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2026433 tn?1337654433 Ok, i'm 21 weeks with my second boy, and this time around has definitely been so different from ilight>myilight> first born. ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight> are huge! i've already gone up 2 cup sizes and today they've itched so much!! With my first, my boobs were never itchy and they didn't get bigger til 2 days AFTER giving birth! Anyone else that can relate??
Avatar n tn 10 weeks pregnant and ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight> are soooooooooo ilight>itchyilight>!!!!!!!! Anyone else experience this or know any helpful tips?
Avatar n tn is it like red, dry flaky skin that itches? it could be eczema, i get this weird ilight>itchyilight> patch of skin on ilight>myilight> chin and between ilight>myilight> breast when i'm pregnant. my dr said it happens sometimes with all the hormone changes. She told me to use hydrocortisone cream.
Avatar n tn i don't think it is caused by detergent or soap since i only itch on ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight>, mainly ilight>myilight> left one.
Avatar n tn They have a Cosmetic Surgery Forum where you might get more responses.
Avatar f tn Can somebody tell me why ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight> are so ilight>itchyilight> i don't understand and also ilight>myilight> back itches a lot is very irritating!
399490 tn?1201729854 my last annual was in March 2005 but i made an appt for next Thurs 01/31 to see ilight>myilight> ob/gyn. i was reading on line about ilight>itchyilight> ilight>breastsilight> and that it might be a sign of cancer. is this true? i just have been thinking it's changes in my breast tissue or something. What do you think? i haven't changed any soaps, detergents, etc. not putting lotions on my breasts either. Help!
399490 tn?1201729854 my last annual was in March 2005 but i made an appt for next Thurs 01/31 to see ilight>myilight> ob/gyn. i was reading on line about ilight>itchyilight> ilight>breastsilight> and that it might be a sign of cancer. is this true? i just have been thinking it's changes in my breast tissue or something. What do you think? i haven't changed any soaps, detergents, etc. not putting lotions on my breasts either. Help!
Avatar n tn i have been having problems with my breasts itching when i wear a bra. ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight> do not hurt, but they itch all over and i sometimes get little pimples on ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight> and along my braline towards my stomach. i am wondering what could cause this, and what i could do to make it stop. i am thinking that it is the material of my bra since it only seems to occur when i wear certain ones. Please help me.....i am so confused!
Avatar f tn it was light pink and brown for an hour then went away. ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight> have been extremely ilight>itchyilight>. i don't know if i experienced implantation bleeding or not... i also have gained about 9lbs in 3 1/2 weeks. i guess i will have to wait to see if my period comes. Anyone experience this?
Avatar f tn past 3 weeks ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight> have been itching alot and im 21.... mainly itches around the outer nipple area... can someone tell me why?
Avatar f tn ilight>myilight> breast have been very ilight>itchyilight> all of a sudden, before they used to be sore and now they are really itchy! i tried checking it up but no luck. i am not pregnant, i do not use different soaps, everything is completely normal. So why do my breast itch sooo much??
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, Yesterday my 17 year old daughter was scratching her breasts, and asked me if ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight> were always ilight>itchyilight> as she always has ilight>itchyilight> ilight>breastsilight>.. i know that this is sometimes a indication that something could be wrong...should i be concerned, since i am going through the whole breast cancer thing right now? my cancer is HER 2 +, ER + PR+ BRAC -... i don't know if that has anything to do with it, but i just thought i would tell you that.
Avatar f tn i notice mine itching from time to time, more so in the beginning, but i think it was from a combo of them growing/skin stretching and my skin not being as moisturized as it could be.
Avatar f tn i am a 40year old women who has been experiencing ilight>itchyilight> ilight>breastsilight> for the past 2-3 weeks. There is no rash, dryness, scaling, etc. The area appears completely normal except for the itching. i have not changed my detergent and have done nothing differently. As i search online for answers to my question, the only thing that comes up is infllammatory Breast Cancer, which seems pretty drastic for this one symptom. Any others ideas? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn 22wks along n ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight> itch soooo bad!!! i scratch n there is no relief... anybody else have this problem?? What can i do for this? Lotion doesn't seem to work for them....
Avatar n tn At first i thought that it may have been fabric softener or dry skin or something but then i began to wonder if there was a bigger problem going on. i scratch across ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight> (nipples too) that i leave red scratch lines. i scratch so hard that i don't care if my skin bleeds! Hopefully you get an answer soon. i'll check back later.
Avatar f tn ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight> are very ilight>itchyilight> all the time.. i am sure people think i am playing with myself when i am in public.. and i i us e lotion alot.. but they are still itchy.. lol i think its hormones.
Avatar n tn i'm 20 years old and ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight> have been ilight>itchyilight> for about a week now. it's very concerning because it's not a normal itch. Normal itches last a while then "disappear", except this ithc is persistant. i've never been pregnant nor breast fed, however, there may have been history of breast cancer in my family! What could the cause be?
Avatar f tn i have been experiencing a ilight>itchyilight> nipple on and off for the last few months and in the last couple of days i have had sharp pain shoting to my nipple.
Avatar f tn But anyway, lately, my nipples have been feeling strange when it's in ilight>myilight> bra. it's not really painful, ilight>itchyilight>, or tingling. Maybe slight tingling, but not that much. i don't know if it's because of my paranoia (since breasts change a lot when you're pregnant) or something else. What's going on? The only word that can describe it is WEiRD. Help please?
Avatar f tn i have ilight>itchyilight> Boobs too but what's worse is under ilight>myilight> stomach is so ilight>itchyilight>!
Avatar f tn i'm 39 weeks and i only had nipple tenderness at the beginning of ilight>myilight> pregnancy. ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight> haven't been tender at all. i just count myself lucky. my OB said i shouldn't have any problem unless my nipples were inverted, which they arnt. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn when i woke up today a little bit of blood in my bra (left side) and when i examined ilight>myilight> breast it looked as if the blood was coming from a cut in the skin probably due to ilight>myilight> scratching, and not from the opening in my nipple itself, but i'm not too sure. should i see a doctor?
Avatar f tn Can you recommend a treatment for ilight>itchyilight> skin under ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight>, which are on the heavy side? i try to keep that area as dry as possible, but do perspire a lot under my breasts. my previous dermatologist prescribed a fungal cream and an anti-itch cream, which i blend together and spread under my breasts. it helps, but i'd like to avoid having to apply this every day. Sometimes i use a anti-fungal powder instead, but it's not as effective.
Avatar f tn i have redness,stinky ilight>itchyilight> ilight>breastsilight>. They are large ilight>breastsilight> i am 51 and have diabetes type 2 so annoying never had this before been going on for 2 weeks now. i first noticed it after i wore a bikini top in the pool . i haven't swam much lately. they really smell foul under neath. i can smell it through my clothes. i can rub it and dead skin flakes off.
Avatar n tn i've been having an issue with very ilight>itchyilight> and sore ilight>breastsilight>. They itch so bad that i rub them until it leaves bright red places which looks like hickeys. They hurt really bad also. A year and a half ago i had a biopsy on a lump in one of my breasts. it turned out to be benign. The itching started several weeks ago. They don't look dry but i've put nonscented lotion on them several times with no relief. What can i do to get this to stop. i can't take it anymore.
Avatar n tn i'm somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks pregnant with ilight>myilight> second child. Today, ilight>myilight> ilight>breastsilight> and in between them are very itchy, as well as my ribs near the center of my belly. Skin stretching already?