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The cramping during my miscarriage was worse than period cramping and more in my back. I just knew it was a miscarriage because of the intensity. Cramping is also normal in early pregnancy, but not of that intensity. At least not in my experience.
I have been having some cramping. I had a miscarriage in may. So I'm extremely cautious right now. I'm 5weeks 6 days. I go to the doctor tomorrow. No bleeding. just the cramps. And looots of gas. Just don't want to lose my 2nd child.
Unfortunately I can't tell you if you are going to miscarry again. While cramping is one sign of a miscarriage, it does not always indicate miscarriage. If you experience cramping along with spotting or bleeding, fever, chills, change in vaginal discharge, nausea and vomiting, feeling faint, or discomfort while urinating you should call your doctor.
But it's nothing too painful. Is this normal? I am 6 weeks today. I had a miscarriage before, so I'm trying to be extra cautious.
So I am 6 weeks pg and my first Dr appt is this Thurs but I'm concerned over the cramping I get. It's been going on about a week and it's not severe and there'sno bleeding but I'I worried because I had a miscarriage 2 years ago. My blood is 0 new and I asked the nurse if I needed a rho gam shot when I made my appt but she said no. Just wondering what everyone thinks thanks!!
I am currently 5 weeks 2 days with my first child and I had a miscarriage a few months ago so I'm extremely paranoid, for the past few weeks I have had light cramping a few times a day which I read was normal but on Friday night and Sunday night I had very severe cramping but no blood is this ok?
Its normal to have cramping at this stage as everything is growing and stretching.
Hi, I just found out im pregnant and 4 weeks along. I am feeling a bit of cramping. Should I be worried?
I just had a threatened miscarriage and I'm cramping.
Some are mild and bairly noticable but others are horrible and I cant stand up straight. This is my first pregnancy since my miscarriage and Im starting to get worried. I have a doctors appointment but its not for two weeks. Idk if I should go to the er or just wait until my appointment. Anyone have a suggestion?
I took at Pregnancy test and it was positive... for two days I've been cramping like mad and I just want to know if that was a bad sign....
Cramping is usually normal early on but if it is a miscarriage there is nothing the doctor can do about it since you're so early. I had a miscarriage after my water broke at 19 weeks and the doctor said there.
I don't have an answer to your question, but I was curious how long it took you to get a positive HPT. I am 10 days late but no AF and a gazillion neg HPT's. Just holding out faint hope.
Lol yeah pooping has not changed fore at all, so no problem there. I had cramping and spotting last week so they done an ultrasound to rule out ectopic, everything looked good. Ugh why cant crap just be normal for us pregger chicks.
I am 22 weeks this is my first child and i was worried about the cramping too i thought i was afraid i was going to have a miscarriage but my Dr said it was round ligament pain and it was normal and as the baby shifts higher you still continue to feel pains because i still do..
Some mild cramping might be normal, but if it is painful and doesn't go away, I would call the dr. BTW, are you an OU alumni? I ask because of your user ID? If so, I also went to OU. There aren't many okies on this forum. Take care and good luck.
its normal to have cramping through out the pregnancy only if you dont see no blood. your cramping because the legiments have never been stretched before since this is your fist pregnancy. a warm bath can help with the cramping too. if it gets too painful you can take Tylenol only because all the other meds acts like a blood thinner to the baby so tylenol is the only safest med you can take thats and regular strength up to 2 tablets every 6 hours.
/ t have a miscarriage or is it just implantation bleeding. I didn't have this pain with my first and it's bothers me something is wrong. My on office is closed on Fridays so I can't call for an appointment until Monday...
/ t have a miscarriage or is it just implantation bleeding. I didn't have this pain with my first and it's bothers me something is wrong. My on office is closed on Fridays so I can't call for an appointment until Monday...
I read that as long as there is no bleeding abd the pain is not unbearable then everything should be good :) congratulations!
My first ended at 10wks in november due to miscarriage. I haven't missed my period yet, but because I'm having the same cramping, pain in my left hip area and we are trying, I believe I am pregnant, without a doubt actually. But this cramping is bothering me. Has anyone else dealt with this? Last time the doctor told me I was constipated, and I'm not, and I wasn't last time either. Any words of experience or advice would be great.
This is my first pregnancy and I'm worried I'm just over 4 weeks along and I've been getting cramps on my right side they're not really like menstraul cramps more like ovulating and I can't get into my local health dept for another week. Should I be really concerned?
Hi I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and have been having slight, well a bit more than slight cramping every now and then, I havn't had any bleeding or anything and I still have some pregnancy symptoms, is it normal to have cramping this often. And Lately I have also lost some weight, I think about 5kg. I have had some m/s and have vommitted probably once a week.
I have had 1 abortion, a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy (in 1999) which resulted in surgery. No pregnancies since then. I took a pregnancy test yesterday that was negative but I don't think it was right. I don't know if I'm panicing or what. Does anybody have a suggestion or comment to help?
Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone had cramping in the beginning of there pregnancy and how long it took to go away. I think some of it is due to gas also. That part sucks.lol.. I've had it since before I knew I was pregnant. Also yesturday and today a little bit of brown spotting only when I wiped though. Called Doc. He said it was normal. Just wondering if anyone else has or is expieriencing this.
Some cramping and spotting is normal call your doctor is you have bright red bleeding like a period.
3 weeks pregnant heavy bleeding for 2 days then nothing no cramping tho did i miscarry?
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