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Avatar n tn Hi i have found a small lump on the left side of my jaw bone i can feel in when i touch the external side but i can not feel it on the inside of my mouth, should i be concerned? it is sore to touch. Your advice would be very grateful as i am a mother of a small newborn and dont want to go to the doc unless it is necessary.
Avatar m tn I noticed yesterday a hard lump right on my jaw bone, about half way between my ear and chin. It seems a bit like the beginning of a zit, but is very large and I am concerned it may be a tumor. It seems too large to be the beginning stage of a zit and I rarely get them. Should I be concrrned? Is there any way to tell if it is cancer? If it were cancer, would facial hair NOT grow on the bump? Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn i have a hard bone-like lump on the right side of my jaw what could it be
Avatar m tn The problem is, before one week i got a hard lump on my right jaw bone near my chin.Also am having ear pain on the same side of the lump.The lump is painful only when touched.Is this a symptom of cancer?
1082629 tn?1256235686 First, some context.... In May/June of this past year, I developed a lump on my jaw bone. Thinking that it was a problem with a tooth (maybe an impacted wisdom tooth?) I went to the dentist. At this point the lump was maybe not quite the size of a pea. I went to the dentist and they had no same-day appointments, and that if I was worried about the lump that I should go to the ER.
1082629 tn?1256235686 First, some context.... In May/June of this past year, I developed a lump on my jaw bone. Thinking that it was a problem with a tooth (maybe an impacted wisdom tooth?) I went to the dentist. At this point the lump was maybe not quite the size of a pea. I went to the dentist and they had no same-day appointments, and that if I was worried about the lump that I should go to the ER.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal and several weeks later noticed a pea-sized hard lump on my lower jaw bone, directly down from the root canal. The dentist who put my crown on after the root canal, said that the lump had nothing to do with the root canal, and that I probably always had this lump. Does this sound reasonable?
Avatar n tn I first thought something was stuck in between my teeth. I got to probing with my finger this morning up underneath my jaw bone. I feel a gland i think that is really sore. Is this an infected gland or shouldn't there be any little marble like structures in that area???
1261134 tn?1269781554 Hi, for a couple months now i have had a lump on my upper right jaw behind the molars. it is hard and feels like bone. Im 18, never smoked and drink socially. I have too a picture which you can see from the link below of my mouth, the jump is on my right jaw (left one in photo) as you can see its bigger than the other side. any idea what it is? Thanks.
770108 tn?1235023829 Hello, I am a 42 year old female and about 2 weeks ago I noticed a tender spot under my lower jaw bone. It became increasingly tender and then I noticed a lump on the bone under the lower jaw and it is hurting more and more. It seems to be growing as well. Now when I look in the mirror it looks like that area is swollen but if you touch you can feel the hard lump on the jaw bone. It doesn't move around and it has become so painful it hurts if I yawn or clear my throat.
Avatar f tn i found a lump on my jaw and had x-rays done and they showed a tumor and then i went to a specialist and had a ct done and the report showed no abnormalities of the jaw but their is an hard bone like lump over 1/2 in in size that no one can explain. what should i do?
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a bone like lump under my chin on the right side its attached on the jaw bone and it doesnt move, i first noticed it about 9 years ago, now I have alittle pain around its not painful if pressed against it, I dont know what it is.
Avatar f tn hi i have posted on the dental page but im guessing this aint dental i had for over a month a very hard lump felt like on my jaw bone didnt move and wasnt sore came on gradually i actully thought it was a tooth thats why i wasnt to bothered about going to drs quick but i ended up i went to the dentist and he didnt know what it was he mentioned lymph nodes but have been unwell or anything and this had been there for quite a while so he gave me a course of strong antibiotics that i toke for 5 days
Avatar f tn i have a hard lump under the bone in my jaw i went to the dentist he gave me antibiotics but they dont seem to be working its really hard and a bit bigger than the size of a tooth its unmoveable and not sore more like pressure what should i do?
Avatar m tn I have a hard lump (teeth hard) growing out of my bottom jaw. It's located on the outer side of my lower right side jaw below and between my two back molar teeth. It's pea sized and grew from barely noticeable to full size in 2 days. It doesn't move around freely and feels like it's attached to my jaw bone. I had my wisdom tooth removed from that location about a year ago because it impacted my other tooth. I've read a little about tori but I'm not really sure at this point.
5887486 tn?1376108191 I've noticed it all day, there is a slight lump on the right side under my jaw. It is moveable, and isn't excruciating just yet. When I apply pressure, or face my head downwards, it gets very sore. I am very curious to know if this is heard of commonly or not, and if it is a serious problem. Thank you!
Avatar f tn It is significantly larger than my left side. I also developed a lump between my ear and jaw. (same side) It is not something that is easily felt from the outside by others. However, I can feel it and move it around. It hurts to do so though. After six months of on and off again low grade fevers of 99-100 degrees (my normal temp is 97.8 - 98) I went to a walk in clinic. The doctor ran a blood test on me and determined that my blood work was fine. they thought I was okay.
Avatar f tn I have just found a lump on my lower jaw, underneath my ear right at the jaw joint. It is approximately the size of half of a grape. It definitely feels attached to my jaw feels like s grape- not too hard or soft. It is slightly uncomfortable when felt. Any ideas of what this might be? I am going to go ahead see an ENT- but I have month and a half before I could get in. Just a little concerned. Thank you for any help!
Avatar n tn I have severe pain in my jaw and it is difficult to close my mouth without tension/pain. It sends stabbing pain both in my jaw and ear at night. I also have a lump on the jaw joint near my ear!!! I has been going on since begining of september.I wake up screaming. It is like some stabbed me with a long knitting needle after held over a flame!!!!!! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/434413'>Lump on jaw?</a>.
Avatar n tn Hi Lump on the side of the jaw could be a swollen lymph node, an abscess, a bone swelling or a parotid gland swelling. Generally vaginal discharge (I think by discharge you mean vaginal discharge) is accompanied by lymph node swellings in the groin. I do not think your jaw swelling and discharge are related. The only rare possibility is a STD. This can be ruled out by a STD panel. However, I think you should discuss this with your doctor. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage.
Avatar n tn I have a hard knot/lump on my lower right jaw bone behind my wisdom tooth which is still there. I noticed it yesterday and it makes it hard to close my mouth or eat on that side and it's painful. I just wanted to know if anyone might know what it could be. I have jaw pain from time to time which makes my wisdom tooth ache because I have TMJ, so my doctor told me last year. If anyone has any ideas let me know.
Avatar f tn I took my son to the doctor today because earlier this week he noticed a larger than pea sized lump above his jaw on the right, a couple of inches from his chin. He doesn't really complain about it hurting unless it's touched. His doctor is sending us to a ENT on wednesday, and I am absolutely terrified. His doctor has no clue what it could be. He just kept saying it was strange. It doesn't move much, but it does a little but feels like its attached to the tissue that connects to his jaw.