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I am in a out patient facility and in a drug court. My drug of choice is alcohol. My last use date was August 10, 2013. My counsler just informed me I had a positve tox for morhine. I did not take morphine. Any ideas..... Talked to drug court and I said 1. Went to dentist (septicane and articane ...Spelling sorry) she said not that 2. took over the counter "all natural" cough medicine 1 1/2 tbs..
Yes, gastroparesis can delay drug absorption from the intestine and this can cause lower than expected levels of drugs in the blood and their metabolites in the urine. So, yes, if you have severe gastroparesis and are on low morphine dose, then you can get a false negative result. Please consult your doctor regarding this. Hope this helps. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Will oxymorphone show up as morphine on a urine drug screen that goes to a lab for processing? My boyfriend recently switched pain management doctors but his appointment with the new doctor was a month and a half away so he had to cut down on his medicine drastically to get him through the month. He decided to take morphine to ease some of the symptoms of withdraw. The new doctor's office just called him and said they had a cancelation and he has to go see them tomorrow.
Of course that dr now has me set up for cardio and pulmonary tests, and made me think my kidneys are failing. It's just the morphine...I'm sure of it. The swelling is worst in feet and ankles but includes the rest of my body too. I need a new pain med.
There are tests to assess your ability to metabolize various opioids -- perhaps your pain doc should follow up, or established the appropriateness of morphine via you urine scans. 2) your baseline dose of morphine is still too low to be effective. 3) your preference for IR medication may indicate developing opioid addiction. Yes, #3 is shocking.
I am taking 16mg of suboxone a day, how long will the subs last in my urine? I have been taking subs for about 3 months and i would have like a day or two break in between taking it sometimes. how long will the subs give me a hot urine for??? will it still be 72hrs to clean out of my system or will it take longer since i have been taking it for 3 months.?
Is this possible? Do they have the ability to detect the actual amounts consumed in your urine? Aren't their a lot of variables involved that can influence this? For Ex. When I know I have to drive to the Dr.'s I do NOT take my meds that day until after I get home. Could this be why my levels were down? I think he just did NOT want to take me as a patient so he used this as an excuse. I was warned by my other Dr. that I might have a hard time finding a new Dr.
27 µg/mL (1,270 ng/mL) in urine'. So, yeah that can cause real concerns. What always slays me is that a lot of lab techs think that false positives for THC come from poppy seeds. You have to wonder how some people ever got a certificate let alone a degree.
Of these urine primarily contains morphine-3-glucuronide. Also, 10% of morphine sulfate is excreted unchanged in the urine. This and morphine-3-glucuronide can give positive urine test for morphine. In ll probability the hydrocodone test is false positive. The morphine test results would be read in light of the drug you are taking. Hydrocone test should be repeated. Take care!
When the medicine is metabolozed it releases metaboloites unique to the medication into your urine. Depending on how much your taking that amount of matabolites will be present in your urine(someone correct me if I'm wrong) so a level can be done. It takes time for the drug to metabolize out of your body and into your urine so whether you take your medication early or late in the day probably wouldnt effect that or the DR would have to ask what time your taking it.
i take er morphine test for my doctor and it did not come up in my urine test and i take them and he said he would have to discharge me could me taking anti acid tablets and bismuth subsalicylate cause them not to disolve in my stomach
30pm (3 1/2 hours later) I called back and asked for another shot. The nurse then lectured me for about ten minutes telling me that I needed to hold off for as long as I could having the morphine shot because it was so strong. I replied to the nurse that I felt that over three hours was more than adequate time to receive another shot. I then asked her what the doctor had written and she told me 2 to 4mg every two hours.
then to have to keep worrying about the morphine. I know it is silly, but what if there is a major disaster in my state and it just happens to come when I have maybe 4-5 days of medication left. Good luck going to a different doctor to get morphine, if I could even get there at all. So I would end up on forced withdrawal plus the pain. I know it is silly, but who knows.
