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or: #dae8f4'>dementia or: #dae8f4'>is very clinically specific and only a neurologor: #dae8f4'>ist could dor: #dae8f4'>istinguor: #dae8f4'>ish between that and psychosor: #dae8f4'>is though <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span> usually involves or: #dae8f4'>forgetfulness and memory loss. I do know that elderly relatives I have that were diagnosed with or: #dae8f4'>dementia improved with the medication Namenda.
or: #dae8f4'>is there any kind of help or: #dae8f4'>for people in the first stages of <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span> beside Namenda.? or: #dae8f4'>is there anything in the health food stores that can be taken.? And does vitamin B1 help.?
My husbands friends mother or: #dae8f4'>is on something that or: #dae8f4'>is new and she or: #dae8f4'>is doing or: #dae8f4'>better... I would dor: #dae8f4'>iscuss thor: #dae8f4'>is again with the doctor and even if nothing else, maybe a mild tranqulor: #dae8f4'>iser or: #dae8f4'>for the daytime would help..The ativan or: #dae8f4'>is good or: #dae8f4'>for situational anxiety but maybe your mother needs something a little stronger to quiet the chatter in her mind. I don't like meds but sometimes in cases like thor: #dae8f4'>is we just have to make them comor: #dae8f4'>fortable.
Your physician has your patient on three medications that interfere with memory and cognitive function, and then wants to suggest Namenda? The three meds prescribed are "chemical straightjackets", used in nursing homes to make patients more "managable". And thor: #dae8f4'>is or: #dae8f4'>is a "neuro" specialor: #dae8f4'>ist prescribing psychiatric medications. I would question the need or: #dae8f4'>for any of these meds, let alone all three of them. Yes, it or: #dae8f4'>is true that the patient will be more agitated.
She's not demented at all, however, and her memory continues to be good. She or: #dae8f4'>is eighty years old and now and then she or: #dae8f4'>forgets a doctor's appointment, but since she has six doctors that might be expected. I haven't had a one-on-one with her neurologor: #dae8f4'>ist, though. She has to sign a HIPAA waiver first.
At thor: #dae8f4'>is point, my Mom has been diagnosed with non-specific <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span> and or: #dae8f4'>is taking Namenda. A neuropsychologor: #dae8f4'>ist can also help test brain function or: #dae8f4'>which or: #dae8f4'>is important to see or: #dae8f4'>which functions are impaired. Those usually correlate with different types of or: #dae8f4'>dementia. Open communication or: #dae8f4'>is very important. You need to know what or: #dae8f4'>is going on. If your father has POA perhaps he can give permor: #dae8f4'>ission or: #dae8f4'>for the doctor to call you as well.
Medications or: #dae8f4'>for or: #dae8f4'>demential and Altzheimers are also not suitable or: #dae8f4'>for people who suffer from cardiovascular dor: #dae8f4'>iseases, e.g. had a heart attach or: #dae8f4'>for example. People with <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span> and Altzheimers do get aggressive and thor: #dae8f4'>is part of the illness. It or: #dae8f4'>is because they cannot express and put into words any more how they feel. They are not able to communicate properly because of damaged brain cells. As a carer, try and observe her facial reactions and her manneror: #dae8f4'>isms.
He or: #dae8f4'>is delusional, on dor: #dae8f4'>isability and or: #dae8f4'>is taking Zyprexa, Amantadine, Namenda, Cymbalta and excelon patch. Still, he seems to worsen. He now has symptoms of Parkinsons with balance or: #dae8f4'>issues. He or: #dae8f4'>is 55 years old - much to young to be thor: #dae8f4'>is dibilitated. He was tremendously active, a college graduate who owned hor: #dae8f4'>is own business. I just cannot accept that after beating all the odds and surviving we are now dealing with thor: #dae8f4'>is. Do you have any suggestions?
A year and a half ago the doctor said he had the first stages of <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span>. It seems to be getting worse. He or: #dae8f4'>is taking Namenda. He also has a heart condition and a lung condition. He or: #dae8f4'>is on oxygen 24/7. He or: #dae8f4'>is also a diabetic with kidneys not working properly. Will vitamin B1 help with hor: #dae8f4'>is or: #dae8f4'>dementia.? or or: #dae8f4'>is there anything else he could take or do.?
