Miscarriage bleeding for two weeks

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Hi to answer your question yes it is possible to get pregnant a few weeks after a miscarriage. Did the doctors follow your hCG numbers down to 5? I also had a miscarriage on March 16th, the doctor followed my numbers down to 32 then a week and a half later I took 2 HPT and they were negative(meaning no longer pregnant). My hubby and I started TTC about April 1st we used OPK and BBT(also cervical position).
My question now is, how long will it be for me to start my period after I stop bleeding from the miscarriage. Also, will I ovulate in between the time I stop bleeding from the miscarriage and start my new period again? Thanks ladies. If you have had any experience with this, please comment!
When I had my miscarriage I only bled for 5 days. Also I was only four weeks pregnant. From what I was told it is normal to bleed off and on until your body gets back on track. I have friends that have bled for almost a month. However you could always go for a second opinion if you feel that this is just not right. Honestly I would be concerned too. Go to another doctor for your peace of mind!!
If two months ago I had a miscarriage and it lasted two and now I finally started my period and it has been going on for two weeks now and it is very light, is that normal or shoild I be concerned?
I was 13 weeks when I miscarried, I bled for about two weeks and then it took two months for my cycle to regulate itself. I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish you the strength and hope to get through this trying time.
I currently think that I am 61/2 weeks pregnant. I started bleeding 2 days ago and called the doctor. The bleeding started light and now it is more of a medium flow. I am on day two of bleeding. It is a bright red color and has very tiny clots once in a while. I am not having cramps just a little pressure once in a while. The doctor had me go for an HCG and I go back for one tomorrow. I also passed what looked to be a cyst. A small gumball size fluid filled sac.
Yea that is what I thought.. however I am NEVER, EVER late.. always exactly on time.. that is how I knew I was prego with my other kids.. it is midnight and I am still bleeding.. so I am assuming I miscarried.. however, you are right, maybe the cyst caused the false positive... I am going to call the hospital tomorrow and get my hcg results and see if it was positive... thanks for the input... I am sad.. but we'll try again!
For me i was cramping until the fetus was out and bleeding for a like a week....sorry for you lost...and bout work im not sure i went back after a week...but not aure on the one. My doc told me as soon i felt ok..which i did right away but not emotionally...
The doctor thought it was better then letting the mc pass on its own... because i was bleeding a lot.. I was about 4 weeks.. He did not give me antibiotics just pain killers for the cramps. What should i expect for recovery... I'm a lil nervous ..
5 weeks gestation,doc said body would get rid of it.this happened on the 2nd dec and went for followup two weeks later and had d and c on the 21st dec as i started to get an infection and remains were still there.havnt stopped bleeding since and now may have to have 2nd d and c is this common and could this affect fertility in the future this was my third pregnancy had two previous pregnancies with no problems?
Tht was last yr it two weeks of spotting n whn i was suppose to be 11weeks i started bleeding really heavy and started to pass tissues... It took me about 5 months to get pregnant again... But u cn start trying as soon as ur doctor tells u to... Usually thy tell u to w8 1 cycle b4 trying... Take care n keep us posted...
I had the last game of my soccer season and knowing that friends of mine have played soccer while pregnant I thought I'd be okay for this last game. I'll be 5 weeks tomorrow but today I had some brownish spotting after my game that stopped for two hours now I'm having period like bleeding. Am I miscarrying my baby?
I am four weeks pregnant and for the past few days I have had severe cramping.. I had light spotting the first two days it happened. There was spotting last night but no more since, just very bad cramping that keeps me awake and can't move. Any suggestions?
we had twins first and then a singleton. i am 6 weeks preg now and have been bleeding for 2 days. no cramping but more than spotting. am i having a miscarriage.
U will bleed for a few days In my personal experience I bled for 25 days or so stopped for two weeks and got my period after that.
Hey hunny. I've had two miscarriages and only bleed lightly but it was for 5 days. And when I sat on the loo I usually passed some clots. Thinking of you its a terrible feeling.
C was performed. Eventually I have my first period in a month and lasted for 7 days. In less than two weeks there's bleeding again. This time it didn't start off like a normal period but a little lighter. Is this normal? When I was pregnant, ultra sound didn't show there's any abnormality in the womb.
(while I'm still bleeding) IT CaME UP NEGATIVE!! So they told me to come back in two weeks. So on my way home I picked up a couple of pregancy test. I took one when I got home and both line showed up but one wasn't as bright as the other. So I thought I would take one the next mornin... I did and got the same results. My bleeding stopped the next day ending in a brownish color. So in all my period lasted about 3 days. Any thoughts??
Oh, and about the bleeding, it's different for eveyone and for every miscarriage. With my first one, I think I bled and/or spotted for 6 weeks, but with my 2nd and 3rd miscarriage, I bled for about a week.
If everything is normal right now there is a good chance that you could just be having implantation bleeding. I had two miscarriage scares due to the same thing. I was bleeding AND my hcg levels were dropping but my baby is 100% fine and healthy. Don't ever give up hope.
Is it too late to test to see if this is a miscarriage? Should I go to the doctor? Even though I'm bleeding? Why am I so distruaght, even though this possible pregancy wasn't planned?
I've had 7. The first one was at 6 weeks and the last one was at 14 weeks. I'm now 22 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my baby boy.
The third and forth day I was back to barely any blood, mostly just when I wiped. For the past two weeks I have been throwing up some, been an emotional wreck and having to urinate very frequently. Could this have been an early miscarriage even with a negative test? If not, what else coudl it have been?
darl i had a miscarriage in march this year and i bleed straight for 3 motnhs so everyones different darl hope all works out take care :)
I never had bleeding or cramping. It truly can take several weeks for a natural m/c to happen. If she is strong enough emotionally to hold on, then she could try it naturally. But I was such a mess and opted for a D&C, had the D&C at exactly 13 weeks and still was no sign of it happening on its own. I had no regrets about having the D&C, there's no way I was going to wait another 6 weeks or longer to wait and see.
Not only that, much to my husbands' dismay, I was put on pelvic rest for two weeks. We are kind of a twice a day couple, so needless to say the two week thing didn't work out for us. But, all was well. The D&C was done on May 16th and now it is Oct 30th and I am 6 weeks and 3 days into my next pregnancy. AT 40 I am high risk and know that I could go the same route as the last time.
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