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443862_tn?1238003039 What is Metrapolol? When I Google search it, everything is in spanish or japanese. Do you mean metoprolol? That's a Beta Blocker to control heart rate. When do you see the doc again? Are you going to be given something for the hyperthyroidism?
Avatar_m_tn Hi, I'm a 27 year old male, with no prior history of health problems. A few months ago, I began feeling "under the weather", and wound up in the ER twice in 3 days. I went to a few specialists, had a brain MRI, which were negative. More recently I saw a cardiologist who ordered a stress test, holter, echo, and finally cardiac MRI. The stress test, holter, and EKG seemed fine. However, the echo showed a low ejection fraction, confirmed by the MRI.