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I just started Mobic (meloxicam) a few days ago and they say I should work fast. Im taking one 7.5 tab a day for Piriformis syndrome which is a disorder that occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed or otherwise irritated by the piriformis muscle. I really don't see any difference in my pain level at all, I had more help w ibphrofen, should I take that right now too? could I increase the dose till I talk to my doc on Monday or should I give it more time to work?
Oral prednisone helps to relieve the pain, but by the time I taper off the pain is back in full force and seems worse than before. I've tried ibuprofen, naproxen, indomethacin, mobic and celebrex. The celebrex seems to help some, but I still have severe intermittent pains accompanied by scalp sensitivity to the point that it interferes with lying my head on a pillow and washing my hair. Do you have any insight into what type of medicine to try next?
was put on cymbalta for a few months. went to an ortho doctor because of a nerve problem in my back, was put on prednisone and mobic. started having bad chest pains, lump in throat, acid reflux, stomach pains, left arm and jaw pain. stopped taking all meds and now i still have the same issues just not as bad. symptoms come and go throughout the day. doesnt matter if i rest or do work. most mornings i wake up and for the most part i feel fine.
I guess I would just like to know can there be a sweet/foul taste that alternates with this metallic taste. I take prednisone (5mgs), mobic, and lyrica and have for over two years. Could any of these be the cause? Does anyone know if this taste thing could just disappear just like it one day appeared. It's horrible. I eat to cover it up but nothing makes it go away. I brush constantly, some days I constantly keep hard candy in my mouth. Does anyone know if this will get worse?
I do have Undifferentiated Connective tissue disease and Raynauds and Livedo Reticularis, Hypoglycemia and Mitral vale prolapse. I am on Methyl/Prednisone 4mg, Mobic 7.5mg, Estradiol 1 mg, Vitamin D 1000 IU, B-12 Injections monthly. Recently I awoke at 1 a.m. with right eye pain and then a mild right sided headache which i have only had twice before and lasted 29 hours after which I had my first bout of Nystagmus where my eyes were going back and forth really fast.
I'm concerned that your doctor went ahead and put you on prednisone without finding out the cause. You should be seen by a rheumatologist to determine what kind of arthritis or auto-immune issue is causing this. You need to treat the disease, not just the symptoms.
I still have muscle twitching, but it isn't severe. I've also stopped taking prednisone because it made me confused and I'm still trying to take off the extra weight it causes. Best of luck with your issues and I sincerely hope that you find relief soon.
) Also, I have been on muscle relaxers (zanaflex and flexeril), anti-inflammitory drugs (anaprox and mobic, and pain meds (ultram and ultram ER), and plaquenil, all which have not helped at all; some have even made me feel worse (ie-plaquenil). I also take metformin ER for PCOS that has been diagnosed since I was 15 years old.
Methotrexate stopped the pain but I am sensitive to it, same with Plaquenil and lyrica. I am currently on methyl/Prednisone which I have been on since January 2010 and Mobic. They can't find the reason for my knees swelling which showed up overnight, they are constantly swollen now and worse in the mornings. The lymph glands were the same way, just showed up overnight and have stayed swollen. I have had the mylar rash and my cheeks are now stained from it.
Went to my regular doctor and he gave me mobic and prednisone. I felt back to normal on the prednisone. Once it was over, the pain and stiffness was back. Mobic by itself didn't help. Went back to Dr. and be prescribed diclofenac. He also did an RA test and an ANA. Both were negative. I know from previous genetic testing that I have the anticardiolipin antibody. Can you have Lupus with a negative ANA?
My current regimen is Humira 1wk., Leflunomide 1day and tapering off of Prednisone. But guess what?? I'm still in a lot of pain in my L/elbow and some pain in R/hand and wrist. I have come to doubt I actually have RA. Perhaps I have some weird unknow disease not known to the medical community. HELP!!!!!!!
I am on 40mg humira every other week. June 2007 - March 2008 I was on Enbrel and prednisone. I started on 10mg prednisone daily in June of 2007 and reduced it to 2 mg daily currently since December 2007. I am also very fatigued, have no libido, skin rashes here and there, my hands have "hot spots" of red and swollen flesh which moves around every few days. I also experience incontinence (I have never had children), slight depression and lethargy.
I'm currently on mobic, wellbutrin, trazadone, valium, and vicodin as needed. Lately I have been using more vicodin as that is the only drug that is working. I live with pain constantly all day. Can anyone suggest anything. I am seeing my doctor this week. Thank you.
I take plaquenil, mobic, nexium, muscle relaxers, amitrex,darvocet or vicodin, symbicort, spariva, 4 breathing treatments per day, prednisone, nasonex, B12 shots weekly, singulair, and ambien. I've been so depressed lately that there have been times when I have wished for death. I used to be outgoing now I just want to stay at home. I used to be playful, now if my husband barely touches me I bruise. I used to be so confident not my confidence level has turned to insecurity.
