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One was prescribed Methadone for pain and Xanax by the same doctor. He had decades of drug use behind him, and had been on that combination for at least 5 years. I'd done them both with him a number of times and watched him hallucinate people walk through the house, talk to them, and he couldn't believe I didn't see them too.
Caregiver, I think she means oxycodone (roxy's) and NOT OxyContin. Roxicodone is oxycodone and not OxyContin. Methadone and Roxicodone are sometimes prescribed together. But you re correct that OxyContin and Methadone would not be a good combination.
was on klonpin 11 yrs prior to xanax.. but just methadone and xanax since 04...i know about the mix or my combo vey well on very low doses of each..the xanax 0.5 5aday..methadone 10 mgs aday..was at 1 time 160 mgs i detoxed at home 2 yrs away from it 45 days then back at the dose im the questshion?? my shrink has added lamictail to my combo,,i asked him if it would had any further respatory depression..he just kinda nodded his head..wating oin his nest 8 min patient..
I have not posted in a while, but I'm having additional problems with my 32 yr old son. He is on 130mg of methadone and has started taking 2 to 3 bars of xanax daily and when he is awake he is a walking zombie. He went to a psychiatrist a little over a week ago and convinced him he is ADHD and got a prescription for vivanse. The police called me last Tuesday and had him pulled over due to someone calling in on him for his driving.
Today I was prescribed ambien and was afraid to take it not knowing if I should wean off the Xanax first. Anyone know if it will be fine to just stop the Xanax all together and start the ambien? Any advice?
I mix my liquid with orange juice and and don't taste the bitterness one bit. Methadone is very safe with a low order of toxicity. Probably the best for chronic pain.IMO DAn..
i tell them that yes i do drink and i also use xanax,not prescribed,and that i need help.they just say i should check myself into detox and then rehab.i'm not going into a rehab ,been there,done that.
He gets take homes on sunday and sometimes he will get up and wait to take the methadone and he is not sleepy but as soon as he takes it he slows down and starts falling asleep. He is on 130 mg. He has been on it for over a year now. But for once I can actually say he is clean other than that.
methadone robs most men of there sex drive wife and I have been together 31yrs and for the 6 1/2 yrs on methadone we bacily had a sexless marrage it was tuff but I had no desire at all....
I ahd the unfortunate experience of going to the Milwaukee County Jail for unpaid tickets and was without methadone or my prescribed 4mgs of xanax for 110 plus hours and that was by far worse than any wd's i ahve ever encountered, by far. it was horrible.
ive been taking exedrin back and body every 4 hours and hot baths and it seems to bring the 12 down to 6. the xanax sort of helps mellow me out, bc the anxiety is so bad. i just wish there was something i can do for the guilt! ive been sobbing nonstop for the past 24 hours. my husbands been taking some norcos too. recreationally (like i thought mine was) like 1-3 a day when we had them.
i have this strong feeling hes going to put me on another benzo like klonpin witch i took them for 12 yrs prior to the xanax...the methadone and xanax been on both of for 5 yrs the same time was put on the methadone with know problems..i take 40 mgs of methadone and avg 3 mgs of xanax aday..this controls the anxietys and panic is the worst..have had it since 1989..i dont get it much.. but when im maina nothing stops that including the xanax....
Hi Teejae & Welcome, Thanks for posting! That's quite a cocktail that your Dr. put you on. Usually, a responsible Dr. won't put you on M'done & Xanax together as they're contra-indicated. A well-documented side effected (particularly @ improper doses) of M'done is the sweating that you describe. Also, all three of the drugs you mention are dehydrating! (This could be the reason for your headaches & thirst).
Alprazolam (Xanax) and methadone are highly addictive narcotics, both physically and psychologically. These two drugs should never be 'mixed' or even taken relatively close to one another unless the reaction is literally being monitired by a doctor and/or medical staff. I am an addict and I know from experience how dangerous this combination can be, trust me; you're playing with fire.
