Metrogyl in pregnancy

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On day 15, 18 injection fertigyn 2000 on day 19, 5DPO @ 11am, my progesterone level was at 130.9; M.D suggested <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>metrogyl</span> 200mg for 3 days thrice in a day. Now I have to wait another week to take a pregnancy test. Does anyone have any suggestions/comments to my case? Am I pregnant??? Have no early symtems of pregnency.
Subchorionic Haemorrhage seen in the upper part of uterine cavity Tests: Platelet count, Lupus Anti Coagulent Test, Anti Cardiolipin IGA/IGM/IGG, Blood Urea, Urine routine/culture. Report : All Normal * Dec 27 little irritation in the urinary area. Urine culture Report : No growth Drugs: Proliser syrup * Jan 6 bleeding leading to miscarriage. Ultrasound found that after the first scan there was no growth of the foetus. DNC performed.
My eldest sis has a 5 yr old son...she was in UK during her early <span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>pregnancy</span> and duing that time she was diagonised with Pulmonary TB..other than that no history of TB in the father had dry cough for a long time before spinal TB was tht has stopped...
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