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Avatar n tn I also take lithium, trazodone and neurontin and a rare xanax. I experienced these symptoms when I first started taking it and my neurologist said he didn't think they were because of the metoprolol but to start taking it at night instead, which I did for a while and the symptoms went away. I had a 10-day migraine spree recently and he was on some bike trip from which nobody knew when he would return and not knowing what to do, I finally thought of taking the med in the morning again.
Avatar f tn My primary care wants me to begin an SSRI- but very worried because I have sinus tachycardia (cause unknown) and am on a metoprolol er succinate 12.5 at night. I do not want to be on any medication but the xanax has helped me through the past 4 months of scary ER visits & high hr/undiagnosed illness. I feel that my body has become "addicted" to xanax-which was something that worried me would happen.
Avatar n tn I hated the Toprol XL due to the severe depression and nightmares. I switched to the generic form (metoprolol) which wasn't the extended release... more immediate effect and doesn't last as long in the system. This approach does not cause me nightmares or depression. I am 36 and mine started suddenly as well... very disconcerting. Good Luck! On a side note, we're neighbors!!! Hello from Carroll County MD!!!
Avatar f tn I'm 33 years old and prescibed Metoprolol for my heart palpitations, which happens everytime I eat food. After all cardiac tests came back normal, she mentioned that it may be stress related. I'm now being prescribed 20 mg Celexa for aniexty. I only take 6.25 mg of Metoprolol, cutting it into quarters, but are scared to take the two in combination. There are so many warnings about not mixing them. My heart rate has slowed down with the Celexa, but I still get the pounding sensation.
1744024 tn?1311262989 Yes-- they should be OK together. Metoprolol is not sedating, and Xanax does not have a great effect on lowering blood pressure.... and they are metabolized by different enzymes, so they don't affect the blood levels of each other. The only way they might interact that I can imagine is if a person is dizzy from low blood pressure from too much metoprolol, and also woozy from too much Xanax-- the effects might add together. But that is a bit of a stretch.
Avatar f tn I also take Levothyroxine, 75mcg every day and Xanax 0.5mg,2 to 3 times a day for panic and anxiety disorder. Could the sore nipples just be from weaning off Metoprolol since this hasn't bothered me before? A side note: I am not pregnant and do not get periods. Had a Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy about 5 years ago with several fibroid tumors removed.
Avatar f tn I also take metoprolol 25 mg, broken in half and taken 12 hours apart. I take these medications for persistent palpitations/bothersome tachycardia and anxiety/panic attacks. I have been on the metoprolol for about two weeks, and the xanax for about 4 weeks. Within the past few days, especially today, I noticed a feeling that everything seemed "slow", including my thinking, and it was hard for me to concentrate.
Avatar n tn I am a chronic patient of panic attacks, palpitation and anxiety and tried each of the above-mentioned medications, such as Librium, Valium, Ativan and Xanax. I found Ativan and Xanax more effetive and suitable. My physician has advised to add up Buspar, 5 MG combined with Xanax 0.5 MG Does somone at the Forum has some experioence and information about Buspar?
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Avatar m tn mri, bloodwork, stool test, ct, etc. only other medication I am now taking is xanax, and that's for anxiety related to what's going on. I thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn I also take lithium, trazodone and neurontin and a rare xanax. I experienced these symptoms when I first started taking it and my neurologist said he didn't think they were because of the metoprolol but to start taking it at night instead, which I did for a while and the symptoms went away. I had a 10-day migraine spree recently and he was on some bike trip from which nobody knew when he would return and not knowing what to do, I finally thought of taking the med in the morning again.
4960352 tn?1361593577 he didnt prescribe me anything,then last week i wore a 24hour moniter and said my heart beats to much,,and prescibed me Metoprolol..I knew my heart got worse of the year,i could feel it of course,so i wasnt that surprised..last thursday my heart had palpataions for10hours straight and my heart would stop beating for about 3-5 seconds,that really freaked me out..i use this app on my iPhone called heart rate and it works pretty good.
Avatar n tn It is true when taking your pulse when anxious it rises even more but mine was around 160-170. I took .5mg of xanax a tiny dose which did not help much- and it went on for about an hour which due to maybe the xanax and my efforts I had a small nap woke up 3 hours later to a lower heart rate. This then happend many more days with the rates rising 140-170 for 2-4 hours and always slowly coming back down.. My doctor put me on a beta blocker 12.
Avatar n tn I'm not taking xanax in addition to the flecainide and metoprolol. Any thoughts, suggestions, opinions....similar experiences????
Avatar f tn Hi i can only say i take metoprolol for possible mvp and and i beleve the med causes me to be very tense and at times jittery and the palpitations like you had so the meds are a possible reaction that you ,hope that helps.
