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Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum..I was in a methadone clinic here in Michigan...we were allowed to take pretty much anything if we had a rx for it..That is unfortunate that they don;t allow that..i am sorry..does your friend that gave you the "sample" take methadone? they tested for it at the clinic i was at to make sure it was in fact in your need to really makes sure it is the right temp...I understand how bad it sux to not have take homes..Do you get a week?
Avatar f tn Ask for a blood test. It is the most accurate. Are you looking to come off of Suboxone?
Avatar n tn I am on a Methadone maintenance program. I need to take a drug test in order to get a job. Is there anything that I can take before the drug test that so the testing wont show that I'm on methadone. Please help.
Avatar n tn I am addicted to hydrocodone, i will be given a drug test to check for opiates and i was wondering how long will it take to get this painkiller out of my system, and what can i do to make it happen faster. also i want to know what the easier way to get off them is?
Avatar n tn I at first was on numerous other narcotics including morphine, nothing I have been on gives me relief that methadone does, at first I was being treated by a MD, DO, then I moved over 100 miles away from my Doc I found a new Orthopedic DR and she took right over with my treatment and had no problem keeping me on methadone, I have to see her ever 90 days and of course she drug test me which is the law.
Avatar n tn depends on how many and how long you've been taking it.......lots of water exercise, metabolism are all factors........stays in the system for a few days......a good week and you should be fine......I hope. When is your test and how many and how long? Nauty............
Avatar f tn do you mean are they going to drug test you > they may but as long as you are getting it from a doctor that is aware that you are pregnant it should be OK.
Avatar f tn You get a counselor and they do drug test more than once a month. They make you earn your take homes and if you mess up they will take them away. He is really wanting this. He is doing very good now. And fyi he never asked them at the clinic to dose him up. They always ask him every other day and would take him up 5. He is now at 100 and that is as high as he wants to go and he made that clear to them. He is getting better about not knodding off.
Avatar f tn Ask him to do a serum level test and/or a peak trough test. That is the only way to define the source of his sleepiness. Is it also possible that he is buying additional methadone off of someone else? That'll be undetectable at a clinic. Everything you say seems to indicate that the source of his excessive sleepiness is dose related. Is he concerned about his sleepiness? Is he willing to make the necessary modifications to his dose should he need to?
597547 tn?1251040364 When it was working for me well, it was on about 40- 50 mg. It becomes like a different drug at higher doses and got ugly for me in later years on high doses.
1064938 tn?1255285919 I hear them talking and I am not stupid I see some of them selling pills and god knows what in the parking lot. I just do not understand it because methadone has never gave me a high at all. In the beg. it just made me sleep alot. Well I try not to focus on the others that are not trying to do the right thing, but I do not judge them either. They just are not where I am. Different strokes for different folkes. Have you had a lot of side effects?
Avatar f tn My fiance of 7 years and 3 kids together has been clean of heroin for over a year and has been on methadone since off heroin, I couldn't tell you his dose because he has told me a few #mg so im not positive.....anyways my question is he recently got caught looking up online " how to pass a opiate drug test" and recently failed one supposedly due to a computer glitch and told me hes fighting it and is going to trial for a hearing blah blah blah...
Avatar f tn At least its not heroin but you should have tapered and then he runs a secret drug test on me. Am I just being oversensitive or is this inappropriate behavior from a doctor? I don't want to have to reestablish care with a new ob because I'm so far along but I feel uncomfortable in the office.
Avatar m tn 3mgs of methadone is a very low dose. which in hand may be a good thing. If you are able to have someone/including yourself appropriately administor each dose until you are drug free than this may be the way to go. I would not go over 10mg of methadone to begin with. The WD from lortab might be more intense and for a less period of time. 3-5 days. The WD from methadone will take up to 2 weeks...based upon how you've taken and for how long.
Avatar n tn We feel everything so deeply, it's hard not to get caught up in the world of addiction in such a stressful world such as this... But, we all have the power inside (if we allow it), to rise above this addiction, and continue to be the wonderful, sensitive people that we are... we all deserve to life a happy life, and not have to suffer just because we 'feel' too much! My husband calls and cries on the phone. He's afraid for me, and wants me to 'stop' just like he is learning to do.
221913 tn?1372280261 Methadone would have to be specifically tested for in order to be detected by a drug screen. The standard drug screen does not test for methadone, but an employer may request that methadone also be tested for. At some point, you might be presented with a form that lists the types of drugs that will be tested for--then you will know for sure whether they will test for methadone. This was the answer I was looking for!
Avatar n tn I read on the Internet that Paxil (or any SSRI drug) can cause a spike in blood pressure and possibly a stroke when mixed with Methadone. My doctor is now recommending Effexor in place of Paxil. Isn't Effexor also an SSRI? and to your knowledge, does it pose significant risk(s) when taken with Methadone? If so, is there an anti-depressant that can be safely used with Methadone?
Avatar f tn Your topical lidocaine jelly is not likely to make your fiance fail his drug test for methadone. I am sorry to hear that he is being incarcerated due to a failed drug test. However, before the testing, they usually will ask you what medications you are currently taking, so they can take that into account with the results. Please make sure that they have a complete list of his current medications, including prescription and over-the-counter meds, vitamins and herbal supplement.
Avatar f tn I'm on methadone and at the end of the visit my dr told me I had to do a urine test. So he wrote me my scripts and then on my way out I had to go pee in the cup, then I paid and left. So what I'm asking is if something was wrong with my test would they call me back that same day or even the next day to come in and discuss it or would he discuss it with me at my next visit?
Avatar f tn My brother is on probation and has a wkly drug test he goes in and does... he failed one about 2 wks ago and so did two other guys that go to the same probation officer for methadone. Now my question is his girlfriend was on the topical cream lidocaine could that have caused him to fail his drug test?
Avatar m tn How long you been doing H? Being honest with her will work out much better for you than trying to hide your secret as it will come out. I would hope she would direct you to some sort of recovery care instead of violating you. Our secrets keep us sick.
Avatar n tn This is a typical protocol and requirement for a Doctor prescribing narcotic pain meds to periodically do a urine test. They want to make sure that you test positive for the meds they are prescribing you. If they do not show up in your system, it leads them to believe you are either selling your meds, stock piling them, or giving them away. If this is the case, they will typically stop prescribing you the meds or stop treating you all together.
Avatar n tn Also the day of the drug test, I did not have to pee. I told him I had trouble peeing in a cup anyways and they told me to drink more water. I drank LOTS and LOTS of water. They said if I did not pee in the cup, I could find another doctor. I asked them if I could give them a blood test and they said "NO"!! I am hurt and upset. Today he basically yelled at me, he would NOT look at my back or anything, but he handed me my prescriptions and I left. He did not even look at my problems.
Avatar f tn Are you sure you weren't expecting this. Tapering isn't plomping down four in a dosage. Your gonna have a tough time with that one. A drug test does not tell how many pills you long as you have a prescription. You "shuld" be fine. nauty.....
221913 tn?1372280261 I've been going to the methadone clinic now for a couple of weeks and I'm leveling out at 30mg a day. I'm doing this to come off of my use of Opium Tincture which I was on for about 3 years. I don't think that 30mg is all that much when I see people that are doing upwards of 200-360mg a day. I can't imagine even functioning on that amount. Anyways, I don't plan on staying on it forever, and will ultimately come off of it altogether (slowly wheening off of course).
Avatar n tn Susie ,when you give a urine-test as required for all methadone patients the Dr. will definitely inquire as to the reason your using methadone and benzodiazepines as the people before said,people can overdose and die of respiratory failure as the two act in a sinergistic manner. Be careful!!!