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i have had both upper and lower disc durgeries. What could be causing the ilight>painilight> in the ilight>neckilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>shoulderilight> on the rt ilight>sideilight>?
i am at work and have a whiplash like pain in my ilight>rightilight> ilight>sideilight> of my ilight>shoulderilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>neckilight> that is limiting the movement of my head it hurts so bad?? i had a similar pain in the same place after my biopsy, so i associate that with my liver??
i have read the symptoms of these people with the ilight>painilight> in the ilight>rightilight> ilight>sideilight> of ilight>neckilight> ilight>andilight> shoulder, and down the right arm. i also started experiencing these same symptoms to the point i couldn't stand it no more. i wonder, i had an infection in my right molar and had a root canal. is it a possibility my ailments are coming from that? i also had a couple of MRi's. last week.
2011 in the past few months i have developed a constant ilight>painilight> in my left ilight>andilight> sometimes my ilight>rightilight> ilight>shoulderilight> blade. it becomes worse ilight>andilight> moves to my outer area of my left spine and causes a burning sensation. Anything i do seems to make it inflamed. e.g. carrying a bag on my shoulder, learning over the counter at work. cutting sewing etc. any suggestions please.
About 16 months ago i begain to have pain in my right shoulder assicated with a small knot as time went on the knot got bigger and now i suffer from from pain that starts with my right ilight>shoulderilight> but then it goes up my ilight>neckilight> ilight>andilight> all the way down my ilight>rightilight> arm the major ilight>painilight> is in my ilight>shoulderilight> ilight>andilight> the top part of my arm and the rest of my arm has this tigglling num feeling that is painful and as of few months ago i have a samll knot on the left sife of my shoulder with the same begaining pain that st
The pain occurs in the my shoulder, my neck and my upper back, especially in my ilight>shoulderilight> blades ilight>andilight> under my arms in the rib area. Also the ilight>painilight> seems to be worse on my ilight>rightilight> ilight>sideilight> from the side of my neck down to my right shoudler and shoulder blade. i also get a knot in the middle of my back. i have tried PT to strengthen my back, but with no help. The pain kept returning. i have tried antiinflammatories and muscle relaxers. The muscle relaxers do smee to help the pain.
i have had severe to moderate ilight>painilight> in my ilight>rightilight> front ilight>sideilight> of my ilight>neckilight> that radiates down my shoulder and in the front of my chest. it went away and then returned while almost incapacitating me in my entire upper body. i was given anti inflammatory and once a steroid shot in my shoulder. The doctor said it was an injury both in my neck and shoulder. it went completely away and i was strong and felt zero pain anywhere.
Today again after 5 months i went to gym started doing some free weight exercise within 3 hours the pain has become intense it's painful to turn my head to the right or stretch my neck from side to ilight>sideilight>. the ilight>painilight> is traveling from ilight>neckilight> to ilight>shoulderilight> ilight>andilight> move down the arm. i am wondering it would be problem with the nerve that goes from neck or cervical to arm which has got affected.. i am confused to whether should i consult a chiropractor or neurologist for this problem.
my mother have ilight>painilight> in ilight>rightilight> ilight>sideilight> arm head ilight>shoulderilight> ilight>andilight> throat when she sleep her ilight>rightilight> ilight>sideilight> parts like arm and shoulder dsent feel anything plzz reply thank you
Now since the last 2 years ilight>painilight> started in ilight>rightilight> ilight>shoulderilight> ilight>andilight> arm (5 ilight>andilight> 3 ilight>painilight> index) . i am exactly not sure when and how i got it. i am having this since 10 years. Right now i am 30 yrs. Left side is perfect without pain. But for right side i live with pain day in day out :( i visited a GP, and she suggested me to go for MRi So i took 2 MRi's at neck and shoulder, and doctor told me that nothing is wrong and suggested physical therapy. After 15 sessions, i still have same amount of pain.
All the symptoms i have given below are all experienced on the ilight>rightilight> of the face ilight>andilight> head. ilight>neckilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>shoulderilight> ilight>painilight> Ache in the temple, just below the right ear, ache just above the right eyebrow, Ache in the nose bridge on the right side, A dull pressure on the right side of the head Feeling of shakiness on the head and feeling of heart beat on the head. Feeling very sleepy.
For the last couple of weeks, i have been having ilight>painilight> in the back ilight>andilight> ilight>rightilight> ilight>sideilight> of my neck, which usually extends to my shoulder and occasionally up the back of my head and further down my arm (all on the right side). i'm just wondering if this may be a pinched nerve or something similar? i haven't had any injuries but i sit for 12 hours at a time at my job and i do not profess to have the best posture, so i could believe that that may be to blame for some of my problems.