THEY WROTE THE PRESCRIPTION! and when they did a urine test, I came up positive for morphine. WTF? I was in absolute tears because the midwife who saw me that day was like "you need to stop all the drugs RIGHT NOW child" so I stormed out of the office after telling her OVER AND OVER that I was not taking morphine!!! I called the nurse later, still crying, begging her to help me figure out what the bleep was going on, and if there was a chance of a false positive...
False negatives...Pitfalls of Urine Drug Monitoring in Pain Care ... I am always looking for information on the effectiveness and accuracy of the drug test we have to endure. I have just come across this one from Early this year. It has alot of information on how the UA works and why they are inconclusive most of the time. I am including the link as I have not posted everything in the article. The VA study I have posted in my journal and refer members to was done in 2004 I believe.
Our godson, age 38 had his bladder removed about 3 years ago and has a stoma, due to cancer of the bladder. Since then he has had continual infections of his urine. To clear the infections he has to go to hospital and be fed intravenous antibiotics, he then returns home and about l month later he again has an infection. The infections have been so bad that on occasion they are life threatening - very high temp. sweating etc. hospitalisation.
That is why I don't understand why the website says that it won't.. even the doctor I went to had that in his paperwork that it wouldn't.. So that is why I said I wasn't sure.. Could there be a difference in the Suboxone and the Subutex formulas that the combo one does not show up??
If you were putting that much into your system, you would have had TOO much in the blood stream and it would have showed to be excessive in your urine. The Doctor who prescribed the patch must have told you how to use them? I am shocked to hear that you would have so many questions regarding the use of the Patches. Also, there is a great deal of information that comes with each box of 5. Have you read any of it? Again, this all doesn't make sense to me.
I am taking pain medication and in the past morphine was part of that treatment. I have not taken morphine in a long time and yet during a urine test a couple months ago morphine showed up in my sample. I was wondering if it were possible that the morphine was stored in my fat cells and then released when I started losing weight. Even if that is the case, it seems like it would show up differently on the test wouldn't it??
If it was your urine that they tested and they used the correct test and their was no human error the morphine should have shown in your urine drug screen. I too have done extensive research on the reasons for false negative and positive drug screens over the past 18 months as we have so man questions on this issue. There is much information available on www and some of it is conflicting and difficult to understand. The one fact that is undeniable is called the chain of custody.
Could a person's mood and judgement be transformed or impaired by all of this? 5. Do either Codeine or Morphine, or the combination of the two in conjunction with other medications, lack of sleep, etc. effect the mental capacity of a person?
Individual patients may have genetic variants of the enzymes, or may be taking inducer or inhibitor drugs, that strongly influence opioid metabolism and, hence, their detectable presence or absence in urine (or blood, or oral fluid if used) [see, Carlozzi et al. 2008; Smith 2009]. For example, the unexpected absence of one of the above opioid analgesics upon testing can be due to rapid metabolism in a patient rather than therapeutic noncompliance or drug diversion.
I had a false positve urine test saying i had a chemacal found in suboxone in it.i take percocets and morphine aling with kolonipin now they said i breached my contract which i didnt i dont know how i can correct this test.
My bladder problems started after I had a cage put in my lower back. I am now headed to my 3rd urologist. I have bladder pain and spasms to the point of curling up on the floor crying. I had a bladder suspension done abt. 8 or 9 years ago and the last Dr (urologist) did multiple test and said my urethra was closed off (or something to that effect) she even scheduled a surgery (which she later cancelled and wanted to send me to this 3rd urologist) thinking cutting the sling would help.
I should mention though that they did allow me to break up my urine test in 2 payments so I didn't have to pay the whole $100 up front. But then again if they are gonna kick me out iy wouldn't matter because after co-pay and stuff they would get thier $100 anyhow.
As my rather long post spells out my situation, 1st blood tested - NEGATIVE FOR ALL OPIATES, if it didn't happen to another patient I think I be trouble, the the urine test showed HYDROCODONE in my system - there's a letter that's NOT public knowledge that my friend sent me as a 'pre release: URGENT' showing just how the manufactoring process of OXYCODONE, this finding was sent to the AAMRO which I don't have access, but got a copy of the document which confirms WHY & how I tested positive f