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He is on meloxicam and tramadol. Lots of xrays done. Nothing found need to have mri done but the cost is so high.
will this not cover the MRi scan? If we do get an MRi scan, I guess the next step is an operation, what cost would this be? I do not care about the money side of things, I don't have it but will get it. I am just concerned i may put him through a lot more pain and hassle (as MRI place is 50 miles away) and cost myself a fortune for them not to be able to do anything, or repair him so he hobbles around and has a poor last year of his life.
Our dane gave a few very controlled snaps when the other dogs got out of line with her, and pinned the male dane down once, when he tried to mount her, but as soon as the male was down, my dane just walked away. We brought them to the cottage this weekend, The dane and shepherd ran around like idiots... the dane being very dominant; mouthing at the shepherds neck, pinning her down every now and then... but then let her back up without us getting involved.
i dont have pet insurance and these tests seem so there one test that can an MRI or something? any help would be great?
which deliver extremely weak levels of radiation per scan. According to the American College of Radiology (ACR), for example, "backscatter technology" delivers radiation equivalent to "flying inside an aircraft for two minutes at 30,000 feet.
appearance and yours must have looked more like dymyelination. The CT scan is not as sensitive as the MRI, but I would ask a specialist whether or not that showed at all on the MTI. Sometimes (too often it seems) not everything is mentioned in the report. Did the dizziness resolve after they got your BP down? Yes, the report indicates that there are "multiple lesions" and none "enhance"..
Even though heavy endurance exercisers such as runners may have higher rates of arrhythmias during exercise, aerobic exercise is a effective preventitive to Sudden Cardiac Death SCD when you have an arrhythmia. Aerobic Exercise can also successfully treat some arrhythmias. See, for example, an invited review article, "Aerobic Exercise Conditioning: A NonPharmacological AntiArrhythmic Intervention" by George Billman, J.Appl.Physiol 92, 446-454 (2002).
I have spent $1,500 just on blood work. I can just imagine what it would cost for the MRI , Ultra sound or bioptsy. I can not afford it without racking up credit cards and being in debt for the rest of my life, which the stress alone would probably kill me. I tried to get my own medical insurance but they want each month nearly half the amount I get on SS. Can't afford it.
Your Vet seems to be moving you on too soon! Yes, a cat scan or MRI would be helpful, but a lesion of the brain or stroke is NOT what they should be looking for! AN MRI in this case would show a mass (Usually a benign cyst) or fluid (Pus) in the ear.....There is a surgery to correct this.....However, the correct antibiotic & drying agents should be tried first.....Also, a specialty surgeon would be required.... First of all, strokes are rare!
The MRI would roughly cost a $3000. I don't want to put a price on our life long friend, but at the same time, it's quite a bit of money. We have already spent over $15 000 on her over her life (she had 3 knee surgeries, hip surgery, yearly allergies, monthly prescription dog food and a gazillion smaller surgeries to test/remove cancer) So, my question is, what are the odds of this passing? Is she still safe to be around my children? Should I expect more seizures?
(The psychologist who did my neuro-cognitive testing recommended this discussion, because she thinks it's right that I know where my neuro stands on making a dx w/o MRI evidence.) I also need to get some advice/treatment for my jaw spasticity. I can no longer open my mouth wide enough to eat a banana. I've been trying to stretch the muscles on my own, and I do think it's helping some, but not enough. (It's still getting worse.
The only thing I can think of is that although the health checks the vet does seem good (they listen to heart, breathing, palpate the abdomen, look at eyes and teeth....etc) -they don't usually as a matter of course, run a full blood scan with the annual health check. Sometimes only a blood scan could pick up signs that all is not well. And dogs being so naturally stoic, seem to be able to ride out all but the worst.
For instance, red wine will precipitate migraines in many people, and chocolate, nuts, hot dogs and Chinese food triggers headaches in certain cases. I generally don’t advise omitting all of these foods, unless you notice a pattern where these foods are causing headaches. 8. If I give you a prophylactic medication for headaches, you should take it daily, as prescribed. If you have trouble tolerating it, please let me know and we can consider using something else.
Obviously there's a load of detail I'm not including because of space issues. We did contact the vet, who suggested we skip a dose and cut back to 64.8 mg 2x per day. We just did the first 64.8 mg dose. But the dog is still adjust to the meds, and the side effects and the question remain. If anyone out there has had this issue and does know the answer, I'd appreciate your response. I'm just interested in any anecdotal evidence of how long to expect side effects to last.
From what i read in medical literature, weak positive can be contributed to viral or bacterial or fungal infection, including borrelia(lyme). CT/PET Scan-normal Bone Scan-normal Western Blot prior to this winter was clean with no bands show up. Then during winter I had serious bout of old neurological symptoms--I last had them in 1999. Whatever it was came back. As usual, the doctor ran all typical autoimmune tests and Western Blot. Autoimmunes all are normal or negative.
