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i took my usual dose at 115 mg but for some reason my stomach became sick soon after and i threw up about an hour after i took it. Did the ilight>methadoneilight> have enough time to get into my system or did i lose it when i threw up?.
im 28, i just had my third baby in February, my second on methadone, this is the second yime ive been on liquid methadone.
the reason they use Methadose (liquid methadone) is that it can be dispensed more quickly by a computer. the actual chemical is no different to methadone 'wafers'/'biscuits'. it's difficult to get a doctor to write for an addict in most states and the clinic has checks in place so that people don't abuse/sell/overuse the drug. Clinics also require counseling - group and individual.
i have a friend who has some ilight>methadoneilight> pills. He takes 80 mg of the ilight>liquidilight> ilight>methadoneilight>, what i can give him is tablets. Would it be the same as the liquid? And should he take the 80 mg all at one time like he does at the clinic. Really not sure what to do. Please give me respone asap i leave town Tues. evening. My son is meeting me on Friday.
How do i get off ilight>methadoneilight> after over 17 years ? i am in Ft Worth Texas and need help!
My son (30) has been doing crack cocaine for two years and decided to go straight in eraly march of this year. He is currently on a ilight>methadoneilight> (ilight>liquidilight>) program taking the ilight>liquidilight> juice once a day since early march completing standard urin tests twice a week. He has slowly reduced amout he has been taking - how long does one usually have to stay on methadone?? Fortinately his is able to work 40 hours a week and we play squash three times a week. He is doing well in my mind.
well hi its been 4 days no ilight>methadoneilight> wds were mild for me until i quit that's when your body says were the hell is the liquid, well i relapse to tyn 4s it help me deal with the wds only temp. tillthe methadone leaves, it should be any day i would think, i don't want to get hooked back up on opiates, man made or the real deal, but people go to subs. its a lot stronger and harder to get off then codine, i will make it got off the horrible methadone i surely can get off the tyn.
methadone should start to act within several hours depending on whether it was ilight>liquidilight> or pill don't need to build a tolerance for ilight>methadoneilight> for the analgesic qualities to kick in gear.....
i had to go on the ilight>methadoneilight>. Now its been 1 1/2 years and i am at 170 mgs i want off so bad more for my family. My husband has supported me always, but 320.00 a month is really starting to **** him off. He's so pissed it;s hard for him to be supportive. What would be the fastest way?
so your thinking of switching opiates to get off ilight>methadoneilight>?? for most people they where the reason you got on the done in the first place...?? i would have to agree with mr lucky that i dont think its a good idea addicts we have no self control over our intake of other narcotics and you would be putting your self at risk for a major relapse into the world of active narcotic addiction again... kinda scary if you ask me...
My issue is that i have found out through my experience in taking ilight>liquidilight> ilight>methadoneilight> that it helps my fibro pain for a long period of dose lasts 24hrs! Also helps with my periods which have also become intolerable. i cannot find a doctor who can prescribe the methadone for my fibro. Seems as though they don't or choose not to believe me. But it works and i don't have to take 5,6,7, pills a day or suffer major side effects like in the new drugs they have for fibro (Savella and Lyrica).
i am 26 years old. i have been taking ilight>methadoneilight> for over a year now. Between 10-15 mgs a day. 5 days ago my supplier ran out and i got stuck trying to come off of it ct well i did good for two days. After the second night. i couldn't sleep at all. This makes the third attempt of me trying to come off this. Every time its the same sleep... just is out of the question period. i found some methadone yesterday and took 5 mgs last night to help sleep. and of course it worked.
Why is 150 ilight>methadoneilight> ilight>liquidilight> not stopping my cravings and i take up to 300 on my take home day, what's going on with me?
the methadone thing, i've been on 70 mgs of ilight>methadoneilight> ilight>liquidilight> through a treatment maintenence program for well over 12 years straight now, and it still leaves my system within the week, and more accurately it should be fully gone within 5 days. no matter how long U take it.
been on ilight>methadoneilight> for 2 months at 17 mgs rt now i want off as soon as possible what is my best way to do this
Well as some of you know i tried to get off methadone by substituting with pain killers, big mistake considering that was the whole reason i started methadone, i was on a low dose of 6mg and taking pain killers for about 3 weeks, then i quit the methadone and very quickly started taking more and more pain killers until i was taking like 100-150mgs per day, well after about 8 days without methadone i ran out of pain killers and think i starting detoxing off both at the same time, the back pain wa
in the attempt to get her off of the Lortab, she started her ilight>methadoneilight>. 3 years later she is still taking, what seems to me a HiGH dose of ilight>methadoneilight>. (i think it's like 180 or 185mg)....She also has diabetes and unfortunately doesn't do much with her diet...her blood sugar usually stays at 250 or higher on a daily basis. On top of this she is also on many other drugs prescribed to her for the the other issues she has (digestion, diarrhea, neurothapy, and other complications).
