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is when the other person in the couple does not know what the other person is doing and would be distressed by it if they did. If a person has to lie, evade or cover up an action (to their partner), then it is cheating on them.
You might want to try the mens health forum and even the sexual health forum. Hope this helps some. Take care.
There is still the slightest gap between the hatch and the ceiling which the paint does not cover which is fluffy from the dust gathering there. As asbestos was used everywhere back in the day, I've got it into my head that that a) The hatch is asbestos board, or b) that the hatch leads to a cavity in the ceiling where there are pipes covered in asbestos insulation.
There are lots of websites for teens that cover things like sexual health and pregnancy prevention. Scarleteen is one example. If you didn't have sex ed in school, or if it was crappy and taught abstinence only, you might want to do some reading on those sites to educate yourself.
Have you seen a urologist? It could be that something irritated the prostate. Sitting down puts pressure on the prostate which can refer pain and burning to penis and groin area. Something to look into if your problems persist.
is it normal for some mens foreskin to not fold back over the tip when there no longer arrect? thats my main concern. because it used to do so but now it doesnt really do it anymore.
She is married and her and her husband share a open marriage. She even had to call him when I arrived and left. When I arrived she was wearing a mens tank top and no panties. She took me to the bathroom and performed oral sex on me. When she was done I put on a condom and began intercourse. After she cummed I pulled of the condom and ejaculated on her breast. I then put her on the bathroom counter and began performing oral sex.
Both act so similarly to estrogen that they’re known as phytoestrogens (plant produced estrogen). Eat enough of the stuff, and you open up the potential for hormonal havoc.
Sometimes I'm blunt but, a week on the outside clears the vision. Also, I had a first sign I was on the right path yesterday. My new Mens Health mag came in, on the cover it read "Build your body, Change your life". Thats a sign to me.
Nevertheless, if you feel strongly about not having a CT scan, you can call your doctor and tell him or her that you want an MRI instead of a CT scan. But be aware that your insurance may decline to cover the cost of the MRI since CTs are the standard for a 21 y/o male patient.
When I was looking for my endo, I actually faxed a questionnaire to all endos in the area in my health plan (multiple choice to save their time). In addition to the questions I've already suggested, I asked about treating thyroid in combination with my heart arrhythmia (in your case menopause and osteopenia). I haven't seen my electrophysiologist (cardio specializing in arrhythmias) in years now because my endo treats me for both. I agree with can and will get help...
Dear Friends, This is just a friendly reminder about the purpose of our forums. Our forums are a place for people to share information and support about a specific topic - in this case "Maternal & Child Health". We would really appreciate it if everyone would keep that in mind when posting new questions or comments. Have a wonderful weekend!
Its a good thing to reinforce for parents who did not live and learn it at the time. It would be very good to make this into a health page, for everyone to read about.
I agree with both of you about the heart attack issue and ALMOST didn't mention it, but wanted to cover all bases. That was good input and I'll remember that Thanks!
A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Mens-Health/how-to-avaiod-getting-a-boner-in-public-showers--lockeroom-/show/1776301">how to avaiod getting a boner in public showers/ lockeroom </a> was started.
Laurabeth, If your hospital is a county owned one they can't refuse to see you and treat you. I just had a total hysterectomy done, and had no insurance to cover it, so i know all to well how you feel. See if you can find a dr to work on a sliding fee scale where they charge by your income, or if one will work with you on a payment plan. Best of wishes to you and good luck on finding a dr soon.
why am I different mommy?)...I have many friends sons whom have had penile issues (stretching, infections, etc whom had to have the surgery as an adult) why take the chance. DP has no other choice in the matter on this one.
Hope all are well, especially merlino and Child24angel. I need some women's input here (and the mens views wouldn't hurt, thank you). I am 3rd shot in, 3rd week. So far, just can't whine much at all. Quite fatigued, but was from hep also, a few headaches from h*ll, few night sweats and, already, a bit brain foggy. Feel like I am ALWAYS stoned, but not the good stoned :) Just NEVER feel normal, good. (as you all know and as even before tx).
If that doesn't work, look for a 'mens only' list. They typically have better answers and are less chatty. You might also wait for Vertex 950 to hit the market next year. It's pretty much a 'sure thing' at this point.
I have all those symptoms too except the nystagmus (eyes moving from side to side). My muscles twitch all over. I've had them for almost 2 years. Ive had a spinal tap, MRI's of brain, cervical spine, thoracic and lumbar spine, evoked potentials, emg...all were normal. I've seen 4 neurologists, including an MS specialist at the Cleveland Clinic. Not one of them thinks I have MS. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone. We may never get an answer.
i'm praying that when my mom drops down to part time at her job this winter i can work on the days shes off and get insurance through work and get a doctor who is trainned in the field of mens health. this whole thing really gave me a scare and to be honest i'm still shaky about it. i don't think any guy could have what happened to me happen to him and not worry about it.
i've used testosterone cream--we have a compounding pharmacy and my obgyn ordered it for me. i know that the testosterone cream that the endo prescribed was going to cost me about $200---even with insurance--and it was a man's dosage. the endo wasn't "comfortable" having it compounded---at the right dosage for me--but she was alright with giving me a mans' dosage that would break my checkbook???? i was on DHEA, too, but it wasn't helping---i was on 25 mgs.
What about the low sodium and chloride? I go to see my new endo tomorrow and am trying to cover all my bases so I have a better understanding. Already know that I have Hashimoto's with >1000 TPO's. Also found out that I have an elevated C-Reactive Protein Level. High Chlosterol and LDL-Chlosterol...... Any insight on this???
I switched from Centrum Silver to an iron free mens multi from the Vitamin Shoppe.
we are all different in some way, spend enough time on the mens health forum and you'll see what we yap and stress about all day. is too small, is it too big, is it ment to be this color, whats this thing on it ?...... you get it ? your cool. worry about the weather instead ! haha l.e.
right on!! no cover charge and a band!! can i do a shot of jager?? was never my doc...
Coming from a male perspective, I know when I read these that the man has checked out - he simply either hates her and hates himself for getting locked into one woman who's not a cover model. Since a male perspective is my point of reference, naturally, I'm prone to conclude that she has checked out and somehow must hate me for locking her up with a someone who is not Mr. Big from Sex and city. But that is just emotion speaking there. I'm sure she knows how this hurts me.
PS - wounds take ages to heal on tx as well, so there's that much more chance for them to get infected. Cover spots and scratches with antibiotic cream and a dressing.
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