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Here 4'>is someth4'>ing 4'>i just googled about 4'>il4'>ight>metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> PCOS, 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> the way 4'>it could help! Hope th4'>is helps ya, 4'>it helped me 4'>in mak4'>ing my dec4'>is4'>ion to take 4'>it!!!! RESTORAT4'>iON OF NORMAL MENSTRUAL CYCLE. A number of stud4'>ies have shown that menstruat4'>ion can be restored 4'>in many women w4'>ith PCOS. For example, 4'>in a study at Jew4'>ish Hosp4'>ital 4'>in C4'>inc4'>innat4'>i, 43 women who were not hav4'>ing per4'>iods 4'>took Glucophage, and 39 of them resumed normal menses.
BUT ON MONDAY 4'>i wenT 4'>iN TO do AN HSG 4'>il4'>ight>AND4'>il4'>ight> 4'>i WAS WONDER4'>iNG 4'>iF 4'>i CAN START TAK4'>iNG 4'>il4'>ight>METFORM4'>iN4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>AND4'>il4'>ight> W4'>iLL 4'>iT AFFECT my OVULAT4'>iON FOR TH4'>iS MONTH??? WOW BFP 4'>took ME BY SURPR4'>iSE 4'>i WAS WONDER4'>iNG WHAT THAT MEANT...LOL...4'>iM GLAD 4'>iT WORKED OUT FOR YOU...STOR4'>iES L4'>iKE YOURS G4'>iVES ME MOT4'>iVAT4'>iON WHEN 4'>iM FEEL4'>iNG doWN W4'>iTH NO HOPES OF CONT4'>iNU4'>iNG. ABOUT THE STOMACH D4'>iSCOMFORTED 4'>i ONLY 4'>took ONE P4'>iLL AND 4'>i AM FEEL4'>iNG 4'>iT. HOP4'>iNG W4'>iTH T4'>iME my BODY GETS USE TO 4'>iT.THANKS AGA4'>iN FOR TAK4'>iNG THE T4'>iME AND 4'>iNFORM4'>iNG ME...
Whew uped my dose to 500mg today 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> man d4'>id 4'>i have the poops (tm4'>i) 4'>i was tak4'>ing 250 for a wh4'>ile to avo4'>id the headaches 4'>i got before. Had a small headach earl4'>ier today but 4'>it went away! Af 4'>is try4'>ing to come. L4'>ittle b4'>it 4'>if spott4'>ing but now 4'>it's gone. 4'>i hope she shows soon 4'>i wanna start my next cycle already.
St4'>ill tak4'>ing the metform4'>in even though 4'>it g4'>ives me gas 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> makes me d4'>izzy somet4'>imes. No 4'>il4'>ight>spott4'>ing4'>il4'>ight> s4'>ince start4'>ing 4'>it though so 4'>i guess that's good. Th4'>ink4'>ing of d4'>iscont4'>inu4'>ing 4'>it. Th4'>is 4'>is supposed to help me get regular per4'>iods, not none at all. Oh well. Hubby wants me to call the doctor and tell h4'>im my s4'>ide effects. 4'>i'll do 4'>it 4'>in t4'>ime.
so 4'>i f4'>inally got the 4'>infert4'>il4'>ity dr to g4'>ive me 4'>il4'>ight>metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> . hopefully 4'>it w4'>ill balance out my hormones 4'>im spott4'>ing but 4'>it 4'>is all old blood ;p4'>i th4'>ink he d4'>iddent want to because 4'>i only have 19 lbs to lose before he w4'>ill g4'>ive me clom4'>id and 4'>i dont th4'>ink he wants to . but 4'>i have d4'>iabetes along w4'>ith pcos :( 4'>i just want to try for another g4'>irl . my baby 4'>is turn4'>ing one nov 20th he w4'>ill be one 4'>im gett4'>ing so sad a year went by too fast.
And somet4'>imes dur4'>ing the m4'>iddle off 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> on 4'>i have a very sl4'>ight 4'>il4'>ight>spott4'>ing4'>il4'>ight>. 4'>i only not4'>ice a l4'>ittle dark brown on my pant4'>il4'>iner. The last PAP smear 4'>i had came back normal. 4'>is th4'>is normal s4'>ince 4'>i go so long w4'>ithout a per4'>iod. 4'>i also take metform4'>in 4'>if that makes any d4'>ifference.
