Narcolepsy with catalepsy

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I have heard of many peoples stories on Astral Catalepsy, most call it Sleep Paralysis, I have done research on both and one diagnoses seems to be more scientific, while the other is leaning toward spiritual. I have had problems with Astral Catalepsy off and on my whole life, and it is the same feeling as everyone else gets. A sense of a evil presence, a feeling a paralysis, unable to awake, a loud bang or white noise right before awakening, it is a scary feeling i know.
Hello, Since I was would fall asleep randomly during the day, so I was diagnosed with narcolepsy early on. I never really questioned it, but I have some symptoms that are no so common with what I have read about narcolepsy. First, when I fall asleep, I collapse, something like catalepsy, however I am unconscious. These periods of sleep can go on for long, long amount of time. Sometimes I sleep so long people think i fell into a coma. The biggest problem is that I can't wake up.
If an episode is triggerred by an emotion or event, then you may be describing catalepsy, a component of narcolepsy, a disorder of extreme sleepiness. You would also have daytime sleepiness, and perhaps hallucinations goign to sleep, a feeling of paralysis lying in bed. Evaluation of your EKG and heart rhytm during these episodes is important also.
without losing consciouness can be a feature of catalepsy - part of the diagnosis of narcolepsy and excessive sleepiness. There is usually an emotional trigger then a loss of tone and fall. Diagnosis is with a MSLT test (multple sleep latency test). Cardiac rhythm causes are something to think about too and this can be tested for with a holter or event monitor.
First is the uncontrollable tendency to fall asleep at any time, anywhere. Second is catalepsy, which is the tendency to collapse with strong emotional stimuli (laughing, crying, etc). See a sleep disorders specialist. You are welcome to arrange an appointment with sleep disorders specialists at CCF - call 800 223-2273 and ask for neurology appointmnts at 4-5559. Your doctor will ask you the relevant questions and arrange the appropriate tests. After that, he/she may suggest treatment.
i wanted to know if either of you mentioned trying a cpap machine... I'm 52 yrs. old and was diagnosed with narcolepsy 15 yrs ago, I've had symptoms since age 8. Two years ago I told my sleep doc that it felt like I was startling myself awake in order to get a while I was sleeping it felt like i just couldn't get a good breathing pattern and i'd wake up feeling like I'd been suffocating...
In addition to the sleepiness of REM sleep, narcolepsy is characterized by episodes of sleep paralysis in which the person awakens from sleep unable to move. Sleep paralysis lasts a few minutes and resolves spontaneously. Rarely, this occurs in normal individuals.