Calmag - their vitamins are made in a way that they are perfect for someone who has been on ilight>methadoneilight>. ilight>methadoneilight> causes your gut to lose its proper function so there is no need to take a hard tablet for of vitamins, he will get virtually no benefit from it. He needs chewable, liquid, soft gels or injectable. We got some B12 injections that work great...from Please read over my journal entries...this stuff makes a huge difference.
has anyone even heard of taking 400ml of ilight>methadoneilight>. i have no idea how i got this high but my doctor just kept bumping me up, just cause i told him i couldnt sleep. i get up every hour. And wow i cant have a bm to save my life. i want off this devil drug. i wish i neva went. i was hooked on vics percs oxys morph and what ever opiates i could get my hands on.. does anyone know what i should do????
im on my 8th day with no ilight>methadoneilight> after about 3 years i was at 4mg and stoped there, my symptoms of withdrawls are : weak, my stomach hurts, im tired, headaches,stomach pain,not eating,nausea, not drinking enough because of stomach, vomiting, difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep,restlessness in my legs, lost of weight, is this part of the withdrawls ?
i had my 3 child when i was taking ilight>liquidilight> ilight>methadoneilight> and my child is great. He was born very healthy and did not with drawl at all. For a precaution they gave him the morphine for a day and a half. i also breast fed him and that helps the baby as well. as long as you are only taking the methadone and nothing else drug wise your baby will be fine.
Oh man, i am sorry. ilight>methadoneilight> is a wicked drug. Your wife is having sever w/ds from the ilight>methadoneilight>. i have in my journal an article written by a dr about methadone and withdrawal. i went off methadone cold turkey from 65 mg and it was my opinion there is little difference in w/d from 10mg to 65 mg in terms of w/d..others may disagree but i don't care. methadone has a very long 1/2 life..meaning it build itself up in your system..
the MOST i ever took at one time was 30 mg and i was on it 8 years. Are you on ilight>liquidilight> or pill form? Mine was pill form. it does sound to me like you're almost overdosing...but i don't know how long you've been on it, what your highest dose was...etc. what i do know is if i had taken 64 mg at once, i would've probably OD'd! You should check into that.
methadone isn't all bad, BUT every rose has its thorns. and ilight>methadoneilight> has some pretty damn big ones. the biggest thing ilight>methadoneilight> offers people is the stability. it will allow you to feel somewhat normal. you can go throughout your day without the need of getting high. it does a great job keeping you on baseline, without the highs of getting high and lows of not. methadone will make you very lathargic and sleepy all day. Why not sub?
Yes, i have researched the topic (and found this site in the process) She gets the ilight>methadoneilight> from a local clinic, it is ilight>liquidilight> form, the bottles are not identified as how much of a dose but she thinks it is 80mg. She gets a week worth of the Meds at a time, having to down the first dose in the lobby of the clinic, how can you taper off the dose if you have to take a full dose at the clinic each week? She wants help, she knows that this must stop; i will be there for her to help in any way.
He has been going to the ilight>methadoneilight> clinic since the 5th. He is doing really good and i am very proud of him. He gets up every morning at 4 and goes to the clinic. He has not used that i know of. Before when he was using i could not see his arms,look at his phone, etc, now i can do all of the above and more. they started him off on low doses and now he is up to 90. He sleeps alot and if he sits down he will fall asleep. i dont know if this is normal.
Any medical doctor can prescribe methadone for pain relief. ilight>methadoneilight> clinics are for ilight>methadoneilight> maintainence (for addicts) and not for chronic pain sufferers. they are governmentally subsidized which is why i assume your doctor referred you there and not to a pain management specialist. i am quite surpised the methadone clinic accepted you.
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