Metoprolol and prozac interactions

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i can tell you that i have many patients that safely take ilight>metoprololilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>prozacilight> (as well as other SSRi medications). i have not seen clinical interaction between these drugs. it is probably best to call your doctor to ask them if it is ok.
i'm taking the ilight>metoprololilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>Prozacilight> for PVC's ilight>andilight> occasional SVT that began after my first child was born. The vasovagal syncope diagnosis occured 10 years earlier when i was 17. At the time i was prescribed Norpace (dysopyramide) to keep my heart rate from dropping so low during an attack and that fairly well "cured" me.
Dilantin (phenytoin), ilight>Prozacilight> (fluoxetine) Moderate Drug interaction MONiTOR: Fluoxetine may increase serum hydantoin levels. The mechanism is unknown, but may be related to inhibition of hepatic CYP450 2C9 and 2C19 hydantoin metabolism. MANAGEMENT: Close observation for clinical and laboratory evidence of hydantoin toxicity is recommended if these drugs must be used together.
i've been on ilight>Prozacilight> off ilight>andilight> on. ilight>andilight> have had all the tests run many times. Anxiety is SO hard to deal with. Dizziness and lightheaded are annoying!
Others in this class carry a much lower incidence of psychic disturbance and few or no drug-drug ilight>interactionsilight> (Atenolol, ilight>metoprololilight>, Nadolol ilight>andilight> Timolol) are four examples. There are other benefits. For example, Nadolol may be dosed only once daily, where as Propranolol is short-acting and requires b.i.d. or t.i.d. dosing.
i've been on ilight>metoprololilight> 50 mg one in the AM ilight>andilight> one in the PM ilight>andilight> it makes me dizzy ilight>andilight> makes me feel like my heart is squeezing and doesn't do grunt to really control my PVC's. i have a close friend who is a psychologist, my age, who has the same thing. He was on metoprolol and complained to his doctor who forced the pharmacy to give him the real medication, Toprol. Toprol is the brand name. metoprolol is the generic.
Pantoprazole Omeprazole Diphenoxylate/ Atropine He was on most of these the whole time some were changed each month like ilight>prozacilight> ilight>andilight> the seroquel. i just feel like He did not die just because he was obese. He started to decline after being put on all these meds. i thought he was only on a few til they called me and said he died. then i found out he was on 17 perscriptions a month for the most part. i am appalled they would just say it was cause he was fat.
i don't mind if it takes longer to work, just if it works. i'm also on ilight>Prozacilight> ilight>andilight> Metropolol ilight>andilight> wonder how those interact. i know this question is asked a lot and i'm sorry to add one more but i'd like to know a little more of what i'm getting in to. Also, why is drinking Grapefruit juice not recommended when taking Xanax? Thanks!
i was treated with iV ilight>metoprololilight> for the high blood pressure ilight>andilight> heartrate ilight>andilight> given ativan to help keep me relaxed while we waited it out. i also had hyperreflexia as well. later that night it happened again not as severe and the ativan was repeated. By the next morning i was feeling better, however when i walked or do little activity my heartrate would increase to 120's. it remained like that for about a week. over the course of the next 3-4 weeks i still had that anxiousnedd in my chest.
it's gotten to the point where i do not expose my chest/neck ever - ilight>andilight> cover up whenever i can. i had read once that taking Niacinimide could help - ilight>andilight> i've been taking about 1000mg of it for a few months, but am not seeing much improvement. Anyone with any help or suggestions i would REALLY appreciate it.
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