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Avatar_n_tn Estrace, Tri-Est, Bi-Est) has the negative effect of increasing blood clots because it is not natural for estrogen to enter the bloodstream through the stomach. Pill estrogen, even if it is bio-identical, goes from the stomach to the liver and stimulates it to make clotting factors" I will check Uzzi's book tonight. I have been falling asleep after reading only one page...not that this is not interesting stuff, just that I am going to bed way toooo late:) Things will get better.
Avatar_f_tn and again, that is for the natural menopause. It's like I told you all...when I started adding the progesterone to the estrogen I was taking, I could not believe how great I felt. I had not realized that you could even feel so well. That was six years ago. That is why I am adament about adjusting the hormones if necessary. My sister is 65 years old (very young for her age...just started taking baton twirling lessons a few months ago and marched in a St.
Avatar_n_tn So every time you feel yourself starting to get tense or stressed, go for an outdoor relaxing walk. Pets (cats or dogs) are also KNOWN for being stress relievers. So you can also go and cuddle or give attention to your pet when you are stressed. You can even take your dog for a walk or join a class. A sudden weight gain or weight loss can also trigger this issue but I do believe that anxiety and stress are the reason for this.
Avatar_n_tn are you male or female? soy can really affect your hormones too. it's a natural estrogen and I know some women who have had a humdinger of a time due to using it. Have you been to the doctor for any additional testing? been tested for yeast and bacterial infections? Are you having frequent diarrhea or looser stools while on the medifast diet? How are you taking your acyclovir?
1031264_tn?1318527841 So excited for you. It sounds like you responded well to the injections. Best wishes for a successful IUI. Let us know how it went!
Avatar_m_tn What happens is, when they get fixed, they're basically losing the ability to make estrogen, which is needed for muscle development. If you deprive them of that estrogen too early in their life, they lose muscle tone, or don't develop enough muscle tone, in their bladder, and subsequently, leak all over the place. **** (*What the internet says: Urinary incontinence may be caused by an underdeveloped urinary system or may arise as a part of the aging process.
Avatar_f_tn Females who keep their ovaries live longer and live healthier! Natural HRT will prove to be quite helpful for health and longevity in previously spayed female dogs. The PAAWS Vitamin product alone in the canine lifetime 13 year study found an increase in healthy years by up to 30% which equals 2-4 extra healthy years. Adding in natural HRT would increase this even further.
Avatar_f_tn I have no funds to take her in to get checked but i whole-heartedly believe in holistic healing. Anyone know of something natural for uti's? Her main symptom is accidents where she's been. She's an inside dog and thus its easy to keep track of where she's been, I just have to follow the puddloes.
392430_tn?1382908381 Well it is a cyst but I am going t ocontinue the Lupron until Sunday am and go back for more bloodwork to check estrogen levels (today my estrogen was that really high?) and another u/s to see if the cyst will resolve itself. I had been telling DH that my side was feeling twingey for the past few days.
Avatar_m_tn Testosterone at too high levels can definitely cause problems, even cancers. And it might be hard for you to judge what is ok, and what is not. I have known a few dogs who were neutered and still apparently, had enough testosterone still going on to even be able to mate and form a "tie" with a female in heat -even years after their surgery! So there must be still some testosterone going on -I would think as much as they need.
1236893_tn?1408490528 Since large quantities of neurotransmitters are manufactured in the gut, that means your GI tract is largely responsible for your general physical and mental well being. Bacteria that are in our gut help regulate your metabolism. Elizabeth Lipski, PhD, CCN, academic director of nutrition and integrative health programs at Maryland University of Integrative Health. "When that's in balance, we have energy and our brain works better.
1771664_tn?1317689885 some herbs which are fine for humans to take can be toxic for dogs. So the best plan if you want to go down that route is seek advice (and after all the checks etc have been done with your regular vet -which Ghilly mentioned)....get a consultation with a Herbal Vet or even a Homeopathic Vet. I'll just mention one thing which may be of some help while you sort out what might be causing this. DOGGY DIAPERS! They are wonderful....they will save your carpets, bedding, etc.
Avatar_m_tn First of all, well done for adopting this big girl ... particularly as she has problems. Great Dane's are fabulous dogs. She is very young still, and this could certainly be associated with her surgery. Who did the surgery? Do you know? It would be worth consulting the vet that did it, just to find out how the surgery went and whether there were any complications.
931217_tn?1283484935 [13,32] This incidence of this disorder increases with age, from 15-40% for dogs under 7 years of age and 60-100% of dogs over 7 years of age.[32-34] While most dogs have few symptoms from BPH, some will experience difficulty urinating or defecating or bloody preputial secretions. BPH is predisposing and complicating factor for prostatitis, a bacterial infection of the prostate. [13] Prostatitis has been reported to occur in up to 28.5% of intact male dogs.
135691_tn?1271100723 Tybear, this is a bit long, but there is a lot to all this. I did type a brief note to you at the bottom of this...Mary ____________________________________________________________ Bioidentical hormones...Progesterone vs. Progestins. Here is what you have to do over the next few days before you go in and try to educate your doctor. Research. Write down notes...bullet points of comments. If you have Suzanne Somers' book, that is a good start.
