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Avatar_f_tn But since you don't want to go to the doctor I am telling you that this bug can cause chronic sore throat and doesn't respond to the drugs that they usually give you for strep throat. So it is possible that you could have it. That is my professional opinion as a clinical microbiologist The only other thing is are your lymph nodes swollen? Could these be what you feel when you swallow? You may have had the original strep throat and then your lymph nodes swelled and that is hat you feel?
Avatar_n_tn I had a course of antibiotics and it tested negative two weeks later on a swab test. Group B Strep is not an issue for woman, it is only an issue for a baby that is to pass throught the birth canal because of possible infection passing to eyes and respiratory system.
Avatar_n_tn Every article on the internet has to do with Strep B in prenatal women (when it is very dangerous for the baby) and nothing about Strep B for regular women in their 40's like me :) Thanks, I'd love to hear from anyone who has ever been treated for this disease or any doctors out there.
Avatar_m_tn While I'm thinking about it, I'm surprised the gave you Augmentin for a UTI. If the throat isn't strep--- not sure why they'd give that to you then either. Augmentin is a drug of choice for strep throat but NOT UTI's. Double check with your doctor on that. And your doc can give you the yeast medication to take during the treatment for the other things. BV and what causes UTI's are different. Pathogens are responsible and they typically are different. Same with throat.
Avatar_f_tn His throat was still hurting and he said he could see pus, so I told him he should get tested for strep. He did, but, the results were worse than strep - his throat is infected with MRSA. He's had other symptoms as well; pain in one lung, and in his chest, shortness of breath, and headaches. For a while he was having pain in his stomach and vomiting. He'd had a chest x-ray a couple weeks ago for his lung, the doctor thought it looked ok. The doctor he just went to was an endocrinologist.
Avatar_f_tn Two days later I started having really foul and heavy amounts of vaginal discharge. So I went to my doctor to be tested for STDs. She prescribed me 500 mg of Metronidazole to take twice daily for 7 days. She told me it was for Bacterial Vaginosis. The discharge disappeared and after a week of getting no call from my doctor about results of std testing, I called. The doctor never called me back. So a couple more weeks have past, I'm feeling fine, everything is okay I assumed.
Avatar_f_tn I had allergic reaction few days back to metronidazole for a womans prob, my throat swelt up, so have no treatment for that now and on another antibiotic pencillin one for my throat.
Avatar_m_tn My tonsils were covered with white patches so I went to the Dr. and he did a throat culture which grew out Strep C. I was placed on Amoxicillin 500mg and Prednisone for inflammation. Two days later my sore throat and fever had subsided but I continued to have the white patches on my throat for another 10 days or so as well as the back of the throat being somewhat red. By this time the guilt had taken full control over me and I could not eat, drink, sleep, etc.
Avatar_f_tn Hi everyone, I am so desperate for answers as I have been sick for 3 YEARS and am not getting any better! I can't stand living like this :( PLEASE HELP!!! About Me: -Female -27 years old -Caucasian -Never smoked, 1 drink of wine every 3 months? No drugs -Normal Weight -No major health issues before a trip to Thailand (except i had lots of minor colds/strep/dental surgeries etc. when i was a kid so lots of antibiotics; still felt very healthy 99.
Avatar_n_tn I am taking Metronidazole for BV and Penicillan for strep throat but my partner and I have been trying to have sex and I have no sex drive is that affecting it?
Avatar_f_tn Due to me rubbing and scratching I noticed two long paper cut like sores near the hood of my clitoris, once I put some cream on them they went away after two days. After I was done with the penicillin my strep throat was cured, I took the meds for my yeast infection which was nine days after I was diagnosed with it, about a week later I was diagnosed with bv by a dr. After have discharge and a fishy odor down there, I was also test for some stds but not herpes.
Avatar_m_tn typically it causes strep throat but it can cause skin infections. I assume they gave you antibiotics for it?
Avatar_f_tn at this point you both should seek out type specific herpes igg blood tests to see who has what for starters and go from there. oral herpes will not be confused with strep throat. your issues don't sound like herpes going on though if you have oral herpes, it could trigger shedding for you to transmit to your partner through oral sex. both of you getting blood tests is a good place to start.
Avatar_f_tn I am on Doxy for the PID. i'm on day 5 of the pills i had Strep throat went to the doctor, was given a prescristion, then i recieved a yeast Infection went back to the doctor as i can't use over the counter med, it makes it worst so still feeling horrible and not feeling like it was a yeast infection anymore. the discharge was different and pain in my lower stomach. it was extremely itchy and painful. and my virgina was very very RED.
Avatar_f_tn My yeast infections are recurrent, have been for years now, ACV is the only thing that works instantly, the antibiotics I took were for a bad throat infection (unlucky for me I think it might be back), I tried diflucan and monistat for the yeast it never works and it started getting expensive after a bit.
Avatar_m_tn I can only assume that this is strictly orally transmitted. I've been tested for and all negative all STDs Staph/strep Yeast Bacteria in urine Scrotal ultrasound prostate exam Kidney CT treated for fungal/yeast. Creams have made it worse.
