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It's completely normal during pregnancy. I think the white milky discharge is the body's natural defence against infections, but i'm not 100% on that.
I'm 39 weeks 2 days from my due date and I'm have a milky white discharge anyone know what this might be?
I need ur opinion I notice for the past 2 days now I'm getting this sticky milky white discharge. Anybody Experience this? Is this a sign of labor? Pls help I'm so excited!!!
I thought alot of this was in my head. But now i have this milky white discharge i have never had before. Not even in my first pregnancy. I read online that it is a pregnancy symptom that occurs pretty early in pregnancy. Is this happening to anyone else?
Does anyone else have a white milky discharge? It is not my mucus plug. It looks kinda like lotion and is Odorless. Is it just an early sign of labor or maybe just normal discharge???
The only sign of pregnancy that means anything is the sign you get on the pregnancy test. A milky vaginal discharge can sometimes be normal, or sometimes be a sign of an infection. Only your doctor can tell.
I keep seeing posts about milky white discharge after missed period but did anyone notice it before they missed their period?
That could be a sign that ovulation is about to occur, a sign that ovulation has just occured, and that is also one of the very earliest and easily missed signs of early pregnancy. Good luck to you, wait until your period should be about to start or even better the day after it is due and take a test.
Milky white discharge is normal in pregnancy?? Are there days where there will be more than others??? And the feeling of being wet?? Normal too??
She did not mate during her heat cycle but is just now starting to produce a small amount of milky yellowish white discharge from her nipples and I was wondering what it could be caused by.
I am now almost one week into my missed period, it was meant to be due on the 16/04, i had sex with my bf on the 7/04 and have had pink brownish very light spotting which lasted a few days. The past 2 days i have been having white milky vaginal discharge, im so worried. I've taken 2 pg tests, one done on the 18/04 during the day and was negative and the second one done today 21/4 with first morning urine and came negative. Im really stressed out and worried, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY BODY??
i wouldn't worry it is completely normal to have an increase in discharge during pregnancy as long as it is either white or clear then i wouldn't worry any other color could be sign or infection.
normaly my period is 30-32 days now 37days gone but period not started i belive i am pregnant but suddenly i have little milky white discharge came it is symtom of what i dont know pls clear me
Normally around this time of my cycle I get a lot of clear sticky discharge but for the last couple of days I've been getting thick milky discharge. I didn't think it was normal to be having this discharge but I ignored it but then today when I got those cramps (which have passed now because I took some painkillers) I decided to research to see what they could be symptoms of, Google brought me to links about people being pregnant having the same symptoms and this has worried me.
On 2nd feb is my lst menstrual, i had sex with my husband but now i don't want to birth the child. After taking abortion pill doesn't bleeding instead headache and milky white discharge occur. So, what's the problem? When does i will start bleeding?
I have also been having a milky white discharge in my panties when I go to the restroom. Is this a sign if pregnancy or just me being sick. I don't want to get my hopes up so I thought I would ask for other peoples input.Thanks so much!
I stopped my period 2 wks ago. then I went to the bathroom 2 days ago n had a milky white discharge. Now i went to the bathroom and after i wiped there was a pinkish color on the toilet paper. What could be wrong with me? I do want to have another baby and me and my fiance have talked about getting the envitro done once we save up the money. Can someone please help me?
It's not unusual for me to be late, so I wasn't particularly concerned about it. However I've noticed a milky white discharge, the past 3 days and still no period. This i have never noticed before with late periods. Its so strange because i feel like i AM on my period, but there's no blood. Just this milky white discharge. Along with the usual cramps, and some backache. I'm considering waiting untill the end of the week, and then purchasing a pregnancy test.
White discharge is a sign of pregnancy. Before I found out I was pregnant I had white discharge, sore boobs, & I was spotting. Try taking a home pregnancy test.
I am now two weeks late and having white discharge. I've taken a pregnancy test and it came back negative? Am I taking it too soon, and could I still be pregnant?
So I know that discharge during pregnancy is normal, but when should I worry? I haven't had much discharge in my pregnancy. When I have it has normally been clear and practically unnoticable. For the past few days though I've noticed that my discharge is now appearing on my underwear and it is thick and milky white. When I wipe I sometimes get globs. No signs of blood. I've also been having mroe touble getting comfortable since this began, and more frequent back and stomach pains.