Avatar_n_tn just that the dose was too low for too long...but, I am on the 10% cream now. Let me go walk the dogs for a bit...I will check later to see if you have questions, okay? Good luck. ------------------------------------------------- Return to Articles & Resources Bioidentical hormones how are they different from synthetic hormones ? According to Census data from 2000, there are about 37.5 million women reaching or currently at menopause (ages 40 to 59).
Avatar_f_tn It has been hard on my husband because I grit my teeth waiting for it to be over. Then it pushes you into instant menopause. I soak the bedding every night. May be 25 sweats a night. I wish I could have kept my ovaries. They could probably do ovaries as a day surgery. It has to be your decision and I would stick by you. No one told me what would happen after. I wish I had at least been told by the doctor.
Avatar_n_tn I heard that it takes about 3 months for all your natural hormones to leave your system. I started on an Estrogen patch right away, Estroderm 50 and had it reduced to 25 last week as I have constant headaches from it. I tried going without it last week but sure had a lot of hot flashes and interrupted sleep. I think my skin got drier too. I am looking into bio-identical hormones at a compounding pharmacist (see a post called Hot Flashes a few weeks back).
196469_tn?1365391575 Helps use fat for energy and keep it off hips Natural diuretic (water pill) Natural anti-depressant Facilitates thyroid hormone action Normalizes blood clotting Increases libido Normalizes blood sugar levels Normalizes zinc and copper levels Restores proper cell oxygen levels Prevents endometrial cancer Helps prevent breast cancer Increases bone building All due respect to your doctors, but I know this is a confusing area and the way I look at it, well, it is a specia
4966610_tn?1362057908 And for Bill too: What is a good, even best, canned dog food that one might expect a dog to eat. Our Westie is currently on no chicken or beef (or pork...) until we figure out what he can eat fish is what he gets for protein. I just got some Plato Salmon treats from Amazon that he seems to like, as we have discussed elsewhere he rejects foods most dogs do "back flips" for.
Avatar_m_tn A raw diet is even better, as raw meat contains enzymes cooked out of dry food, which dogs need for optimal health. Also, I found out (through many hours of searching) about a product called "Fresh Factors" by . A lady was using this supplement for her dog just to give her dog the necessary enzymes/nutrients not present in cooked kibble, (that are found in raw food).
Avatar_n_tn Arthritis I am sorry to hear Rotti is having issues with pain. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for big breed dogs, like Rottweilers, to develop arthritis as they age. Degenerative joint disease is a progressive disease that causes pain. The pain results from the stimulation of pain receptors in the joint, muscle, ligaments and tendons. Over time, the cartilage breaks down resulting in cartilage loss.
Avatar_f_tn I would really do some research on soy. The reason you may have heard its bad for boys is because it raises estrogen levels and lowers testosterone. But thats not just bad for boys its bad to mess with a girls hormones as well. There are a lot of other issues with soy, but I think you should research it and make that decision yourself. As for cutting out dairy, you may want to try cutting it out, or it may not be the culprit at all. Many babies get gassy, lots of formula fed ones too.
Avatar_n_tn Daytime brings mild anxiety and of course exhaustion. Can the Biest stop working? Or does it take a while for your bodies own estrogen to deplete and now I maybe need a higher dose? I am feeling blue today - and I feel bad complaining with all that so many others are dealing with on this gloomy Monday morning. Any advice? Mary?
Avatar_n_tn I have osteoperosis and am not taking any HRT supplements for lack of estrogen for fear of breast cancer. Even though I know that hRT is good for bones, i refuse to take it and rely on natural foods and vegies. Thank you sooo much for your support. Pray for me!
Avatar_f_tn Right, I understand why you would be on some form of hormone replacement, I just wondered why he put you specifically on Premarin. I don't want to say something I shouldn't, but, from what I have read, I think there might be better and safer things than Premarin. (I experienced surgical menopause too). Yes, you sure are young, I am sorry you are going through this..
Avatar_n_tn I thought that was what dogs got. Or is Parvo short for something else? I am not trying to sound stupid or anything, I have just never heard of people with that disease.
Avatar_f_tn If the crate is still getting wet maybe you can try one of the 'bed pads' made for humans? I have a few that I used for one of my dogs to sleep on when she was on really high doses of prednisone that caused her to pee in her sleep a lot. You will still have to wash it but it beats having to scrub a crate down. I really hope you can get the Proin, but if not I would definitely try the herbal remedy. It sure can't hurt. Has your vet given a reason why he will not prescribe the Proin?
Avatar_f_tn He also says Asians don't eat much soy, but that's just not true -- they eat it in so many forms every day, and they eat a lot of tofu, although their meat consumption (and subsequent deterioration of health) is going up rapidly. My question to Gymdandee has always been, if soy is so estrogenic for those who don't need estrogen, why does Asia have so many people? After all, they consume far and away the most soy of anyone on Earth.