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( Some babies do well and go home, some have to stay and detox. Anyone else have experience with this? Thank you!
Does anyone know if you physician can prescribe them or do you have to go to a methadone clinic. I'm scared and need suggestions. I live in Wisconsin and don't know how to go about this! PLEASE HELP!
i have been on the methadone for two months now and i am 11 weeks pregnant and want to know if i quit taking it right now is that alright or will it hurt the baby.
I'm counting on him not to leave in this world all alone!!!! I want him to watch his kids guaduate and marry, and have babies, so we can become grandparents together. I want to be here to watch these things!!!!! I'm too good to leave this world just yet, there's too much left to do, too many people left to save (just kidding!) But i did want to thank you guys for being here for me, each one of you have a special place in my heart!!!!!! Love and Prayers for each one of your!
Does anyone know if they automatically test babies for methadone when they are born? i am 20 weeks and took 10mg of methadone a couple times (cut in half, 5mg one day then 5mg the next) kind of thing a few times, not everyday. anyway, i need to know if the small amount of methadone i took will show up in a drug test for the baby when its born.
I can't be any more than 7 wks if that. I've seen a lot of posts about people on methadone while pregnant and I'm not so much worried about defects since I haven't seen anything linking defects to methadone. I'm more worried about miscarriage and WD for the baby. I've seen a lot of people ween themselves off and others continue to use. I am determined to get off of them for my babies sake. This is my plan of doing so and trying to get opinions and advice. 10mg-1x day for 2 wks...
I just HATE to see scared pregnant women scurrying to gather information and getting the wrong kind that may put their babies in danger. I have been through it and was lucky enough to find a wonderful Methadone and Pregnancy forum. I'm not sure if I can post a link to it here but please let me know if I'm allowed to and I will do so. Anyway, this is my suggestion. Please let me know what you all think.
I'm 17 weeks pregnant and on 10mg. I've had 2 babies while on Methadone the 1st I was on 80mg and she had no withdrawals the 2nd I was on 40mg and she did have withdrawals and spent 12 days in the NICU and was on morphine. I was told it doesn't really depend on your dose if your baby does or doesn't withdrawal, it just depends on the baby. I'm definately trying to get off the Methadone before I have this one.
I am currently pregnant and on 120 mgs of methadone....I dont use any other drugs at all. My boyfriend wants me to have an abortion because he thinks the baby will be deformed or slow and have problems or that childrens aid will take the baby immediatly is he right? I really dont want to have an abortion but want to come off of methadone before I give birth. What do you recommend?
the coroner said it was SIDS. i'm just wanting info on mothers on methadone and losing their babies. all you read is mothers taking it and how SAFE it is, i'm sorry but i believe its wrong and should be illegal. i'm with all mothers who say if your baby is born addicted, you should face felony charges. does anyone else have any stories like mine? when a bad situation turns even worse??? the bad thing is, the mother is still going to the clinic.
I can't be any more than 7 wks if that. I've seen a lot of posts about people on methadone while pregnant and I'm not so much worried about defects since I haven't seen anything linking defects to methadone. I'm more worried about miscarriage and WD for the baby. I've seen a lot of people ween themselves off and others continue to use. I am determined to get off of them for my babies sake. This is my plan of doing so and trying to get opinions and advice. 10mg-1x day for 2 wks...
While the baby may experience withdrawals when born, this is not certain. Babies have been born to methadone addicted mothers and suffered little if any withdrawals. In any case a withdrawing baby is always preferable to a withdrawing fetus. I dont know about your paticular situation but i remember that the supply of illicit narcotics is eratic,expensive and illegal. You are not a bad mother for going down the methadone route. Methadone, in your situation is the responsible thing to do.
