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I've been too afraid to take it, yet, because I've read some things that I don't really like about it and kind of scare me (benzodiazepines). Does anyone on the forum take this and what type of results (good or bad) have you had? From what I've read, it seems to be habit forming & really isn't meant to be taken for long periods of time.
Instead of getting better with my anxiety, I found myself taking more and more of clonazepam. My head seem to hurt more and more. I also found myself crying more and more. It seems to me my medication is actually making my anxiety worse and causing my awful headaches. Does anyone have any experience with this? I have been in since bad shape for months. Don't bother to tell me to talk to my doctor. I have been to him month after month.
This was an excellent choice, as it helps with my anxiety, I use less clonazepam and I feel less drowsy. Lyrica did give me blurred vision and extra paranoia at the start, and that was indeed awful for the first couple weeks as I upped my dosage! After the initial troubles, I found that it really was better than gabapentin for me now. I have not gained weight, but remain the same weight I call my meds weight. I just try to remain active and not pig out.
He suggests weaning off it by using Tazanidine and lyrica, as well as celexa. Taking 3 meds to wean off of one sounds scary. Another source has just recommended tapering off at a rate of 10% per week and the withdrawals should be minimal. I started this program 6 days ago and feel awful, with terrible headaches, a feeling of the shakes, some diarrhea and just like I'm about to loose it.
I am on 300 mg of Lyrica a day and it was doing wonders for me. I am now fighting a bad flare and my doctor doesn't want a higher dose although I'm going to fight him over it. When is the dose too high? Is it inevitable that it will stop working?
5 mg of clonazepam and i see alot about a med on here called klonopin i went online and it seems that clonazepam and klonopin are almost the same is this true? any one have any info or experience taaking these meds let me know.
Hi, I'm having an extreme panic disorder with agoraphobia, social phobia and some OCD related to my heart. I take a high dose of Klonopin (Clonazepam) 8 mg day divided into 16 doses of 0.5 mg for 1 hour and 0.25 the hour after and do this all day long + 1 mg of Xanax (Alprazolam)/day, 0.5 mg in the morning and 0.25 afternoon and 0.25 at night.
Maybe the 100 is not strong enough for you. You can ask the doctor to increase it. And yes, Lyrica causes weight gain. I refuse to take it for my fibro because I'm already overweight.
I started the trazadone about 2 months ago as I was not sleeping and the clonazepam and the flexeril just weren't helping. GP gave me trazadone and said that I could take up to 3- 50mg. tablets at night. I have not done this since I think this maybe where the lbs. come in. I also take premarin and estrogen, they, too, may play a part. I finally get to go to the rheumatologist a week from today.
5 mgs for about a year. I am also on clonazepam for about 14 years at 0.5 three times a day, and colchicine at 0.6 once a day and allopurinol 400mgs once a day for Gout. I am on lyrica 75mgs twice a day for diabetic peripheral neuropathy. I was on glybride 2.5 for each morning and evening meal, but have been advised to stop as my blood results have come back excellent with diet and exercise. I did stop but I can not continue the exercise and my blood pressure and weight have gone up.
com and got the brand names. Desvenlafaxine is Pristiq which is an antidepressant. Pregabalin is Lyrica, and LYRICA is indicated for: Management of neuropathic pain associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy Management of postherpetic neuralgia Adjunctive therapy for adult patients with partial onset seizures Management of fibromyalgia Clonazepam is also called Klonopin which is a benzodiazopine which can help with anxiety and sleep. You might check out www.rxlist.
Fibromyalagia is another medical condition that leads to whole body pains, and is best treated with medications such as lyrica and neurontin, exercise, and physical therapy. Lastly, I must mention that multiple sclerosis (MS) must be in the differential. This is only because of your age and the sensory changes in your face. I recommend that you follow up with your primary care physician.
I have now seen a neuro who changed the Xanax to Clonazepam. Whenever I haven't had the Xanax or Clonazepam for like a whole day my body muscles begin to twitch and spasm, even my face. I have slight spasms all of the time, but not much with meds. I've had an MRI which showed at least one lesion (I'm not sure how many) and I was told that my MRI is considered normal at this MS. Does that mean it will be abnormal later with MS? I have another MRI in May.
