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How long do I have to wait for the treatments to work. Am I just expecting it to cure the yeast infection too soon? Is this something that takes time to heal? It's just really irritating. It's been almost 2 months and I would like it to go away. Can anyone give me some insights? Also, I got to the gym alot and wait to shower and change out of my gym clothes until I get home.
I'm so tired of prescribed meds causing more problems than they cure - one prescription leading to side-effects that lead to another prescription and on and on. Antibiotics are a perfect case in point, they destroy the body's natural good bacteria and yeasts - totally vital to your health and wellbeing, totally.
I have been using these antibiotics from last two years, but nothing gave me cure. parallalley I am even trying Apple cidar vinegar, Neti pot, String therapy through nose. I am totally devastated how to go about it now for immediate cure. Can any one advice what is the content which is there in natural polyp miracle treatment book, If any one has read the book please do share with all of us who are suffering since long time.
Anti-biotics save lives, not taking them and eating spices will not cure you from an infection. If you want to go the natural route, that is fine. Do your best to eat healthy and stay well. But to say that modern medicine is pointless is very far from the truth. Also colon cancer has a genetic component, so to say that you won't get it by squatting when you poo is naive. High cholesterol many times can not be stabilized by just natural remedies alone(diet and exercise) and medication is needed.
Luckily there are ways for you to diagnose and treat the symptoms and causes of yeast infection through medicine and even natural home remedies. These strategies of obtaining rid of this infection often work during a matter of weeks or perhaps days relying on how severe the conditions are. Most symptoms that occur are gentle redness of the penis and around that area and itching and flaking of the skin. If you notice any of those signs it's most likely a yeast infection that is occurring.
Also, vodka won't help. There is natural bacteria in the mouth and will come back as soon as you swallow or spit out. You'd be better to rinse with warm salt water as that is more natural to the mouth. Alcohol is damaging to the tissue. GOOD LUCK and make that appt ASAP.
Is there a cure for an oral yeast infection? and can u pass it to a male during oral sex and french kissing?
i also have the same problem, smell coming nose and mouth. ihave visted dr's ,dentists and no one can tell what it is. do you smoke? People call me stinky,offer me gum ,talk about , ihave even try commiting suscide. pleas help me I now live my life in the comfort of my home because People sniff at me when Igo out in public . I need help if any one has a soultion to my problem PLEASE HELP!!
Now remember back to when i spent 3 days in hospital with no medication and no food, and i felt great after, i was not eating, the bile was not being produced, the stomach was back to normal function after 3 days off the medication, funny that the cure was staring at me all along, stop all medication to get gastric emptying and acid levels back to normal and do not eat foods which promote the production of stomach bile and "fundoplication was not required", i now have the option of &
There are natural remedies that can be of immense help in fighting decay, infection, pain, and keep your mouth healthier. I suggest these are very important as they are less expensive and quicker than going to the dentist ever time there is a problem. Of course we want to stop having problems. Infection Oregano was determined in 1910 to be the herb with greatest antibiotic properties. Boil a pint of water, turn off and add 1 tbspn oregano leaves to the water. When cool strain and sip.
   It's as if I have a respiratory infection, but I can never get enough antibiotics or the right one to cure it. I only get enough to heal it partially. Yes, I've had a CT scan of my sinuses--normal.  And, a chest x-ray six years ago, and the allergist a couple of weeks ago thought that it was sufficient because it was clear then. And, my lungs seem to test free from constriction from asthma. I live in a city know for attracting very good doctors.
**warning , NO SEX, u can give it to ur partner, it is an infection , not an std , but still an infection, its just curtisty lol , , ask the pharmacist for help if yiu need it, u should be goof to go, keep it clean, dry , use fushable wipes & medicine :-) hope that helps hun , BNest Wishes, Betty
return to your dentist and have it checked. salt, tea, oregano will not cure your infection. if you are in horrible pain the infection is bad and you need antibiotics before it spreads.