4'>i'm tak4'>ing progesterone th4'>is t4'>ime 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> , the f4'>irst t4'>ime 4'>i had none of them. Anyway the 4'>il4'>ight>spott4'>ing4'>il4'>ight> stopped one week after the f4'>irst day but 4'>it looks that 4'>ins4'>ide there 4'>is a l4'>ittle b4'>it but no d4'>ischarge not when 4'>i w4'>ipe. my beta was go4'>ing up even after the spott4'>ing not very much as before but the doctor sa4'>id that 4'>it 4'>is a good th4'>ing that 4'>is go4'>ing up. 4'>i had an u/s done last fr4'>iday and the baby looked ok. 4'>it has a heart beat and was measur4'>ing r4'>ight on t4'>ime.
We are overly careful w4'>ith protect4'>ion 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> pay attent4'>ion to deta4'>il. 4'>i'm just wonder4'>ing 4'>if anyone else has had th4'>is 4'>issue on 4'>il4'>ight>Metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight>, or at all. Any 4'>ideas or suggest4'>ions would be apprec4'>iated. 4'>i w4'>ill be tak4'>ing a pregnancy test today or tomorrow, so when 4'>i call my doctor 4'>i can g4'>ive h4'>im conf4'>irmat4'>ion that 4'>i am not pregnant. 4'>i just f4'>igured 4'>i'd ask 4'>in the meant4'>ime. Thanks!
About 2 months ago my doctor put me on the Synthro4'>id, a thyro4'>id drug, Then about a 3 weeks she put me on Metform4'>in. For the past 3 or 4 weeks 4'>i have been not4'>ic4'>ing changes 4'>in my breast. Shoot4'>ing pa4'>ins off and on, t4'>ingl4'>ing. 4'>it 4'>is normally just on the left s4'>ide but the r4'>ight one also gets pa4'>ins and t4'>ingles at t4'>ime, just not as much. breast seem to "feel" d4'>ifferent, l4'>ike they have more whatever 4'>in them. The also look a tad fuller.
4'>i th4'>ink 4'>i read on another post that you can't take b4'>irth control p4'>ills due to the hormones (am 4'>i correct?) or 4'>i could 4'>i have you m4'>ixed up w4'>ith another lady. 4'>i've been on 4'>il4'>ight>metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> s4'>ince 9/14/08 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> 4'>i'm dy4'>ing to know 4'>if my cycles are regular, but 4'>i am on b4'>irth control p4'>ills at the moment and probably wont know unt4'>il next year. What's the dosage you take of metform4'>in? 4'>i take 500mg 2x a day.
H4'>i 4'>i to have PCOS 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> have been on 4'>il4'>ight>Metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> for a couple of months now 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> st4'>ill never had a per4'>iod and then my RE gave me provera to jump start my per4'>iod (or 4'>in her words clean me out) and 4'>i just started before then 4'>i hadn't had a per4'>iod s4'>ince July of last year but only started to take the metform4'>in 4'>in September and then stopped because of the s4'>ide effects, and then started back 4'>in December, after sw4'>itch4'>ing from a regular gyn to a PCOS Spec4'>ial4'>ist/RE and then 4'>i was bas4'>ically told that th4'>is 4'>is w
4'>i am 31 years old and am try4'>ing to get pregnant 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> went to the fert4'>il4'>ity doctor 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> she put me on 4'>il4'>ight>METFORM4'>iN4'>il4'>ight> so 4'>i can OVULATE, 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> 4'>i have been spott4'>ing s4'>ince?? Anyone else w4'>ith the same symptoms & how long d4'>id 4'>it take anyone to get pregnant us4'>ing METFORM4'>iN???
4'>i have an appt w4'>ith the re tomorrow...4'>i just went to the restroom 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> checked my cerv4'>ical mucus 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> there 4'>is blood...not alot to be concerned about. 4'>i have been hav4'>ing sl4'>ight pa4'>in 4'>in my lower abdom4'>in, but noth4'>ing to let me know that AF 4'>is on her way. 4'>i am r4'>ight now 10DPO, could th4'>is be 4'>implantat4'>ion bleed4'>ing???
4'>i am tak4'>ing just 500mg of 4'>il4'>ight>metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> (4'>increase to 1000mg tomorrow 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> so on) 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> 4'>i 4'>took provera to get my per4'>iod. Usually when 4'>i take provera alone my per4'>iod 4'>is pretty heavy and th4'>is t4'>ime around (f4'>irst t4'>imeon metform4'>in) 4'>its really l4'>ight. L4'>ike 4'>in 4 or more hours 4'>it barely covers the t4'>ip of a tampon (sorry TM4'>i) has anyone had th4'>is on metform4'>in the l4'>ighter per4'>iods? thanks g4'>irls!
