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Hello, My doctor as put me on 25 mg metoprolol extened release daily for palpitations. I am reading on the web about weight gain and hair loss. Does hanyone has any experience with this medicine--good or bad? I am 38 years old otherwise healthy, active person and I eat right but am little nervous about starting the medicine as i have heard once you go on it, you have to take it forever. Someone please advise---share your experience with the medicine. Thank you.
Extreme tiredness Inability to tolerate heat Excessive sweating Weight loss, with a normal or increased appetite Nervousness and irritability Inability to sleep Shakiness and muscle weakness, often with trembling in the hands Diarrhea Menstrual problems in women, especially lighter periods or absence of periods"
Do i need to have my doctor re-adjust my Metoprolol because of weight loss (55 pounds)I started at 326 pounds. I do have panic attacks (but have not had one for 3 months.Now i also take paroxetine 20mg 1xday and metoprolol 50mg 2xday for it. I also take Diovan 300mg 1xday for high blood pressure.My resting heart rate at this time is 59, before weight loss it was 75 to 85. and 95 to 105 walking before weight loss.Thank You.
Hello, My doctor as put me on 25 mg metoprolol extened release daily for palpitations. I am reading on the web about weight gain and hair loss. Does hanyone has any experience with this medicine--good or bad? I am 38 years old otherwise healthy, active person and I eat right but am little nervous about starting the medicine as i have heard once you go on it, you have to take it forever. Someone please advise---share your experience with the medicine. Thank you.
Oh, one of the things I read was that it is impossible to lose weight while on metoprolol because it slows the heart and you are unable to burn fat - even with tons of working out. This stinks, because as soon as the monitor comes off, I was planning to start working out again to lose some of this excess weight. ...I went to the ER with a heart rate of 200+ and my BP was still perfect. I was told that this is kind of phenomenal, that my heart muscle is obviously very strong.
I just discovered this after 3 months of total misery, 7 different doctors, multiple tests, 1 hospitalization, 16 pound weight loss, almost lost my job, etc., etc., etc.. I want to know if this will have permanent effects on my body and heart and will I ever be the same again. I still don't feel 100% and have been back on the brand TOPROL XL for 9 days now.
You must consider that the effect seen for a given weight of Metoprolol Tartrate cannot be compared to the same weight of Atenolol. In other words, I don't think you can freely exchange drugs and use the same weight. So if you were formerly on 25mg of Metoprolol 2X/day (which I know from experience is a fairly low dose), 25mg of Atenolol 2X/day may be huge in comparison.
he said to lose weight. started off taking metoprolol er, once a day, then found out that twice a day was on 4 dollar plan at kroger. started prescription on 8/5/08 two weeks later was in the er for kidney stones, and then I developed weird symptoms. ear ringing, muscle weakness, restless leg syndrome, muscle shakes, insomina, and yellow stool, frequent urination. some symptoms started right after kidney stones. some two weeks ago, mainly yellow stool, and diarrhea.
Weight at time of surgery 125, 3 months following surgery 140. This 15 pounds of weight gain is not accounted for by dietary indulgence. Current weight is 130. The trip down to 130 from the 140 was long and my body burned muscle not fat. I went from Osteopenia to Osteoporosis with calcium supplements. Very little if any fat on the hips responded to my efforts. Triglycerides are routinely checked and there have been caution flags raised over the 5 years once or twice.
Your post is the first I've seen that connected an increase in heart arrhythmia problems with weight loss. I'd guess just the opposite if there is any connection to weight.... i.e., over weight isn't good for the heart or much else. I am not familiar with atenolol, is it a beta blocker and/or anti-arrhythmia drug? In either of these cases I do not understand why one can not exercise. I have exercised at a high level, for my age, while taking both Propafenone and Metoprolol.
It seems since my meds were changed from metoprolo to nifedical xl and Carvedilol i can not sleep and have lost weight due loss of appetite. Could this be from the two new blood pressure pills they put me on and could I asked to be put back on Metoprolo Do you think my pressure had gone up was due to the blasting of the stone and passing it. Please help i do not want to relie on xanax to sleep. I need to get to the root of my problem and sleep and eat again.
I am taking Metoprolol Tart 25 mg and I want to know if jogging to aid metabolism for weight loss is safe. I seem to tire easily and breathing is harder than it should be when working out.