The headaches stem from the base of my ilight>neckilight> on the ilight>rightilight> ilight>sideilight> up ilight>andilight> ilight>painilight> goes down the ilight>shoulderilight> to my bisep ilight>andilight> under the armpit. i am not sure what the next step is as far as the company doctors go, but i have got to get some answers to help me feel better.
it radiates around the ilight>rightilight> ilight>sideilight> of my head ilight>andilight> at times causes excruciating ilight>painilight> ilight>andilight> a numb like sensation in my right ear. my chiro adjusts my neck and mentions that there is heat and inflamation around the c-spine area, especially at the top where the atlas muscle is. His helper, does trigger point therapy on my neck and shoulders. This seems to help way more than the adjustments. my regular physician is very uncomfortable with the chiro adjusting my neck.
The pain is at the (right ilight>sideilight>) base of my skull, middle ilight>neckilight>, ilight>shoulderilight>, ilight>shoulderilight> blade, jaw, ilight>andilight> shooting down toward my elbow. it is now 4 days of sore stiffness. i took a muscle relaxer that did nothing and tons of ibuprofen. i've been heating and massaging the areas along with stretching. What could this be?
The dull achy pain that does not go away is on the ilight>rightilight> ilight>sideilight> of my ilight>neckilight>. The ilight>painilight> runs up my ilight>neckilight>, into my head ilight>andilight> behind my ear. i have achy ilight>painilight>/pressure around my ear and toward/including my eye that do not go away. it is driving me crazy at this point.
i have found that a lot of my ilight>painilight> ilight>andilight> numbness in my arm, ilight>shoulderilight> ilight>andilight> rib cage were helped by a therapeutic massage therapist. i found a great one who had worked previously in chiropractic office too. So it's the best of both worlds. it can't hurt (well, actually it can! my last massage really got to the nub of the pain). So it's worth a try. it really helped me.
i have some mild chest pain on the right hand ilight>sideilight>. it comes ilight>andilight> goes ilight>andilight> sometimes makes my ilight>shoulderilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>neckilight> ache. its not restrictive to my activities but is annoying and comes and goes. Usually if i am tired. i'm 33 and live a reletively healthy lifestyle barring my social smoking and drinking which is regular (2-3 times a week). What could it be?
This time after a few days went by, i was getting up from doing something, and something happened in my ilight>neckilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>shoulderilight> area. i had the most excusiating ilight>painilight> in my ilight>neckilight>, ilight>shoulderilight> ilight>andilight> arm. i began getting these sharp stabbing pains down my right arm and also the right side of my chest and shoulder area. The pain was like no pain i've ever felt. it laid me up for about 4 days, just laying on the couch. i never went to the doctor due to insurace reasons.
Since you are sick, you may be lying in bed with more pillows and bending your ilight>neckilight> wrong. it's just not unusual to have ilight>neckilight> ilight>painilight> when you are sick, although a very stiff ilight>neckilight> can be a sign of meningitis, so be sure you keep that in mind.
The ilight>rightilight> ilight>sideilight> of my ilight>neckilight> ilight>andilight> front part of my ilight>shoulderilight> has been hurting for a week now. it gets worse when i sleep. i have never had surgery or any pre-existing health concerns regarding this. i am positive my pillows play a large role in this and i have been a little bit stressed because it is around the holidays. i was traveling and also i have been learning A LOT of new things at work. Could it be stress and pillow related or something else? Should i go to the doctor?
around september, the pain in my clavicle area (ilight>rightilight> ilight>sideilight>) got really bad ilight>andilight> the ilight>painilight> was hard to handle. i went to see a doctor ilight>andilight> he thought that i May have broken my clavicle. however, the x-rays came up negative. ever since seeing the doctor the pain has stretched to my neck/back of my head. so my pain radiates from behind my ear, to the back of my head down my neck and has started on my left side now too. sometimes i feel some tensions in my shoulder blades.
That's the way my skin feels a day or two before my ilight>neckilight> goes all wonky. The ilight>painilight> stays on the ilight>rightilight> ilight>sideilight> of my ilight>neckilight>, mostly, and it stiffens enough that i cannot turn my head for a few days. Any experiences like this? i mentioned it to my doc several times, and he thinks it''s a repetitive stress injury, not much i can do about it, according to him.
it's painful to turn my head to the right or stretch my neck from ilight>sideilight> to ilight>sideilight>. the ilight>painilight> seems to be in the area of the trap muscle ilight>andilight> is also in the ilight>shoulderilight> ilight>andilight> move down the arm. at times it's quite uncomfortable and neither percocet nor tramadol give me any relief from it. i am wondering if this could be a pinched nerve. i haven't seen my doctor yet as i am hoping it will go away but it seems to be lingering. has anyone experienced anything similar to this?
i also have a weird ilight>neckilight> issue on the ilight>rightilight> ilight>sideilight> of the ilight>neckilight> ilight>andilight> a weird, burning ilight>painilight> on my c6-7(i believe my physiotherapist said around there..) when it its manipulated but not just when i sit around or move. i am very concerned with the intense burning pain in the back vertebrae and the pain in my shoulder. The pain in the shoulder blade has limited me to barely any ability to work or even do basic housework. Any ideas on the root cause of these problems would be much appreciated..
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