4'>Ing we8f4'>Ight. 8f4'>In the past two years after stopp8f4'>Ing lyr8f4'>Ica due to laryngeal edema, 8f4'>I lost 20 lbs. 8f4'>I also started a gluten free d8f4'>Iet and dropped another 30lbs. 8f4'>I do much better w8f4'>Ithout that extra 50 lbs. 8f4'>I'd rather deal w8f4'>Ith the pa8f4'>In than deal w8f4'>Ith excess8f4'>Ive we8f4'>Ight. 8f4'>I'd l8f4'>Ike them to c8f4'>oncentrate 8f4'>on the cause of the neuropathy, noth8f4'>Ing they 8f4'>have made any attempt at.
8f4'>I too suffer the leg pa8f4'>In. M8f4'>Ine does not always stop me from walk8f4'>Ing, but there are days when 8f4'>I s8f4'>Imply do not want to. 8f4'>I somehow th8f4'>Ink that there 8f4'>Is not a c8f4'>onnect8f4'>I8f4'>on though because my pa8f4'>In 8f4'>Is pr8f4'>Imar8f4'>Ily 8f4'>In the lower leg & ankles. 8f4'>I 8f4'>have 8f4'>been told that m8f4'>Ine 8f4'>Is Edema. 8f4'>In8f4'>It8f4'>Ially my doctor had me 8f4'>on Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In. then suddenly he took me off the med & gave me a scr8f4'>Ip 8f4'>for a d8f4'>Ifferent 8f4'>one.
there are t8f4'>Imes when my chest starts hurt8f4'>Ing 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 8f4'>I become d8f4'>Iaphoret8f4'>Ic 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> the pa8f4'>In rad8f4'>Iates to the left arm. the doctor has 8f4'>been blow8f4'>Ing me off. 8f4'>I am also hav8f4'>Ing headaches after exert8f4'>I8f4'>on. 8f4'>I apprec8f4'>Iate your help. Thanks.
Hello, 8f4'>I read most of what you wrote, 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> the repl8f4'>Ies. 8f4'>I am suffer8f4'>Ing from Pax8f4'>Il, 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>, 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> Seraqual. 8f4'>I stopped tak8f4'>Ing those meds 8f4'>In Sept of 2005. 8f4'>I had 8f4'>been tak8f4'>Ing them 8f4'>for 4 almost 5 years. 8f4'>I kept ga8f4'>In8f4'>Ing we8f4'>Ight, they kept blam8f4'>Ing my thyr8f4'>Iod 8f4'>It wasn't that. 8f4'>It was the meds of course. 8f4'>I kep suffer8f4'>Ing from cr8f4'>on8f4'>Ic muscle fat8f4'>Igue. 8f4'>I we8f4'>Ighed 8f4'>In at 400 lbs by the t8f4'>Ime 8f4'>I got off the meds and could barely walk. Today 8f4'>I am at 211.
Neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In (gabapent8f4'>In) 8f4'>on the other hand can cause we8f4'>Ight ga8f4'>In 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>edema8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>. 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>Edema8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> by 8f4'>Itself can cause we8f4'>Ight ga8f4'>In due to water retent8f4'>I8f4'>on. Lam8f4'>Ictal usually suppresses appet8f4'>Ite and 8f4'>Is less l8f4'>Ikely to cause we8f4'>Ight ga8f4'>In. Trazed8f4'>one and xanax can cause both we8f4'>Ight ga8f4'>In and we8f4'>Ight loss. Also, 8f4'>once you start los8f4'>Ing we8f4'>Ight, after the 8f4'>In8f4'>It8f4'>Ial we8f4'>Ight loss, the pace at wh8f4'>Ich you lose we8f4'>Ight decreases.
the s8f4'>Ide effects of neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In or gabapent8f4'>In are d8f4'>Izz8f4'>Iness, drows8f4'>Iness 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> per8f4'>Ipheral 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>edema8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>. there may be mood sw8f4'>Ings, hyperact8f4'>Iv8f4'>Ity, host8f4'>Il8f4'>Ity 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> c8f4'>oncentrat8f4'>I8f4'>on problems. 8f4'>It should be used caut8f4'>Iously 8f4'>In renal 8f4'>Impa8f4'>Irment due to poss8f4'>Ible accumulat8f4'>I8f4'>on and tox8f4'>Ic8f4'>Ity. Check w8f4'>Ith your neurolog8f4'>Ist 8f4'>If a nerve block could help. Flexer8f4'>Il or cyclobenzapr8f4'>Ine 8f4'>Is a muscle relaxant could also be c8f4'>ontr8f4'>Ibut8f4'>Ing to the c8f4'>onfus8f4'>I8f4'>on and the fuzzy mental state.
2 weeks post op and pa8f4'>In at surg8f4'>Ical s8f4'>Ite 8f4'>Is f8f4'>Ine but ent8f4'>Ire rt s8f4'>Ide of head 8f4'>on f8f4'>Ire 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> feels numb 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> hav8f4'>Ing swallow8f4'>Ing 8f4'>Issues. Saw surge8f4'>on 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> he sa8f4'>Id 8f4'>I 8f4'>have damage to occ8f4'>Ip8f4'>Ital nerves from surgery. Treatment 8f4'>Is neur8f4'>ont8f4'>In (wh8f4'>Ich 8f4'>I hate) and occ8f4'>Ip8f4'>Ital nerve blocks every few weeks. He sa8f4'>Id 8f4'>It may heal 8f4'>In a few m8f4'>onths, years or never! Pa8f4'>In pr8f4'>Ior to surgery was 2/10. now 9/10. Am crushed! Any8f4'>one 8f4'>have th8f4'>Is?
now off of tx, 8f4'>I 8f4'>have f8f4'>Ibromyalg8f4'>Ia 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> lot's of muscle, jo8f4'>Int 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> pa8f4'>Ins 8f4'>I 8f4'>have never had, or had many years ago 8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight>and8f4'>Il8f4'>Ight> returned. So 8f4'>I am w8f4'>onder8f4'>Ing, how many of us 8f4'>have problems w8f4'>Ith pa8f4'>In from muscle/jo8f4'>Int pa8f4'>In now and when d8f4'>Id 8f4'>It start. Just an anecdotal study, of course....just 8f4'>Interested! Thanks!
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