I'm also on methadone mainttherreainance ( which I think causes the panic attacks) I go down a mg of methadone every two days so it's been a bumpy road. I think the xanax helps with the methadone withdrawl symptoms. I AM AN ADDICT therefore I cannot take any mood altering drugs. the anxiety got so bad it interferred with my work. I NEED 2 PAY BILLS sick or not. So my question to you sir or madam is how do I get off with what I have left.
I definitly felt the wackiness and euphoria f the MDMA but wonder whether the Xanax effected the feeling in any way, because I felt barely conscious for 6 hours, even though my husband explained I was awake and lucid the entire time. Would the Xanax have counteracted the MDMA? I know in the past while using MDMA and and wanting to just go to s leep, the Xanax was of no help...............
The only thing with Zoloft is when u first start taking it u feel like crap but only for maximum one week by then ur body would of gotten used to it thus taking xanax and Zoloft together at the start is a good idea because xanax stops u feeling like crap for that first week of taking Zoloft... Once you and your doc think that you have gotten over the illness and ready to wean off the Zoloft then that's what will happen..
Have you deceased your dosage lately? Is the xanax doctor prescribed? Xanax and methadone are both a central nervous system depressant as Well as a respiratory depressant. It is dangerous to be on them both at the same time. Have you had an therapy/ counseling for your anxiety?
I was clean from Alcohol/Xanax for almost 2 months and recently relapsed for about 4 days maybe 5 drinking liquor and taking xanax bars throughout the day/night and it's been 2 days since I've had a drink or taken Xanax.I would like some input on what to do?Should I take a very low dose of Xanax alone(without alcohol of course)?I feel the W/D symptoms and having trouble sleep would it really set me back if I took a minor dose?
50 once a night of Xanax, but when I stopped taking it, couldn't sleep and was so anxious and depressed. But now I am hearing that the Ativan can be just as bad. Has anyone heard of using Ativan for Xanax withdrawal? Also, what is the norm for how long the withdrawal symptoms last? Thanks for any help.
With all of us pulling together, I'm approaching 4 years clean and sober. I will pray for you and your son, and hope you will consider finding a way not to shoulder this huge burden alone.
i been on xanax and methadone 5 yrs copd and sevre sleep on low dose of both..and i never had a problem..even went to the er 5 times from the anxtys of taking it..they said as long as i been on these..its what can a person do..if your taking methadone and you hooked on both meds hmmm you have to take its dam if you do and DAM if you dont... word fro the wise benzos are a cns med that enhances methadone or any may reduce the breathing..
I got kicked out of the methadone clinic about 7 months ago and was at about 10mg's per day for the 7 months but trying to kick Xanax I went uP to 20mg's a day and at the point where I just want to kick everything, I'm 26 and been an addict for about 3 years and past year and a half was on methadone and Xanax, I quit Xanax cold turkey and was the worst experience ever today is day 8 with out them and it's a lil better but still tough, if anyone has any advicE on how to completely get off everyth
Just a question.. As you know.. I've been worried about my dear friend who was recently put on Methadone for their opiate addiction... and... I just found out that they are taking Vicodin again... So my question is...Can you take Vicodin and Methadone together? They "seemed" a little 'looped' the last time I talked to them and they DID admit to taking the Vicodin again...(I didn't ask if they were still on the Methadone) Just worried and VERY concerned...
Is he taking the xanax with the methadone? Methadone and xanax are both central nervous system and respiratory System depressants they are dangerous to take together.
Methadone and oxy isn't a deadly mix in as far as interactions go. Basically, it sounds as if the person overdosed. Methadone in itself is very dangerous for anyone who is not used to it or opioids in general. It is a very strong opioid. I know of a couple people who take methadone for pain and the oxy on top of it as a breakthrough med. Even though it is like someone peeing in the wind for them to be taking oxy on top of methadone, they do anyway.
Having detoxed 120mg of methadone and 8mg/day of xanax cold turkey I can assure you it's not going to be that bad. I don't know if you're familiar w/xanax(benzodizapines),but I can tell you that they are the most horrible drug to detox,surpassing heroin and methadone. I guess I'm telling you this as a friendly warning not to try them to ease the methadone detox. I speak from what I know and have unfortunately had way too much experience in mostly opiate and benzo withdrawal.
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