H4'>i, 4'>i have PCOS as well 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> are us4'>ing the exact same med4'>icat4'>ion as you (4'>il4'>ight>metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> clom4'>id). Started w4'>ith 50mg Clom4'>id - no luck and not good foll4'>icle growth and ovulat4'>ion. Th4'>is month 4'>i am on 100mg Clom4'>id and 4'>i went for a scan yesterday - there were two grow4'>ing foll4'>icles 4'>in my left ovary - one 12mm and the other 16mm - so there 4'>is a b4'>it more progress and my blood tests showed that the estrogen levels are h4'>igher than the prev4'>ious month on 50mg Clom4'>id.
F4'>irst my spec4'>ial4'>ist tr4'>ied provera snd sereph4'>ine ( 4'>it d4'>idnt work) then 4'>i was sent for an hsg 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> my tubes are clear 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> everyth4'>ing looked good 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> now 4'>i am on just 4'>il4'>ight>metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> to regulate my 4'>insul4'>in to help me ovulate.
4'>i have PCOS and they put me on 4'>il4'>ight>Metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> awh4'>ile ago 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> added the synthro4'>id shortly after. 4'>i am currently take clom4'>id to try 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> help but 4'>if 4'>it doesn't 4'>iU4'>i 4'>is my next opt4'>ion. 4'>i have no ch4'>ildren yet but 4'>i am try4'>ing my best to get there. Good luck and hope 4'>it all works out for you.
They should start you out very slowly (l4'>ike 50mg) and slowly 4'>increase 4'>it to reduce those symptoms. Bel4'>ieve me, you w4'>ill get used to 4'>il4'>ight>Metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> 4'>it w4'>ill help your PCOS and ovulat4'>ion problems! For some people the s4'>ide effects are def4'>in4'>itely more 4'>intense.
4'>i have had no 4'>il4'>ight>spott4'>ing4'>il4'>ight> s4'>ince or any per4'>iod pa4'>in. 4'>i have been grumpy 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> emot4'>ional 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> had d4'>iarroeah but 4'>i assumed that was from the Metform4'>in. Has anyone else had th4'>is happen on Metform4'>in? 4'>im go4'>ing to keep tak4'>ing the Metform4'>in anyway because 4'>i dont actually feel s4'>ick or anyth4'>ing just when 4'>i go the to4'>ilet. TM4'>i - sorry lad4'>ies... Also does Met have to be taken at same t4'>ime or does 4'>it not matter?
4'>i spoke w4'>ith my doc and he started me on 4'>il4'>ight>metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> povera. 4'>i stopped tak4'>ing 4'>il4'>ight>metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> after about a month because the tummy problems never went away! (sorry TM4'>i ) Well 4'>i used provera from sept 2010 - May 2011 and d4'>id not ovulate once even w4'>ith 3 of those months 4'>includ4'>ing Clom4'>id. Provera does not make you ovulate 4'>it just 4'>induces a per4'>iod, metform4'>in lowers your 4'>insul4'>in and clom4'>id 4'>is for ovulat4'>ion. Clom4'>id doesn't work for everyone.
4'>i've not4'>iced that 4'>i have m4'>id cycle 4'>il4'>ight>spott4'>ing4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> per4'>iods that are l4'>ight bleed4'>ing/4'>il4'>ight>spott4'>ing4'>il4'>ight> now that 4'>i'm on 4'>il4'>ight>metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight>. They say 4'>it takes 6-12 months before 4'>improvement starts. 4'>i'm only on month 4 so 4'>i'm hop4'>ing 4'>it'll start level4'>ing out 4'>in 2 months.
4'>i have m4'>iscarr4'>ied three t4'>imes (th4'>is 4'>is the f4'>irst pregnancy where 4'>i've been on progesterone AND 4'>i'm also on metform4'>in for PCOS/4'>insul4'>in res4'>istance) 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> the 4'>il4'>ight>spott4'>ing4'>il4'>ight> th4'>is t4'>ime 4'>is def4'>in4'>itely much d4'>ifferent 4'>in color 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> texture than from the t4'>imes 4'>i m4'>iscarr4'>ied. 4'>i do have one ch4'>ild that 4'>i had NO problems w4'>ith so th4'>is 4'>is SO frustrat4'>ing for me. Just wonder4'>ing what everyone else's exper4'>ience 4'>is w4'>ith the spott4'>ing and the suppos4'>itor4'>ies. D4'>id you stop spott4'>ing once you went of the progesterone?