Avatar_n_tn It has also been associated with B 12 deficiency, zinc deficiency, Bell's palsy, Strep throat, chronic kidney disease, and Sjogren's disease along with anything that causes dry mouth.
Avatar_n_tn I should have had my gyno do a throat culture for strep but she didn't and I was already on antibiotics when all this started anyway (Doxicycline). So.....should I wait for my herpes results or see someone now about this sore throat? Is it dangerous to wait a month before seeing someone about a sore throat?
Avatar_n_tn My boyfriend did oral sex on me and then we came to find out that he had strep throat. Now a few days later I found a bump on my vaginal lips (that hurts) which then proceeded to burst before I could show the doctor the next day and a swollen vagina. The doctor did a pelvic exam and took some samples and sent them to the lab. Over the weekend two more appeared that hurt as well in different areas down there.
Avatar_n_tn It is related to but different than group A strep, the cause of strep throat, skin infections, and some pretty nasty other things. The main problem with GBS is transmission to babies during delivery; it can cause horrible infections in newborns, sometimes fatal. However, in adult women it usually is just colonizing the vagina, without ill effect. It is likely that your symptoms are due to something else, but GBS was picked up by coincidence.
Avatar_m_tn As this was ongoing I developed my first ever vaginal yeast infection, followed closely by bacterial vaginosis. I then developed strep throat, muscle aches and a fever. I am 20-years old however I find myself incapable of briskly walking up a flight of stairs and am constantly experiencing dyspnea and lightheadnesses following even the slightest physical exertion (such as towel drying my hair). A little over a week ago I attended a house party at a friend's place.
Avatar_f_tn difficile (October 2009), took 2 rounds of flagyl (metronidazole) to cure c. difficile. Ever since that, weird medical stuff that has the docs stumped has been happening: I was ok while on flagyl but as soon as I finished the first course I got a really dry mouth. I still needed a second course for c.
1024580_tn?1331577721 An open wound is a cut which is freshly made and freshly actively bleeding. This does not mean an old healed paper cut for example. It does have to be 1) fresh and 2) open and bleeding. Even in this scenario, there is no evidence that it poses a risk with no reported cases worldwide. The vastly most common routes for transfer of HIV are by unprotected vaginal or anal sex and then by sharing needles for injecting drugs and mother to child transmission during birth or breast feeding.
Avatar_n_tn To go along with this, I had recently had a horrible bout of strep throat that was resistant to antibiotics, within 6 months I was on almost 6 different kinds....because of this fact I figured I had a yeast infection, although it didn't exactly seem like one. I took an over the counter monistat treatment, but symptoms continued. I moved away and had to find a different doctor through my insurance. He has been so irritating to deal with.
4865450_tn?1361298133 The ASo is a test for strep throat and it was negative although it is sort of not so specific as a throat culture is. The C reactive protein looks for inflammation of any kind and it was negative. So, that is good too. It is kind of a non specific test too because it is any inflammation in the body. It does sound like your iron may be low and that may be why your hemoglobin is off. I didn't see your TSH results for your thyroid only the T3 and T4 which were normal. The TSH is more important.
Avatar_m_tn hospitals, there could be 7,000 infections with C. difficile and up to 300 deaths. The most commonly used antibiotic for C. difficile is metronidazole, and some more severe forms are treated with vancomycin, traditionally seen as the antibiotic of last resort. Like other bacteria, C. difficile can develop resistance to vancomycin, giving it multi-drug-resistant traits that make treatment extremely difficult or impossible. Dr.
Avatar_m_tn Same symptoms immediately - itching, burning, discharge, urinary tract infection, burning eyes, sore throat, fatigue - went for battery of tests, all neg. Finally found a doc to test for Urea - sure enough, positive. Day 10 of Doxy and feeling better. DO NOT have unprotected oral sex - I am convinced it is transferred that way too.
Avatar_n_tn I took my 6 year old son to the hospital for strep throat they gave him Cephalexin 2 doses for 10 days and the day after he was done with the medication he developed a rash small red bumps on his arms and thighs then the next day it was worse and now day 3 with rash and getting worse the dr told me to just give him Benadryl, but no avail he keeps wanting to hide his arms and stuff so no one will see. I will never again allow him to take that medication again.
Avatar_m_tn I also wake with watery eyes, sinus congestion, white stuff on corners of mouth every day since exposure. I have taken multiple STD panels for every STD HIV, syphilis, goon, chylmedia, hep, and herpes at 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 3 months all neg. I even followed up with an HIV and syphilis at 4.5 months and was neg. I did receive treatment for the possible bacterial infections STD given z pack, doxy, ofoflax, uribel and something for trich. My neuro said it's probably a unknown virus.
Avatar_f_tn My doc used not herbs, but Flagyl (generic: metronidazole) for that purpose -- he's not much of an herbal kind of guy. Flagyl worked well for me, paired with the antibiotic that does the actual killing of the Lyme bacteria after Flagyl kicks down the door. I think there are other meds that work the same way.