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After one week of 200mg I started experiencing severe dizziness and nausea. I immediately stopped treatment and the dizziness subsided within 24 hours. However I have now begun to develop a very itchy rash in between my ring finger and middle finger and on my eye-lid. The rash looks like poison ivy which I used to get very frequently as a child. I noticed the rash two days after ending treatment. Does anyone know if minocycline is the cause of this rash and what does it mean in general terms?
I had itching the first go around and went to a dermatologist. She gave me some atterax and something else. This time I have had some itching also, The dr. called me in some atterax. Can't spell. lol but it does help.
I was taking zithromax and made it through 10 days before I started itching all over and started developing a rash. Due to past allergic reactions from other anitibiotics I didn't waste any time getting treatment. I stopped taking the med on Sunday and saw my Dr. yesterday who also agreed I needed to stop the zith and had me go to the ER. AT the ER they gave ma an injection of Decadron (a steriod) and want me to continue on steriods and Atarax.
I have been going through something very similar. I was prescribed Minocycline (a very evil drug) for my cystic acne back in November. Within just a couple days something terrible happened...and it happened so quick. Something just clicked...and then all of the sudden I started to have the most awful thoughts that I have ever had in my entire life. And these thoughts aren't thoughts that I've had before. It's not like I've had them before & the Minocycline is just making them worse...
I also had some nerve issue in my feet and itching. I stopped taking it and it's been 5 weeks and I still have these aggravated symptoms. Have you heard from these side effects lasting so long after stopping the medication?
The rashes rise slightly above skin and have lots of small bumps in it. The itching was intense and scratching will make them much worse. Claritin did not help, nor did any lotion or Aloe Vera. So I went to see to see an Urgent Care doctor, he said the reason probably would never be known but it seemed like some sort of allergy and a 5-day Medrol routine would fix it--It surely did.
Eating hot foods or entering a room temperature building after walking outside in the cold also triggers the persistent itching, without any visible signs of rash or changes to the skin. The itching is often followed by a quick chill and usually dissipates after I start to sweat. I have tried topical corticosteroid ointments in select areas of the body in which itching is more prominent but there has been no change. Daily moisturization of the entire body does not help much either.
My inner labia and clitoris have been itching and burning like mad for about a month now. I constantly have smegma buildup even though I wash it with warm water and a wash cloth (no soap)..it seems like the skin is shedding. Plus now I have small abrasions, so it hurts to wipe. I have a clear, sometimes white discharge as well, but I literally don't have a sense of smell, so I don't know if there's an odor. I am a virgin, so it can't be sex related.
I am itching too... and I'm not joking!!! It's just everywhere here and there and it really does drive you nuts... I don't have any idea why... I came here to see what was wrong with everyone else. Ok so you have absolutely no answers. Guess I'll go to the doctor... LOL I will say, it started out with my hands and feet. When I wake up it is a horrible warm "desperate" itch that has to be dealt with NOW! feeling... Understand what I mean by that? Even my lips..
I have one little brown spot on each side of my armpit area, and that's it. Oh, and I only took the minocycline for about 6 months. I know for some people, they have to take it continually in order to prevent reoccurance. I hope my post brings hope to some of you!
As soon as I finish the antibiotic less than a week later it's back!!! Im allergic to sulfur! Im currently taking minocycline and been on this for two weeks, bout a week before my face broke out in a rash and its on my upper and lower cheeks sometimes neck. Im demographic, don't understand that yet. My dermatologist said that the rash on my face was allergies?!?!?!? take a claritin or zyrtec. ive been taking claritin and it worked for the first three days and her i am...
The burning is definitely real and I am wondering if it is possibly what the original dermatologist diagnosed as perioral dermatitis?? -- or -- If some redness, burning, and itching at night around the mouth and cheek areas adjacent to the nose is a symptom in seborrheic dermatitis?? the lower part of my nose [near the tip] feels sort of rough too.
Psoriatic acne is a collection of small, painless, salmon-colored pimples that appear on the back and chest, then the legs and thighs, and sometimes on the face, ears, and scalp. Children often get psoriatic acne around the anus, causing intense itching. This form of acne usually occurs after an infection. The microorganism can be a fungus, such as yeast (Candida) or Malassezia (the fungus that causes seborrheic dermatitis) or a bacterium, especially Staphylococcus aureus.
The urethral pain reduced and urgency disappeared but glans pain and constant stinging/itching meatus remains. Afterwards I was referred to a urologist who did prostate massage, urethral swab and urine test. I am waiting for the results should be here in next two days. He said he would be testing for HPV as this could be a cause. I have been on many forums and have read that there is no HPV test for men. Here are my questions: 1. Can he test for HPV and could it be the cause? 2.