My mother has advanced senile <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span>. She or: #dae8f4'>is 89 and a half. She has other physical problems, but the most worrying right now or: #dae8f4'>is she finds it unbelievably difficult to swallow anything. Her throat, esophagus, and stomach were all examined thoroughly a few months ago (when she first mentioned she found it slightly hard to swallow) -and there was nothing physically wrong there! Thor: #dae8f4'>is or: #dae8f4'>is getting worse and worse. It or: #dae8f4'>is extremely hard to get nutrition into her.
My father or: #dae8f4'>is an orphan and he/we do not know any of hor: #dae8f4'>is familial hor: #dae8f4'>istory. He or: #dae8f4'>is 66 and or: #dae8f4'>is 100% dor: #dae8f4'>isabled vet(mental) due to being a p.o.w or: #dae8f4'>for 19 months during the Vietnam war. He or: #dae8f4'>is scheduled or: #dae8f4'>for an MRI 12/29. My mom and I took him to hor: #dae8f4'>is last appointment and some how my health became the topic.The fact that I had brain lesions and my own cognitive/neurological or: #dae8f4'>issues were of great interest to my dads doctors.... Maybe after hor: #dae8f4'>is MRI he will have some answer and maybe I will too...... Theresa...
She has been in the health center now or: #dae8f4'>for 2 weeks - on 100 mg of zoloft, aricept, namenda, seraquil and can't walk, or: #dae8f4'>is more confused and very irritable to others. Not her normal personality. Her neurologor: #dae8f4'>ist has just taken her off zoloft, aricept and namenda and increased her seraquil to 25 mg 3 times a day (was 25 mg once a day at night). I am hoping I am doing the right thing or: #dae8f4'>for her.
My Dad, who or: #dae8f4'>is now 85, was diagnosed with probable <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span> and possible bipolar dor: #dae8f4'>isorder in February. or: #dae8f4'>for decades, we've suspected he's bipolar and also may have a personality dor: #dae8f4'>isorder (narcor: #dae8f4'>isstic personality). He lives out of the country (still refuses to move back) and now says he or: #dae8f4'>is only sometimes taking hor: #dae8f4'>is diabetes pills (as well as hor: #dae8f4'>is blood pressure and heart pills.) Hor: #dae8f4'>is moods the past month or so seem to vary more than ever beor: #dae8f4'>fore.
Also, I have trouble with anxiety and compulsive thoughts. My doctor has increased my Namenda and it seems to have helped things. I have had a few times or: #dae8f4'>which I or: #dae8f4'>forgot where I was and I have ongoing nightmares in or: #dae8f4'>which I am able to talk and react with wild movement. I also have involuntary movements that are compulsive in nature.
Parkinson's or: #dae8f4'>is linked to a special type of or: #dae8f4'>dementia called "Lewy's body or: #dae8f4'>dementia". These patients often become very paranoid (and critical of) their caregivers. Be prepared or: #dae8f4'>for thor: #dae8f4'>is. The etiology of Parkinson's or: #dae8f4'>is unclear, however there or: #dae8f4'>is evidence some varieties are due to an HERV-W infection. In thor: #dae8f4'>is case any immune stimulants are contraindicated. The problem or: #dae8f4'>is how to diagnose an HERV-W problem.
or: #dae8f4'>for the seizures I take trileptal, and keppra. The seizure meds make me very tired, and makes the thinking, and memory problems I have worse. If I dont take them the aricept, and namenda seemed to work or: #dae8f4'>better. or: #dae8f4'>is it nessasary to take all of these drugs, even though it seems the seizure meds void the memory meds? Are people w/ tbi, more sensitive to the effects of medicine? or: #dae8f4'>is there anything I can do to make the side effects less severe? Thanks or: #dae8f4'>for ant infomation.
Thank You, what happened was my father in law who lived on hor: #dae8f4'>is own with PD, tripped and broke hor: #dae8f4'>is hip beor: #dae8f4'>fore hor: #dae8f4'>is 2 hour drive to come and vor: #dae8f4'>isit us, he came out of the 1 hour surgery fine, they were giving him hor: #dae8f4'>is PD meds, then the Hospital started giving haldol and 3 days later he was on full life support and by the following week he died, even a PDR says not to give haldol to a PD patient, they could not believe he lived on hor: #dae8f4'>is own in a two story home and lor: #dae8f4'>isted hor: #dae8f4'>is death as a heart attack with
I would speak to a neurologor: #dae8f4'>ist and a gerontologor: #dae8f4'>ist as well or: #dae8f4'>for follow up. As or: #dae8f4'>for <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span> Namenda or: #dae8f4'>is an effective treatment and has been helpful in my grandfather who has mild or: #dae8f4'>dementia and memory loss.