I've watched several babies get born on methadone and have minimal or no withdrawals given that they are on breast milk. My son was miserable with them and stayed in the nicu for over a week. I'm quite certain that the nubain/methadone mix-up was the cause for all of this.
there are now 3800 methadone related deaths per year..up from 400 methadone related deaths for the year 2006...and NO, theses are not all overdoses...a lot of them are first time users, they take 1, 5 or 10 mg methadone tablet and they die!! this is no joke...i will provide you with the information if you would like to see it...just shoot me a PM... do not take this path...and if your an addict your chances of getting addicted to methadone are very high...
thanx,what do u mean by slugglish b/c my doctors are saying that at the dose im at right now my baby has a 10 percent chance of having withdrawls but everybody that on methadone and pregnant there body adapts differently and also does the babys,they said it depends how much actually crosses over through the placenta.
He saw his pain dr this am and she had pulled up BOTH of our records and knows EVERYTHING she started him on methadone and wants to help me too. She said we both NEED to get off this stuff and that we have a BIG problem. Which we do it keeps spiralling out of control.
We want to get off sooner than later because after December I wont have the money for methadone anymore. My father was paying for it and he is retiring and just does not have the money any more. He had given me til the end of the year before I knew I was pregnant. I was already tapering when I found out I was pregnant, and I just asked my clinic if I could keep doing it, they said ok, just get an OB to monitor you and the baby.
I'm currently 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant and on methadone. How does the methadone affect my growing baby and what can I expect before and especially after delivery?
It really can be dangerous to your baby if you try and come of the Methadone at this point. Its a really strong opiate and it has to be weaned down slowly to avoid the w/d's (or at least severe w/d's) and at 32 weeks, I just dont think you have enough time to do it properly honey without causing potential problems for your baby. And if you DONT tell your Dr., the hospitals in most states automatically drug test the babies so then you can face a whole lot of other issues there.
I am over 50 days off methadone and can tell you its the hardest thing ive ever done!!! BUT, you can do it!! I did, cold turkey and yes you will feel crazy but you are NOT! The first day was great didnt really feel a thing the second day i couldent get out of bed! Like you i take care of everyone two teenagers a husband two little babies and a grandaughter. I am still without normal sleep and not much energy but i find now that the more i try to do the better its getting.
I got to know this one lady well and she was 27 and had been addicit to oxycotion for yrs due to medial problems and when they found out she was pregnant they sent her to be put on methadone. She done methadone the whole time she was pregnant. Once she had the baby she (baby) stayed in hospital few extra days and then nothing after that baby was healthy and fine. I still see her from time to time and that little girl is beautiful and is doing wonderful. She is a yr now...
it has the amino acids as well as raw protein for energy other then that you just got to go threw it I had a heavy and long habit on methadone and have helped a lot of people for most it is a 60 to 90 day deal each month will come with victory's celebrate them as for the bad days ''you just got to be ok without being ok'' keep posting for support we all want to see you make it..........................Gnarly.....................................
tell your obgyn for sure but i know lots of women that have had methadone babies and they were ok....just do what the doc think is safe for you and your little one.
When starting methadone for the first time or increasing the dose, breast-feeding patients should watch their babies closely for changes in behavior or breathing patterns. Methadone is excreted into and accumulates in human milk. Excreted methadone may prevent withdrawal symptoms in addicted infants. Methadone is considered compatible with breast-feeding by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
I spoke to my doctor who informed me that I was more than likely going through withdrawals and then informs me ill have a high probability of losing the baby with the side effects.i did some research called around and found a methadone clinic who swore up and down its the way to go to help me and blah blah blah. Like a fish ona hook I was all game.well here I am 3 yrs baby was perfect. I was doing great. Until I am finally putting my foot down.i want off.
Im due in 23 day's and have been on methadone for over a year and a half and I also take benzo's for severe anxiety. Maybe I should say I take benzo's because even with the done it's hard as hell 2 get off them. im prescribed both but am scared to death of what may or will happen when my baby is born. Im not ready for another child but I believe there's a reason for EVERYTHING especially life.