I cannot believe that so many of us are having the same issue with no results! I am 24 and have suffered from these vaginal tears and itching off and on for many years. I have found that it comes at the same general time in my menstrual cycle... and it is definately NOT HERPES! I have regular check ups and have never been diagnosed with herpes (even before I became sexually active!). I too think that it has something to do with the vaginal flora and the yeast levels.
When I began to notice itching of my labia, and a bit of swelling/slight redness around my labia and clitoris, I brushed it off as some chafing, because they are somewhat raw, though no bleeding has occurred. Then the buildup of white sebum under my clitoral hood and somewhat on my inner labia was commenced. Like you, I'd try to wipe it off with a damp cloth or wipe, and it came off, but only to return later in the day.
I also had some nerve issue in my feet and itching. I stopped taking it and it's been 5 weeks and I still have these aggravated symptoms. Have you heard from these side effects lasting so long after stopping the medication?
On wednesday morning I did take minocycline. The same day I reported to dr that I ma getting the itching and when I scratch it is turning into rash. But on wednesday night I did not get any itching or rash. Since wednesday night to until now I did not get any rash. I am wondering if the itch is because of the antibiotics.
I was taking Zithromax 250 for 10 days before I started with the itching and rash. I called the Dr. and was told to stop taking it and go to the ER. There they gave me a shot of Decadron which helped and I had to go back to see my Dr. the next day who put me on Prednisone once a day for 10 days. I took the 1st dose of Pred and within 6 hours I had terrible side affects from the Pred. which lasted about 2 hours.
Hi lisafc2000- Try looking at the website below and the explanation of vulvodynia below. I've brought this up with my specialst and she doesn't seem to think this is my problem because they're supposedly haven't beeen any reports of clitoral swelling and sensitivity. However, the majority of my swelling is now in my inner labia. I'm going to print some the stuff on the website and bring it to my specialst nenext time. DON'T BE AFRAID TO POINT OUT STUFF OR BE PERSISTANT WITH YOUR DOCTORS.
I have tried using an anti-bacterial cream and anti-fungal cream and while they provide temporary relief against itching,the skin gets very tight and discolored and the rash is still there.I previously had the same condition for three weeks some time back and was told it would just disappear on its own. What can I do as I am very uncomfortable?
It is Minocycline for mild acne. I've been on it for about a year but have just noticed these symptoms for the past 4 months or so...
Things were just starting to get a little better, when I started getting burning, itching, and swelling on the back of my hands, top of my feet, and some on my nose. My concern with this is that I also have Reynauds? syndrome, and these are the same areas that get effected. Now they told me to stop the Doxycycline, and switch to minocycline. Any progress that I had made, has stopped now, and it is just as bad, if not worse, than ever. What is happening with me, and what can I do.
I'm getting worried because I'm supposed to start my period this week, and haven't gotten it yet. I'm on minocycline and birth control. I don't know if the monistat gave me an infection. I keep reading that yellow discharge means infection. There is no smell though, no fishy smell or bad smell at all, and no fever, or stomach pain, or anything abnormal in that area. I was prescribed diflucan and took one of those, but still have this awful discharge.
I also suffer from urticaria allergy and use zillergy pills from time to time. And I'm taking Jasmine pills against pregnancy for few months. Also - I'm quite under a lot of stress lately. Any help or advice would be really appreceated.
A few days later, I noticed a slight burning sensation on the head of my penis during sex with her, and afterwards, noticed that the entire head, and the interior foreskin, was all bright red and covered in tiny red dots. There was no noticeable pain or itching from it, but it did seem much more sensitive than usual. By the second day, most of the redness had gone and I had some skin flakes forming. By the third day, it had cleared up a bit more.
Thanks Doc HHH. I also couldn't Google what "weak positive" meant. My Doc said it [he?] meant "traces." I think I had it (something, at least) because I definitely had symptoms. I felt pressure and throbbing pain in the abdomen/bladder. I also felt what I described as "muscle spasms" in my perineum. Itching of the tip of the penis. These would all come and go, and would occasionally be quite strong and sometimes last for hours. These symptoms are now gone.
I had a red spot pop up just under the corner of my mouth that were followed by some more. They have no texture; there is no burning or itching, and no dryness. After this, the area around my nose became quite dry and bumpy as well as the skin between my nose and mouth but I still didn't experience any sensations other than dryness. These dry areas weren't red, they were slightly pink but basically skin colored.
Can you please verify and give me any advice. The itching is getting very annoying and painful at times. I have attached a pic of my lower arm. Thanks. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/694/img4632o.
They range from little pimples to large ones and some are like blind pimples. They are very painful and they come and go. I found that it helps to use an oil free shampoo/conditioner or shampoo for oily hair, even tho I don't always have oily hair. I am getting really frustrated because no Dr. has been able to give me a good diagnoses or treatment. One Dr. said scalp acne which seems possible and he gave me an antibiotic for acne which actually worked great only my scalp got reallys dry.