Another way to increase the power of the Neurontin is to take your Clonazepam WITH the Neurontin. The reason you're getting sores and all that stuff is because of "dry mouth," which is a side effect of several of your medicines, especially the pain killers Darvon and Vicodin. Suck on sugar-free candy drops, drink extra water or rinse your mouth, eat juicy fruits like watermelon and peaches, to help counteract that.
Can't warm up inside either, usually wearing several layers and under a blanket when at home. -am either wired(feel body buzzing and am hyper) or tired -pain and swelling in my knuckles, they are red too, hurts when I touch them.(might not be related) -exercise intolerance – makes me feel worse -thuds in chest – very pronounced in the center of my chest and can feel them on the outside of chest with hand as well.
There are few drugs used commonly for relieving these electric shock symptoms like clonazepam, Lyrica and Topamax.Each drug has its own advantages and side effects. Do consult a doctor before starting any medication. Exercise daily for 30-40 minutes. Indulge in yoga. All these will help in overcoming stress and staying healthy. Consult your doctor and discuss your concerns. Hope it helps.
My oncologist and pediatrist have me on b-12 oral and shots and Lyrica for the pain. Sometimes the pain is all that I can think of. What are others doing? Would a neurologist be able to tell me more about the pain in my hands? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Peripheral Neuropathy induced by toxic chemo</a>.
No, not Neurontin or Lyrica. He mentioned Clonazepam because it's longer acting then Xanax but I'm scared....don't need any cognitive impairment. I'm very apprehensive toward taking prescriptions and such but might try the Trazadone this week. Yes, I am depressed/anxious and can't sleep. Feel like a walking zombie nowadays. Had to cut out caffeine and stimulants cause of panic attacks.
Like Turbo I take Methadone - it does help the pain; especially when I took it with Lyrica. I have gone through wd from Meth and it ***** but it can be done. It helps a lot with the pain though so I have resigned myself to taking it the rest of my life. I recently had a Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted and was starting to feel better but it quit working yesterday. I go this afternoon to see why.
Or, it feels like I put my synthetic fabric clothes on high in a commercial dryer and they all got melted blobs. I put them on and I feel irritated, pprickly and scratchy all over. I know that isn't it, but i have a vivid imgiation.
gabapentin or lyrica(pregabalin) are prescription meds that act on the GABA neurotransmitters that benzos also work on and can ease the wds quite a bit, lyrica is a predesessor of gabapentin and is about 50% can also look into hydroxyzine, soma, and baclofen...all three are muscle relaxants,anxiolytics, and will help significantly in the wd process..
The positive thing is that it isn't on the same level as Lyrica. I gained quite a bit on Lyrica and lost it all when I switched to Neurontin. Since you're on such a low dose I wouldn't expect you to gain much. Just keep a lot of healthy foods around the house. The great thing about Neurontin though is it really does help with nerve pain, sciatica, or any pinched nerves, and migraines. So if you have any of that going on you should get some really awesome relief. I took 1200mg when I stopped.
currently only on 5 mg of lexapro only because i couldn't get off the last 5mg. i take clonazepam which is the only thing that works, but every couple of years i hit a wall and need to up the antidepressant. been on zoloft, paxil, celexa,effexor, lyrica, cipralex(lexapro), maoi's, etc..wondering if pristiq works, or maybe cymbalta? only snri i was on was effexor, which didn't do much but also had a brutal psych. any info would be helpful. thank you.
Hi all, I found myself at my GP's yesterday, I need more Lyrica and I need to talk to him about a business trip at the end of this week which involves a 10 hour coach trip followed by a day of performances by my dance students at Disney Paris and then travel the 10 hours back. I need to be awake and all systems firing for that day and after a long conversation about whether I could not go, or may be fly instead of coaching it, he gave a prescription for Zolpidem sleeping tablets 5mg.
She said I'd have to balance the benefits of Lyrica over this and for now will stay with the Lyrica as it is helping.
OK she was taking Clonazepam for about a year and she stopped after all of this because it can be bad for the liver.
I forgot to mention she is taking some medication for insomnia but they haven't caused any problems for here and she has been taking them for years. OK she was taking Clonazepam for about a year and she stopped after all of this because it can be bad for the liver.
I took 50 mg of lyrica last night and did better this morning with the anxiety. It helps me for some reason. I just don't like some of the side effects of lyrica, but sometimes you just have to do what you can to stop the anxiety..
I'm on 75mg Lyrica and .5 mg clonazepam at bedtime, which usually lets me get about 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep, which, for people like us, is a long time.
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