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My walking gait is horrible and I am having tingling, muscle spasms really bad at nights especially. My doctor says he thinks the viruses have attacked my nervous system and has prescribed physical therapy. He's done a brain mri and it shows normal, but I've been suffering for a long time with multiple problems. Does anyone think this EBV stuff could be ms??? i've been researching it and my symptoms are so close to ms especially the fatigue side which I haven't had it that bad since I was 20.
From what I know the MRI was only of the brain and I am not sure the strength of the MRI. Are muscle cramping and leg spasms especially in the calves a part of this. I also feel like I have the flu alot of times or that I am running a fever but don't. Like I said I have all the symptoms down to hearing loss and tinnitus. My gait and balance are horrible and I fear falling most of the time and have on several occastions. I see my family dr.
My feet are cold deep inside and I have muscle spasms and leg cramps every night every 30 mintues or less. I cannot get a good nights rest and I am exhausted during the day. I also have cramps in my hands during the day maybe while driving or when eating out I can't hold a fork without my fingers cramping. I need help.
You need to be evaluated for diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, alcohol consumption, B12, folate deficiency, autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, etc. Upper thigh muscle spasms in left thigh should be checked with an EMG. For MS diagnosis, cerebrospinal fluid examination reveals oligoclonal bands and an MRI shows areas of demyelination or white plaques all over the white matter. Take care.
Not really a laughing matter but I'd rather laugh than cry! My Neuro gave me tizanidine(sp), a muscle relaxant. It has really helped with the spasms. I had never had back problems before MS but I guess I have several lesions on my spine. I also use a heating pad (against my neuro's advice) every evening after work and move it from my shoulders, to the middle, and then my lower back. That helps too. Just be careful with the heat!
I'm only 18, male, but I think I may have Multiple Sclerosis. I don't usually jump to conclusions but I don't know how else to explain this. My symptoms include: Depression Panic/anxiety attacks Muscle spasms Weird episodes where I jerk and twitch and I feel like I can't control my body even though I can? (New) I have recently started having a sudden numbness, like "falling asleep", or "pins and needles" in my feet.
I have every symptom of multiple sclerosis and have been told by several doctors I might have it. I went to a MS specialist recently and he said, after a physical examination, he didn't think I had MS but would run the VEP and Spinal Tap just to make sure (MRI of the brain and lumbar were clear). What else can be causing the same symptoms of MS? I can barely walk, after six months of going from doctor to doctor, with no diagnosis and no treatment.
I'm just nervous because the first thing he said it could be or that he was checking for was multiple sclerosis. I've been trying not to look things up on the internet but my anxiety got so bad tonight that i decided i needed to write on a forum because whether it is MS or not, I know something is not right with me.
Hi I am a 22 year old College basketball player and I am a new member to this site I joined because I am very concerned I might have Multiple Sclerosis I have very few people I can talk about this to in my life if anyone on this site reading or has knowledge about this or feed back please help me as I am worried sick please here me out! Here is my story..
When I have to sign a document, sign a check, or address an envelope, my hand shakes. Why is that? Is that normal in Multiple Sclerosis?
I have been experiencing spontaneous muscle spasms in my mid back and lower back and now have tingling in right arm down to hand. This has been going on for over a week. I also have fatigue, disoriented , and memory is not seeming to be very good. I have headaches alot , too. What should I do as regular tylenol and ibuprofen is not helping me. I am getting depressed. Have not yet seen doctor.
Hello, Some of the important causes of muscle spasms are overextension of the muscles, overweight, prolonged standing during the day, dehydration, alterations in the balance of salts in the bloodstream (such as a high or low calcium, sodium or potassium level),neuropathy(esp in diabetes),hypothyroidism, peripheral vascular disease, nerve compression, and multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy or stroke.
Hello Dear, The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Muscle spasms Twitches,Tics,Chorea,Seizures Muscle spasms often occur when a muscle is overused or injured. Working out when you haven't had enough fluids (you're dehydrated) or when you have low levels of minerals such as potassium or calcium can also make you more likely to have muscle spasms. Some spasms occur because the nerve that connects to a muscle is irritated.
I am having eye trouble that no one seems to understand. I have multiple sclerosis, fybra myalgia, arthritis, and back and neck problems and have been seeing doctors for years. I am a 48 yr old female and my symptoms with my eyes are difficult o explain. Sometimes they are associated with heat and headaches and other times fatigue brings on the symptoms. My eye muscles spasm and it feels like they freeze up or they quiver. It causes the noise in my ears.
Many thanks for your helpful reply. When I have the spasms in the diaphragm area my abdomen does not become hard. I get a pain like a stitch in my left hand side, my sternum becomes very painful and sore, like the skin has been burnt, so sore I cannot bear to touch it. The spasms affect the secondary muscles of respiration, which is the cause of the breathlessness. Are not the secondary muscles of respiration smooth muscle?
I have submitted a claim to be approved for Gulf War Illness. Often I have a severe muscle cramp and spasms down the left side of my neck, chest and back after coughing or sneezing--I literally can't even breathe for about 30 seconds until the spasms end. Is this related to any of the conditions I listed above?
Hey guys, I have never really had any real medical problems, so this is really scaring me. It started with muscle spasms a little over a month and a half ago. Then one morning I woke up with a wrist that hurt bad when i moved it back or forward. That lasted about a week and a half and within that time I had developed a tingling sensation in my fingers and has spread to my whole left hand. Over time my whole left arm began to feel slightly weak.
As I waited for my appointment with a neurologist, other symptoms appeared. My body was itchy and burning, I had muscle spasms and pain, the pain and spasms came along with burning sensations. My neck began hurting so much I felt as if my head was too heavy for it. I had tingling and numbing sensations all over, even on my lips and tongue. I also experienced migranes. I remember having such a bad migrane one saturday morning and ever since I now see visual floaters.
Arms are getting weaker, trouble grasping things with my fingers on left hand. Went to different physician who suspected multiple sclerosis or brain tumor. Ordered blood tests which came back normal except for blood sugar being borderline. Negative also for deficiencies or Lyme disease. MRI on brain came back normal. Referred to a neurologist who suspected from tests he did a pinched nerve or compression in my back.
Hello, Some of the important causes of leg spasms are overextension of the muscles,overweight,prolonged standing during the day,dehydration, alterations in the balance of salts in the bloodstream (such as a high or low calcium, sodium or potassium level),neuropathy(esp in diabetes),hypothyroidism,peripheral vascular disease,nerve compression, and multiple sclerosis,spinal cord injury,cerebral palsy or stroke. Pls discuss these opitions with your doctor. Hope it helps.
For the past few days, I have had middle back pain, short muscle spasms in various places, and some sharp lower abdominal pains on both sides. A couple times my feet tingled. What could be wrong?
I have muscle spasms in around the ribs on right side and under the breast and somtimes in the back at the same horizontal position.
Now since 8/08 my third episode of severe muscle weakness, altered muscle tone first with low muscle tone then muscle spasms so bad that my hamstring muscles are killing me at night, seveve balance problem, fatigue and I can't walk or go to work, also difficulty holding my head erect because my head kept tillting backwards.
Regarding the spasms in multiple sclerosis (MS), neuromuscular spasm is one of the most common symptoms occurring in MS. Spasms can be of two types, either tonic or clonic spasm. Tonic spasm is nothing but stiffness, when the limb appears rigid and difficult to move despite the absence of absolute paralysis. Clonic spasm which is perhaps the more distressing of the two forms as the affected limb or muscle may jerk violently without warning and can affect any muscle in the body.
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