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Avatar n tn I, like you have to being smelling smoke for about one year now. I have gone crazy trying to figure this out. When I try to explain this to people, I have said that I smell smoke. Just recently, I have narrowed the smell similar to that of mascara. Being that our eyes and nose are connected, I am wondering now if when my allergies bother me, somehow the "residue" of the mascara goes into my nasal passage because my eyes burn to????
Avatar f tn Please please can someone help me In April I kept getting really dry throat etc, Then developed a cold, then post nasal drip constantly!!! I was given 7 days of Co-amoxclav then it still has not gone so I went back to my GP he prescribed another 10 days of 500mg Co-amoxclav, then After symptoms did not disappear he sent me for sinus x-ray this confirmed Thickened Mucus membranes at which point my DR referred me to a ENT.
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Avatar n tn Wear/a/Jimmy has good ideas, but i think your doctor is trying to treat you for post-nasal drip that's clogging up the ends of your eustachian tubes. Eustachian tube dysfunction is blocking of the eustachian tube which can cause pain & ringing (tinnitus) with sounds similar to an ocean roar that may coincide with your breaths. It most commonly occurs after weight loss or after anti-cancer radiation to or near the nose & throat. The symptoms can disappear when you lie down.
Avatar n tn The only spray that works for a short time is NASACORT AQ NASAL SPRAY. It stopped the post nasal drip which causes the mucus which stacked for a longtime cause the bad odors. And oh use a lot of "allergy & sinus" pills. They worked for me a year ago. Now it came back. I personally prefer bad breath over this. Email me at this address if found a solution.
Avatar n tn Between the two doctors, I have been on Zyrtec-D, Flonase, Methylprednisone, Allegra-D, Levaquin, Clairitin, Bactrim, Biaxin, Duratess GP, Nasacort AQ, and Duratuss G. I am currently on Nasacort AQ and Duratuss G. My family doctor and specialist seem to be contradicting each other. Family doctor told me that you can't see the fluid when it is in the eustacheon tube.
Avatar n tn Also, I have constant post nasal drip, but little or nothing coming out my nose. Are others having this? I hope the ENT can help me. Good luck to all.
Avatar n tn off kilter, tight forehead, concentration issues, post nasal drip. Antibiotics are just not cutting it. I've tried zithromax, levaquin, augmentum, and now on avalox.