My primary dr then put me on biaxin prednisone and albuterol inhalor. I was on this medication for 2 weeks and was just not getting better. I ended up going to a pulmonologist which was a bad turn. The pulmonogist told me I had bronchial asthma and put me on a high level of symibicort inhalor 2 puff 2x a day 160. and 5 days of prednisone 40mg.
My current regimen is Humira 1wk., Leflunomide 1day and tapering off of Prednisone. But guess what?? I'm still in a lot of pain in my L/elbow and some pain in R/hand and wrist. I have come to doubt I actually have RA. Perhaps I have some weird unknow disease not known to the medical community. HELP!!!!!!!
like the muscles were too big for the skin like I couldn't relax the muscles feeling reminded me of a sausage (I can't exactly explain why though) achey/burning deep down It kept me awake for quite a while, as I tried to relax and get comfortable, tossing and turning. Is this a sensory pain? Is it muscular? Is it common? I guess I don't understand. Some days I can walk to town and back, with the kids (about20-30 minutes) and aside from some extra "shocks", there's no problem.
I've been on mtx for decades and it's been my mainstay. Both meds have been around for a long, long time and their efficacy and side effects are well known and documented. I also took placquenil a long time ago and it didn't do much for me, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you. One main thing to keep in mind is that no two RA patients are the same - some will have aggressive disease, some won't. Some will respond to a certain med, others to a different med or combination of meds.
This occurred while I had a sinus infection which was treated with levaquin and prednisone. The tendonitis was diagnosed by my PCP, who recommended reduced activity. After about 3 months of non-recovery, I saw an orthopedist who started me on physical therapy. The physical therapy was non-effective. Around this time I developed another sinus infection. It was initially thought to be pressure headaches, and a long 3 week taper of prednisone was prescribed.
My doctor put me on Neurontin, Baclofen, and Mobic. She later took me off the Mobic, and gave me Tramadol, and now Celebrex. I took myself off the Celebrex, it irritated my stomach. The Neurontin seems to be helping on most days, my legs have stopped hurting at night when I lay down. Now after I've been on my feet a few hours at work, they begin to hurt so bad, I can hardly walk. Nothing seems to help this pain.
I have been diagnosed well over a year with RA and I have thses symptoms, don't get urinary leakage though but do sometimes have urine infections. I would deffinately go and see your Genral Practitioner and request a blood test and a bone density scan. Hope all is alright and best wishes.
30 am until 5pm. Then I take some tylenol to try and keep me relaxed so I can sleep. I have gotten inserts for my shoes made, I have had 2 x-rays and the only thing they found there was T11 and T12 were "slighty fusing". I'm not really sure what that means but no one mentioned it until recently and the x-ray was done in Feb so it can't be that bad right?
The pressure was and is rediculous. My doc put me on prednisone and mobic along with a MRI f/u. I got the call back from my internal doc that there were no new findings on the new MRI. (brain and Cspine) no snine or sitting MRI was ordered or thorasic.. not to mention alll of the other lovely symptoms that go along with Chiari and since my diagnosis I have also been dx with POTS and EDS during this last year. I know the decision is mine. I really don't want to have the surgery.
took me off Meloxicam and put me on a steroid (Prednisone). Its only been a couple of days but I already feel better and the night fevers and crazy night sweats are pretty much gone.
OK, I started to feel really, really good. I stated to go out and do many things. It felt wonderful. Then about a few days ago my left shoulder started to do what me right shoulder has been doing for over 3 years. BUT now I am rocking back and fourth here crying in so so so so much pain from my hands down to my toes. It is so painful and it is all over in my body. Does this sound like some arthritis going on all over or What??
Stumbling (havent' fallen) I get vertigo (not to often) but when I get it I get it bad to the point I can't get up from sitting and it can last all day. Umm, oh yes, swollen hands/feet, red and warm to touch. Went to the PCP and he ran blood work and my Sed rate was at that point up to 50+ and Vit D was lvl 6. Other then that everything else was good. So he did give me prednisone which did help but I only had enough for a week and was back to all this again.
I am living on Prednisone treatments and Lortabs, along with the anti-depressants and medication for sleeping. Home life - Not worth a **** as usual life is being a b.....! lol I no longer can do any of the things I love to do. I don't even want to go anywhere anymore. I would rather stay home that go somewhere for two hours and have to deal with the exhaustion and pain upon returning home. That's depressing!!! Right?
I'm also on Xanax 1mg 4x day and 2 mg of Klonopin at night. I take Percocet as needed. I am also on Vyybrid, atenolol, Chantix, prednisone, and take Vitamins. Methadone can be dangerous. I have been on kadian, MS Contin, OxyContin, and fentanyl patches, Roxicodone, Norco, Fioricet w/ Codeine, etc. just communicate with your doctor. I can function, work, drive, etc.
My Primary Care doctor had placed me on a round of Prednisone to try and reduce some of the inflammation, Mobic for the spasms and another long term anti-inflammatory. It felt like the Prednisone worked for about a week then the pain came back full force. I'm so tired of the pain, I just want it to go away... I hurt in the middle of the night when i try to sleep. I can't lay on on stomach cause I cant turn my head.
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