4'>i have been on my per4'>iod s4'>ince sept 5th 2009 ans yes PCOS can cause all k4'>inds of crud. 4'>it has taken months to f4'>igure out 4'>it was pcos 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> 4'>i just started 4'>il4'>ight>metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> wh4'>ich hopefully 4'>is goo4'>ing to regulate my per4'>iod but 4'>i am skept4'>ical.
Ok, so 4'>i have posted qu4'>ite a few of these the last couple days but 4'>it's just because 4'>i need some answers 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> 4'>i just found the s4'>ite yesterday lol. Any ways, 4'>i have been on 4'>il4'>ight>metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> for 7 months and have been gett4'>ing my per4'>iod every 28 days regularly. Seems to be work4'>ing very well... however th4'>is month 4'>i am 4 days late and 4'>i have been just spott4'>ing a l4'>ittle for the last 2 weeks.
4'>i currently taken 1500 mg of 4'>il4'>ight>Metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> was on b4'>irth control. 4'>i started on Loestr4'>in FE 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> 4'>i found 4'>i would get double per4'>iods sort of. 4'>i would gett4'>ing spott4'>ing for 3 days 4'>in week two but then my regualr per4'>iod the last week. my doctor told me 4'>if 4'>it cont4'>inued 4'>into month three call h4'>im. Well, 4'>it cont4'>inued so he put me on Zov4'>ia 35 4'>i th4'>ink was the name.
So today and the past 2 days 4'>ive been spott4'>ing brown, 4'>i've had cramp4'>ing as well, 4'>i take 1000 metform4'>in a day, 4'>i was at work and my stomach started feel4'>ing t4'>ight, l4'>ike 4'>if 4'>i had worked out my abs, the the room got really br4'>ight, 4'>i got d4'>izzy 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> very pale someone sa4'>id, 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> clammy, 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> cold, but hot at the same t4'>ime. 4'>i am sexually act4'>ive and 4'>i don't use protect4'>ion.. Could 4'>it just be the metform4'>in?
H4'>i my name 4'>is Dee.. 4'>im 27yrs old 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> 4'>i have pcos.. 4'>i take 4'>il4'>ight>metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> 4'>it has put my cycles back to normal for at least the last 6mths.. 4'>i have a 32-33 day CYcle Plus 4'>i dropped about 40 plbs as well. 4'>i had my last Menstrual on October 18-23.. had sex the 28th then aga4'>in on November 8th arnd the t4'>ime 4'>i should be ovulat4'>ing and now 4'>im hav4'>ing pregnancy symptoms. 4'>im not due for af for 2more days what are my chances of a + .. These are my symptoms :change 4'>in cm..d4'>izz4'>iness...sore breast..
4'>i w4'>ill cont4'>inue tak4'>ing 4'>il4'>ight>Metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight> s4'>ince 4'>it seems to be help4'>ing me ovulate 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> regulate my menstrual cycles...4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> 4'>i w4'>ill cont4'>inue pray4'>ing for my l4'>ittle m4'>iracle. L4'>ike you, 4'>i've 4'>inqu4'>ired about Clom4'>id but my DR has adv4'>ised me to stay on Metform4'>in, try to loose we4'>ight, and cont4'>inue TTC...4'>if too much t4'>ime passes and st4'>ill no baby....then she w4'>ill put me on Clom4'>id to see 4'>if 4'>it works....Good luck on your next appo4'>intment and def4'>in4'>itely let me know how 4'>it goes!
4'>i have pcos 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> was put on 500 mg of 4'>il4'>ight>metform4'>in4'>il4'>ight>. October - December 4'>i started at the same t4'>ime 4'>i spotted on the 30th and 31st. Had sex early morn4'>ing on the second bled.. but when 4'>i woke up 4'>it was gone what could cause th4'>is anybody have th4'>is happen ?
4'>it 4'>is all a b4'>it overwhelm4'>ing 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> 4'>i am constantly call4'>ing my Dr. Off4'>ice 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> they have been amaz4'>ing about calm4'>ing me down 4'>il4'>ight>and4'>il4'>ight> lett4'>ing me know exactly what 4'>i should be do4'>ing. my adv4'>ise call you Ob and expla4'>in everyth4'>ing and get actual answers every woman 4'>is d4'>ifferent! Good Luck TTC!
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