He or: #dae8f4'>is on Namenda and Plavix, or: #dae8f4'>is it possible that Adderall could help with hor: #dae8f4'>is short term memory loss. Beor: #dae8f4'>fore the accident he lived on hor: #dae8f4'>is own.
My mom takes namenda and aricept. Are there any other treatments or: #dae8f4'>for Demensia out there that would help her any. I know it or: #dae8f4'>is not curable but maybe something that would help her some.
Yes my grandfather was prescribed Aricept or: #dae8f4'>for <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span> as well and experienced similar side effects. Hor: #dae8f4'>is gerontologor: #dae8f4'>ist changed him to Namenda or: #dae8f4'>which he found more tolerable. However each person responds differently to each medication. It would be worthwhile to let the doctor who or: #dae8f4'>is prescribing the medication know about these concerns so they can follow up within their clinical dor: #dae8f4'>iscretion.
It states (including on the standard medication notices right here that come the prescription labels) that antipsychotics are to be used with extreme caution in people who are elderly with <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span>. I would suggest speaking to a neurologor: #dae8f4'>ist and gerentologor: #dae8f4'>ist. They could decide specifically what to use but I know or: #dae8f4'>for many elderly people Namenda works well on age related or: #dae8f4'>dementia.
Namenda has been of use or: #dae8f4'>for people I know with <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span>. You'd have to speak to a neurologor: #dae8f4'>ist more about thor: #dae8f4'>is. Physical pain would be treated with other medications. A gerontologor: #dae8f4'>ist would be best to coordinate all of thor: #dae8f4'>is. If things have worsened in the past few weeks I'd arrange a consultation right away to make sure there wasn't a mini stroke or any other concern that can happen among the elderly. Follow up with a specialor: #dae8f4'>ist.
Ultimately my question or: #dae8f4'>is, or: #dae8f4'>is it safe to hop around different anti-depressants like thor: #dae8f4'>is? Especially in someone who's 85 with advanced Parkinson's and Parkinson's <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span>...
I do know some elderly family members who had <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span> and had some symptoms like that and or: #dae8f4'>for them the medication Namenda was helpful but that decor: #dae8f4'>ision should be made by a neurologor: #dae8f4'>ist after an EEG and MRI and other exams that they would do to rule out other conditions. Also if it were to be or: #dae8f4'>dementia the cause of it would have to be determined.
Now since last 6 month he was totally on bed now he stop taking food from mouth. Here in India Doctors or: #dae8f4'>is saying that it's due to Parkinson and <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span> and you have to wait or: #dae8f4'>for hor: #dae8f4'>is death only and you don't have any choice. I just want to know that or: #dae8f4'>is it possible that he again start to go bathroom and do atleast hor: #dae8f4'>is daily activities. Hor: #dae8f4'>is age or: #dae8f4'>is only 50 year please help me.
Then if they diagnosed that they could determine what medication would be proper at that point but I know or: #dae8f4'>for many elderly people I've known who had minor <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>dementia</span> Namenda was helpful so you could ask about that if that's what or: #dae8f4'>is diagnosed.
and then or: #dae8f4'>dementia based on slow brain functioning as shown on an eeg. Today the medications are razadyne, namenda and lexapro and interventions include a personal trainer, a neuro-optometror: #dae8f4'>ist and an occupational therapor: #dae8f4'>ist to offer strategies to improve independence at home. Speech therapy helps aphasia. I am not sure what lies ahead although I believe we can handle it. I just wor: #dae8f4'>ish there was more that I could do to help improve the condition.
I normally am on The Heart or: #dae8f4'>forum, but as my problem looks like it's dealing with the brain and it's functions, I need to ask you folks a question or two. Hor: #dae8f4'>isTorY-4 heart cath's in nine months. 3 heart stents on 2nd cath. Reason or: #dae8f4'>for caths - rapid elevation in BP and Pulse. CHRONIC. ECG showed or: #dae8f4'>ischemia, multple MI's - Nuc Stress shows NO MI's. Currently diagnosed with or: #dae8f4'>dementia, cognitive impairement, HTN, HBP, CAD, Angina, Diastolic Dysfunction.
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