, persistent dizziness, fainting, unusual fatigue), bluish discoloration of the fingers and toes, numbness/tingling/swelling of the hands or feet, decreased sexual ability, reversible hair loss, mental or mood changes, trouble breathing, cough, unexplained or sudden weight gain, increased thirst, increased urination. Reference: Link: Discuss these symptoms with your father's doctor. It is also recommended to dress warmly and avoid tobacco use.
I have a lot of hair loss that just started gained some weight and now have yellow stools, this is kind of scary? does anyone have any suggestions? This doctor acted like it was no big deal.. Do I head for UCLA, should I get a pacemaker? I would really like to live! Can you HELP?
Just tell your doctor you can't lose any weight or you're gaining weight. Maybe he can help with the weight loss.
Some of the older beta blockers like Atenolol and Metoprolol have been assocated with weight gain. Topamax is anticonvulsant drug but also a widely used migraine preventive medication. It does take some time to show its effect. Topamax causes weight loss. Other options include Methysergide and Depakote. Please remember no medication is without side effects but the extent and nature of side effects vary from person to person. Please discuss these options with your doctor and keep us posted!
// "Gastrointestinal Diarrhea has occurred in about 5 of 100 patients. Nausea, dry mouth, gastric pain, constipation, flatulence, and heartburn have been reported in about 1 of 100 patients. Vomiting was a common occurrence. Postmarketing experience reveals very rare reports of hepatitis, jaundice and non-specific hepatic dysfunction.
The only time I had chest pains or pressure was during the stress test. I am very active, currently working on weight loss having lost 16 lbs in four months. My current weight is 224, I am 5'4" tall and am very active. The only difficulty I experience is if I climb stairs, my breathing becomes labored. Is it my pulse they are trying to lower? Is my BP high? Everything I read says no. I do get "white coat" BP, but I am not sure the heart DR heard.
I don't understand why since I have stopped the drastic loss of weight. If I am basically maintaining my weight on this low dose of methimazole what benefit would there be from RAI. I would have to be on a different med for the rest of my life anyway. (I am 57 yr old female 5'1" and staying around 150 pounds on the methimazole) What do you guys suggest?
response on the other similar post.
Is there any surgery or any procedure to reduce the size of Lv size.Is it a reason for getting week n weight loss.
My Dr is switching me from toprol XL to Cardizem, which is great because i have hair loss, weight gain, my joints hurt all the time like i have rhumetoid arthritis. i evem went to the specialist. she was not helpful. had know idea why i was hurting. my question is why is he taking me off toprol without a withdrawl period. i start cardizem tonight. I'm a little affraid something bad will happen after reading not to stop it suddenly. Has anyone else done this?
I would focus on risk factor modification -- healthy diet, aerobic exercise, weight loss, stop smoking, minimize alcohol intake, etc.
Your blood pressure is ok. It should get better with exercise and weight loss. You have a good attitude and are on the right path.
Topomax has a set side effect profile and it does work for some people with weight loss with gastritis being the main concern as per side effects. Provigil can be helpful for some people but it can occasionally cause mania and be overly activating.
Electrocardiologist recommended metopolol 100mg 2x per day (and weight loss) which I took for about 2 months and began an exercise program 5x per week as well as significantly cutting caloric intake. Had some undesirable side effects with meds so dr. reduced metoprolol to 25 mg 2x per day and added Verapamil 120mg. Been on this for about a week now. Heartrate hangs out around 50 bpm and BP is 100/60. Exercising HR not never gets over 110 even running on a treadmill.
hypo is under active thyroid and hyper is over active. Hyper usually causes weight loss and hypo weight gain. Did they put you on meds for your bp and your thyroid? congrats on your clean time. You are doing awesome. At 45 it isn't uncommon to have higher bp or thyroid issues. Thyroid problems many times are hereditary.
Hi, i was diagnosed with Atrial Fib in 1993 and originally was treated with Norpace, Lanoxin, and coumadin, the a - fib has continued on and off for the 6 years that i have been medicated for the problem, three years ago i was changed from Norpace to Tambocor ( Flecainide ) and Metoprolol. I am still experiencing periods of A fib and skipped beats, premature beats and dizziness, loss of breathe and fatigue. I am a 35 year old male, not over weight, and in fair shape.
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