He stated that he was about 95% sure that it was just irregular hard palate bone shaping (possibly torus) and said if i would like the extra couple of percent to take it to 98-99 then to take an MRI scan. I am going for this today, and we will discuss the results on monday which is 6 days from now. I will be quite worried up until that point. For me though, it doesnt feel like bone necessarily.
Most vets don't put dogs on seizure medication for one incident, even if it was a cluster. They will wait and see if it starts to happen more often. At 15, it could have been anything that caused the seizures. It could, as your vet seems to think, be a brain tumor. It could also have been caused by hypoglycemia. It could have been a minor cerebral accident (mini stroke). If it's a brain tumor, they will happen again.
He said not to come back for six months and then to schedule a bi-lateral mammogram. Boninclyde, he did not suggest either an MRI or a scan. I remeber when I was first diagnosed he suggested one, but later changed his mind and said it was not necessary. Why do you think you should ask for one? Am I missing something? Montana girl, have you had an MRI with your calcifications?
Leg and hand stiffness. I, too, have had the brain MRI for MS, an EMG (twice), full body nuclear bone scan, an array of blood work, and evoke potential test, sinus xray, neck xray.... so on, so on, so on. Everything negative (good, I guess, except that I am still in pain). If any of the others on this site figure out what they have, please let me know. I, too, am getting the "what now" from my doctors. Good luck to all.
Where I'm at I have only one drug option available to me, a very impersonal neuro(haven't been to him in month's and don't know if he is aware and he's not going to call and I can't call him) MRI scans that cost thousands (don't know when last I had one), insurance not covering my MS treatment and anything related, I feel the changes in my body everyday...
Blood work – CBC normal, no infection Bloodwork – uric acid in normal range, not likely to be gout Xray – negative CT Scan – negative MRI is scheduled for Friday. Currently wearing a compression sock and one of those sexy post-surgery black boots to immobilize the foot So is there a Dr. House in the crowd who might venture a guess? I am stumped and so is the podiatrist for now. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them. And you can send me the bill for the house call.
asked him if I could please be sent for some tests as things were getting so difficult. He sent me for an MRI scan. Several weeks passed before I got an appointment. The machine looked like a portable polo mint with a board, leaning backwards at about a 45 degree angle. It appeared to be something that was a portable machine of some sort. After this I was sent to have some nerve tests at another hospital, & then finally to another hospital to see a neurologist.
I don't think I know, how old is your didn't say anything about epilepsy or brain tumor or scan so I am assuming that you have a senior dog? my first Yorkshire Terrier epilepsy, began when he was three.
It still displays weakness and is nowhere near the strength it should be. My doctor told me after an MRI that the tear could not be taken care of with arthoscopic surgery but only open knee surgery and he did not reccommend this due to the serious rehab that would be required following the surgery.
The neurologist who I already knew thought I was a crock, examined me and found mild extensor spasticity in my right leg - mainly at the hip. He sent me for an MRI w and w/o contrast of my brain and spine. Next visit he said the MRI's were completely normal. There was an UBO (Unidentified Bright Object) in the brain, but that this was inconsequential. He said it definitely wasn't MS and that I was too old for it anyway. He sent me home. Dx Vertigo and Spasticity- mild.
CT Myelogram and MRI results. -T5 T6 7mm large disc herniation -T6 T7 5mm disc herniation -T7 T8 3.5 paracentral spur causing deformity thercal sac -T8 T9 disc/osteophyte complex on the right parcentral region abutting the cord. -T9 T10 small right paracentral disc herniation and mild flattening. Impression: Multiple regions of disc herniation with calcification from the T5 level down to T10 causing varying degrees of spinal stenosis as well as cord flattening and abutment.
What's more is that I find that dental malocclusion is frequently one of the principle causes of the TMD. The article went on commenting that MRI and CAT scans are among the biggest advances in diagnosis of TMD, that is just ludicrous.While those are valuable diagnostic tools they do not show what is the underlying cause of the misalignment. I frequently find that to be the malocclusion.
I gradually got better, then 1 year ago I started getting a stabbing pain at the top front of my right fema, this was followed by not being able to raise up my right leg without excruciating pain. I had another MRI and a bone scan. The radiologist that did the bone scan thought that there may be a broblem with my right hip, but my ortho/spine doctor said that the results were inconclusive. One month ago I had pain start in my right buttock and just below the right knee.
I've had 3 x-rays and they were normal - no wear n' tear, no femeroacetabular impingement....nothing. I've also had an MRI scan....nothing, normal. I've been fully discharged now, but i'm still in so much goddamn pain. It's kind of permanent and I now get pain in feet, shins, my whole legs, as though they aren't meant for standing up on. I've been told an arthroscope is a bad idea and i can run, jog fine without damaging it?
The physician who reviewed it said, “The materials cost less than $5.00, so there’s no income, and if, on the outside chance, a patient falls in the shower, they can sue me. What doctor’s gonna recommend this?” He’s right, doctors aren’t stupid—that’s why they’re doctors.” If you don't wish to take the risk involved, then at least you may wish to try the Dr.Grossan Hydropulse Nasal Irrigation System.
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