Avatar m tn So, the doctor has prescribed Xanax (PRN) and Celexa. From reading around, MT and Celexa aren't a good combinaton, so I haven't taken it yet. I have been taking the Xanax though to curb the anxiety. They've ALL made me very sleepy and I have been doing pretty much nothing but eating and laying in bed. I hope things get better once my body adjusts to the meds.
Avatar n tn (I apparently have antibodies for both Hashimoto's and Graves and was initially mildly hypothyroid). My tachycardia and anxiety went away on the medication and I was feeling well. After about 4 weeks on the med, I developed generalized hives which required an antihistamine and prednisone to resolve. Currently I am not on any treatment for my Graves (it has been about two weeks) and my heart rate is beginning to increase (90's) and my anxiety is coming back.
Avatar f tn I had been smoking the synthetic marijuana regularly but all of a sudden one day I hit it once and my heart rate went to 220 bpm with significant increase in bp they say its just a panic attack but its been 5 months and I continue to have these episodes i'm being treated with Metoprolol 12.Mg bid and xanax 1 Mg bid. If I drink or smoke I tend to have bad episodes with pulse up to 160 and bp 160/100. I have had several EKG's and chest x rays and labs drawn with nothing found.
Avatar m tn He did go next day and after certain tests early determination shows tachycardia and suggest further testing with internist and cardiologist. Gave him medicine called metoprolol tartrate 25mg. Had some in IV at hospital and given a prescription. Will update in few days.
Avatar n tn Based on the information you have provided, I do not think your PVC's are long-standing and benign, although they do cause you significant distress and anxiety. They are unlikely to represent coronary blockages. My recommendations are: 1. Find a better way to treat your anxiety and panic attacks. Alpraozolam (Xanax) is a short acting benzo with potential for dependence and withdrawal, leaving the patient worse off when not taking xanax.
Avatar m tn Having a kidney stone may have contributed to your high blood pressure, but high blood pressure is a condition caused by multiple things and can be attributed to your diet and exercise level, other medical conditions or medications, and your overall health. Your doctor may have changed your medications due to the Metoprolol not being enough to control your increasing blood pressure.
Avatar n tn and the blood pressure with the added xanax and such ( I can take up to 4mg a day but I rarely go past 2.5mg) and only 2 mg so far today.. I have had readings of heart rate around 57 or slightly lower 54.. I am on Top. as 25mg in the morning with breakfast 1 hour after I take xanax.. I would really appreicate any help sorry for the spelling to. very drained. I took it at 7 am and at 7:27 pm my bp was 127/71 and pulse 59. And this is not the extended release..
1217309 tn?1267053777 Its frustating though as I can be sitting and reading and feel my heart skip, etc. I take xanax occasionally and that seems to help. I try to ignore it convincing myself there is nothing wrong. Good Luck and maybe your dr. will have the answers. Keep us posted.
1198633 tn?1341185988 As far as other medications I take they are Lexapro, Verapamil, HCTZ, Loratadine, Dexilant, and Xanax XR. I was taken off metoprolol when this started because there was a concern that I could have had a delayed adverse reaction to it and that has since been replaced by the HCTZ and then Verapamil was added to help with the bouts of tachycardia. Does this all sound like something that truly could be anxiety/stress related?
Avatar n tn I should also note I am on 12 mg of Metoprolol a day and 1 mg of xanax and 10mg of lexapro a day , all three treat my anxiety but the beta blocker also keeps my heart rate down as it has been known to Race into the 130's - 150's and take a few hours to come back down- Does that sound dangerous either?
1217309 tn?1267053777 My palpitations definitely get worse when I am extremely anxious or under a lot of stress and while I am not fond of meds either I do take xanax .5mg when my anxiety is at its worst and it definitely helps. My suggestion is to see your dr again and maybe seek therapy for the anxiety and when your anxiety is really bad, take the meds. I was given ativan during one of my trips to the ER for the "heart skips" as you call them and it helped tremendously.
Avatar n tn The procedure is relatively straight forward and usually takes 30 minutes to several hours depending on how hard the case is. Good luck and thanks for posting.
Avatar f tn Some days I think I will go crazy!! I take Betapace 160 mg twice a day and I take Xanax for my anxiety. I have tried a lot of medicines and the Betapace seems to be the best at controling my a-fib but my PVC's have a mind of their own. The last few months have been really bad. As I sit here now typing this my heart is doing it's "hiccup" almost constantly. Today has been a bad day. I try to ignore them but sometimes they get the best of me.
116881 tn?1189759423 I currently take Atenolol which I think is very similar to Metoprolol. I used to take Metoprolol and had A Fib through it. I keep telling myself its a 2.5 hour flight -- what are the odds you will get A Fib????