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Avatar_f_tn My family members tease me about it all the time and sometimes it hurts when they do. I hate my farts, and I know everybody farts, but mine are a lot worse and I think it would present a problem when I start dating. I don't know if there is something I'm doing wrong, or if theres something I could do or eat to make it stop. Please help!!!!!!
Avatar_f_tn I will just be walking around or standing, usually at work and I will have loud farts come out of my vagina, they have no smell, pain or discharge. I have never been pregnant or had a hysterectomy so that can't be why. Do you know why this happens and if there is anything I can do about it? I am 43 years old and usually only have sex 2 to 3 times per month but the air farts never occur during sex or after.
7748013_tn?1394759798 Been married for 2 years and I never fart in front of him. But oh my heck pregnancy farts!! My hubs says the other day ' I only hear you fart at night' hahahahahaha oh mann apparently mine come out at night! Cheers!
Avatar_m_tn I am angolan and i have had bad smell in my nose for over 6 years. I don't know if my friends have already felt this bad smell from me but at least they've never complained before me. So a feel a little bit ashamed to make friendship and it makes me feel very depressed sometimes. I really don't know what to do.
Avatar_f_tn It's been 5 years and i'm still living in nightmare. My family don't approve my problem and family budget became wreck, so my parents forced me to work in their store. I lost many customers at my shift. Many people glared at me or laughed at my face or frowned and never came back. Staffs working at my neighbor stores doesn't come anymore. I told this to mother but she denies denies denies, saying 'it is economic crisis'.
Avatar_n_tn Sweet Pea is used to being able to go in and out but I don't want to let her at my house because I don't want to be responsible if anything happens to her. She's used to dogs and gets along fine with my dog but my older cat is not at all happy about the extra animals I've brought in and hisses at them and runs away. I have no idea how long I'll have their pets at this point. (I'm also watching their lab who is just a sweetheart!) I did tell my friend that I'd find homes for the kittens.
Avatar_m_tn Note that this is a smell that only I can smell. My wife tells me that she cannot smell anything in my breath. I've seen other posts where folks say that their mucous has an odor, but this is not the case with my condition. It's not associated with any infection, such as a cold viurs. Does anyone have this condition or something similar?
Avatar_n_tn I have always loved sex but honestly sometimes avoid it because I don't want to deal with the smell. PH balance really? I am terrified to put peroxide in my hoo hoo. Anybody else? This is a much more common problem than I thought, over 50 women on this forum alone. There has to be something to fix it. Please let us know what you all find out.
Avatar_f_tn I can't smell this fart/eggs smell my self but family members friends and work colleagues can. The reason ino its not all the time because i can be at work everything will be fine then all of sudden people are like who farted i shower twice aday and very clean person.
Avatar_f_tn I can't smell this fart/eggs smell my self but family members friends and work colleagues can. The reason ino its not all the time because i can be at work everything will be fine then all of sudden people are like who farted i shower twice aday and very clean person.
Avatar_m_tn After about 5 min you will release gas at both ends and they still smell like sulfer , for now, then there may be some nausia.. but got to bed and try to get some sleep. When you wake up you should be fine! Then I did a 5 Day Bowel Detox from Dr. Schulze (google it) and what a difference!! Hope this works for you! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/230476'>Sulfur / Rotten Egg Burps, followed by throwing up</a>.
Avatar_f_tn My son has developed this bad smell within the past week. I am really confused and don't know what to do for him. Nothing new has changed lately, but this week he has begun to smell like poop all the time. I need help.....
604197_tn?1292308636 The doctors can't give me a straight answer they just said it may come back it just takes a long time and it comes back very slow but it's been over a year and I still can't smell anything so I don't think it's coming back for me at all.
Avatar_n_tn - The problem is worst when I am at school - My feces stink as well I worry much more about the foul smell of my flatus than its quantity, since the horrible smell caused much inconvenience and annoyance to others. I really want to get rid of the problem and know the reason why it is occurring. When I'm out, I cannot concentrate on the things I am doing. People are avoiding me, and I am also avoiding them to prevent them from suffering.