I would have to say if you have had sex with her while she has a yeast infection you can be making it worse. A man can carry the infection and give it to the woman again and again. I would go see the doctor yourself. If you dont want her to get the infection again, I would suggest talking to your doctor about transfering infections. Otherwise she will continue to get it.
*The part about not seeing it on here before was specifically about the probiotic/prebiotic info--I was actually going to post only on that, with one little note about the man, and then I got totally carried away. Sorry, sorry. lol, laughing at myself.
Dry mouth problems started a few months after a sexual exposure. Tested virtually for everything with negative results. Photos of my tongue can be seen in my profile. I am in mi mid 30's, don't smoke, don't take drugs, don't take any medicines. Tongue has a white coating that does not go away. Thick and foamy saliva with bitter taste specially in the mornings. Trying Biotene for relief but it does not cure it.
need to get this out of my head- it sounds like you have more of an infection than herpes...i too am having trouble getting rid of a yeast infection. the diflucan did not work for me, neither did monistat. i have found some relief using terazol cream which is supposed to treat more than one strain of yeast, however mine is not totally gone so i completely know how you feel! i've found that doing everything possible to keep that area dry is helping ease symptoms.
I know this might sound wacky, and this is not intended to be medical advice or to replace a doctor, but when I had what I think to be recurring ear infections what helped to knock them down more than anything else was putting a piece of garlic in my ear (not inside it just gently at the base of the canal). Garlic is a powerful natural antibacterial and antifungal.
So I during my check up last week my doctor informed me that I have a yeast infection. I was asymptomatic and had no clue I had one till he said so. He prescribed me an antifungal which is a class c drug. I didnt feel comfortable taking that so I did some research and found out that garlic has anti yeast properties and is natural. Since I didnt want to just be shoving garlic in my 'cooter' fearing infection etc.
Haven't been here for several days because I've been struggling with ulcerations inside my mouth that are making me nuts. The pain is awful. Prescription lidocaine does help...for about a minute...okay, maybe three minutes, and then it wears off. Eating (except for jello or ice cream is intolerable, and I can only drink with a straw. Even moving my mouth to speak is painful.
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It will only become a problem if there is a change in the oral cavity which kill the bacteria keeping Candida under control and it grows in the mouth. Diabetes, malnutrition, infection in the body, HIV or other immune disorder are common reasons this growth occurs. People wearing dentures or bridges always have Candid on them. If they are not kept clean, Candida can grow out of control, too. Immune disorders not related to HIV can be hard to diagnose.
Once you get an infection, all the bacteria,viruses,allergens,and toxins take on a life of their own. The cure is to get rid of the pustulence, with surgery--no way!--or advanced saline sinus flush. I got a Snot Demon for 7 yrs, teaching grade school/germ factory. A cold in the fall, then sinusitis, lost smell then taste, Cipro, hawk spit cough, sore throat, partial recovery in summer. Then I heard about a saline flush, like the one mentioned above.
03 Mar. 15. BRONCHIAL ASTHMA / COMMON COLD / PRANAYAM / DEEP BREATHING EXERCISE / CURE MECHANISM ===================================================== Following TEXT in this blog is basically collection of various information and important points related to OPTIMAL BREATHING and its BENEFIT’s. I have only tried to aggregate and put the information collected from various sites in a more simple way so as to be understood by regular masses.
03 Mar. 15. BRONCHIAL ASTHMA / COMMON COLD / PRANAYAM / DEEP BREATHING EXERCISE / CURE MECHANISM ===================================================== Following TEXT in this blog is basically collection of various information and important points related to OPTIMAL BREATHING and its BENEFIT’s. I have only tried to aggregate and put the information collected from various sites in a more simple way so as to be understood by regular masses.
the doctor said..infection is imbeded in a person's body..u can cure it with medicines but it will come and go..and now i have a yeast infection again coz i wear liners everyday..but no worries coz i have cream ready..
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