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As soon as I feel any type of tingling in my inner thigh or genital region I up the dosage to 4x a day for a couple days till the tingling stops. And as far as cold sores on the mouth go I haven't had one since i started the lysine treatment. I also can report that any major form of physical activity that really stretches out my inner thigh or puts a lot of stress on my lower back causes me to have a break out. Yoga stretches have so far been okay though.
Its been like this for a little more than a month. A few years back, it was like this for nearly 2 years but went away for about 5 months the later part of 2007. Both reactions were right after I had sexual relations with a partner. The coincidence led me to believe std related but negative tests say otherwise. I myself feel lost and not sure what to do because from what ive been reading, it seems like the creams/moisturizers and medications do not really help so much.
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