Avatar_f_tn Mine don't smell but my son (he's 10) told me that he farted in his room and it stunk so bad that he had to get on the floor and cover his face I was too thru lol
Avatar_m_tn I need help about my cousin. Ok here it goes, I am a 16 year old healthy boy and my cousin is an 11 year old very chubby boy who does nothing but eat and play video games all day. I think he was kinda jealous of me so one day I was in his house and I was watching him play video games and he died in the video game so i laughed and he got angry and he came over and slapped me in the face and said "what's so funny *****?". He hit me so hard I was terrified.
Avatar_f_tn My vagina smells like onion for a few days after I handle or consume raw onions, asparagus also makes my vagina smell like asparagus. Those are the only two foods I've noticed so far that change my chemistry down there.
Avatar_m_tn i didn't think much of it then, but i continued to dry myself and when i dried my butt with the towel i didn't wash my hands after because i normally don't (and i normally don't fart w/out any clothes on). 1. i read that farts carry e.coli, because that's what they're made out of. did i possibly get some on my hand? ii was wondering how long they could live? i touched my computer afterwards, worried that it got onto there. 2.
Avatar_f_tn When we first met, you were such a gentlemen and cared about my feeling! Now I always feel like I'm in the middle of a guys locker room ! Yes everyone farts, but usually not while someone is trying to eat. Plus if you know it's going to smell bad leave the room, especially if I'm eating! And I'm not how you only remember the "excuse me" when your making the kids say it! I deserve someone who will keep trying,trying to impress me, not depress me!
Avatar_f_tn Just a thought to make you smile (at least it made me smile when I thought about it). I think GOD played a mean joke on pregnant women. HE gave us a very sharp sense of smell and horrible farts. Lol! Have a great day.
Avatar_f_tn But I cannot stand Mayo smell anymore. I can smell it if someone kinds far and I gag and get dizzy. Also the smell of fish or meat makes me want to throw up. I'm 33 weeks now and it still happens and *****. I can smell things so good now its weird lol.
Avatar_f_tn No matter what I eat they smell horrible. Be happy you can hide them. Mine follow me whereever I go. My boyfriend understands but it doesn't make them smell any better. We were walking the dog and i figured outside was an ok place... It was still so bad my bf goes "you're gonna see birds falling from the tree dead!" Ah the joys!
Avatar_m_tn 20 PM, could it be that I'm not eating enough calories or not the most healthiest things, though I am trying to eat more fruit -I also notice that my hair smells and my breath smells. I use this TSal on my hair and it worked, but I smell it again. For my breath I was using therabreath.
216878_tn?1196041120 Farting All The Time Doctor, "What seems to be the problem?" Patient, "Doc, I've got the farts. I mean I fart all the time," The Doctor nods, "Hmm." Patient, "My farts do not stink and you can't hear them. It's just that I fart all the time. Look, we've been talking here for about 10 minutes and I've farted five times. You didn't hear them and you don't smell them, do you?
Avatar_f_tn ... with my farts. Haha, they are seriously deadly! Anyone else experiencing terrible pregnancy farts??
365714_tn?1292202708 that was ace mr green really good. brought a smile to my face anyway!!
5986700_tn?1380794980 So who knows...maybe by Xmas I will finally be able to smell my Xmas tree. Oh ya, feeling blessed ... Going out to let Randy and Earl out of their stable and ....I am so blessed...the birds by the hundreds...the deer are so used to us now, we hardly notice each other...I'm walking to stable and look up and there they are in field just watching me...they don't run anymore...get to stable and my new little residents do their usual scurries under the back door gate, little grey babie bunnies. ..
Avatar_m_tn They're high pressured, loud, and sound like I opened a valve to let air out. Sometimes they don't even smell; it's just air. Then I can feel my abdomen deflate.
Avatar_m_tn They're high pressured, loud, and sound like I opened a valve to let air out. Sometimes they don't even smell; it's just air. Then I can feel my abdomen deflate.
Avatar_f_tn All right I am going to sound like a complete whack-o for telling this especially since nobody knows me here but here goes... ****When he farts, do you know what I think of? I think this: " Did SHE have to smell your farts? did you have the common courtesy to NOT do that around her? Why do *I have to smell it?" Yup there it is.... this is just a sampling of what goes on in my