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Avatar_m_tn I'm a 16 year old male and I have a very painful lump in the middle of my chest, at first I believed it was just a really bad case of acne due to the smaller pimples around it but then after looking at it some more I realized that the smaller pimples had probably come from me touching the lump so much and that the lump wasn't just a large pimple as a initially suspected. I'm kinda scared that it may be cancer.
Avatar_n_tn Hi Fred,First of all cancer is very rare in male breast, especially at your age.Also,pain is almost never associated with breast cancer.I would advise you to go to your doctor and have this lump checked out.It could be a cyst or maybe an infection.. and this need to be taken care of with medication.Please go and see your doctor,this will put your mind at ease that you are okay. OK?.Best wishes.
Avatar_n_tn I am a 50 year old male and and have a lump under my right nipple which is painful (bruise like) when pressed. I have been to see my doctor who, without any testing, referred me to a surgeon who wants to do a biopsy. Nether doctor provided any diagnoses or possible cause of the lump/pain. The condition is asymmetrical and both doctors ruled out Gynocomostia. I've spent less than 1 hour between both doctors and I am at a loss as to how to proceed.
Avatar_m_tn I am a 24 year old man. i'm having a lump in my left chest around the nipple. It's been about 2 months. The lump is not visible but can be felt on touching and it pains on touching too...
Avatar_m_tn I am a 24 year old man. i'm having a lump in my left chest around the nipple. It's been about 2 months. The lump is not visible but can be felt on touching and it pains on touching too... I'm really worried about this and please reply immediately...
Avatar_m_tn What are the possible causes for a painless lump in the lower to middle of the chest aprox 2'' in size, together with acid reflux? Symptoms for 1 to 2 years. Otherwise fit and healthy.
Avatar_n_tn You don't state your age,but hormonal changes in teenagers may result in the feeling of a lump under the areolar in one or both breasts (gynecomastia). This can occur in both teenagers and young men too and it's expected to resolve in a few months in the majority of males. Depending on your age, cancer is highly unlikely, male breast cancer is extremely rare until later middle age at the earliest.
Avatar_m_tn Im a 23 year old male. I found a lump in the middle of my chest. its hard and i thought mayb it was bone but its never been there before. It doesnt move when I touch it and is a bit painful when I push on it. I had thyroid cancer 2 years ago but they told me it was gone.Im worried but Im scared to have to go to the doctor and go through all of that again. What should I do?
Avatar_m_tn Hi, 10 days ago I noticed a lump on my left chest (half an inch big, situated 5 inches bellow my nipple). On the very beginning it was not painful but recently the area around the lump(2 inches next to it) it started small itching and and tiny little burning pain. My doctor made an X-ray and ultrasound and told me it is well defined and not to worry about it. He recommended making a surgery and removing it, but the surgery appointment is due in 3 weeks.
Avatar_n_tn Hi, I am a 38 yrs old male 5'10 and about 210 pounds. I have a lump on my left side of my chest about and inch left of the nipple. I guess it's been there for about 6 months. I'm not sure if it has grown or not. Maybe?! It's a little less then the size of a dime. It's under the skin and seems to be at the muscle (under some fat of course). It's hard and a little painful (tender) to touch. I also think the muscle around it is a bit tender.
355049_tn?1272259988 He came to me yesterday to show me a hard moveable lump he has on his chest. Its close to the middle of his chest on his right breast. He told me it has been there for about a year maybe a little less. He says nothing or no one has hit him there. So I am lost as to what it could be. I pray that its not cancer or anything remotely serious, but its obviuosly something. He has also lost a lot of hair for 22 yrs old. his hair on the top of his head is almost completely gone.
Avatar_n_tn Hi. If that soft lump is movable (not fixed to the chest wall) and seems to be located just underneath the skin, it's probably just a benign condition like a lipoma (a non-cancerous growth consisting of fat cells) or an epidermal inclusion cyst (an accumulation of oily secretions from skin glands, which got clogged up).
Avatar_n_tn I am a 23 year old male and for several years now I've had a painful lump or disc under my left nipple. It is very painful, but only when touch. It hurts to lay down on my chest and hug others or simply bump it. For a while both of my breasts (male breasts that is) were the same size, but my left one (the one with the painful lump) is larger. I also have many visible lumps or bumps under my armpits (sometimes I get one that hurts in the left armpit).
Avatar_n_tn but, it's an odd one and it deals with something she's been dealing with for the past year... so I'd prefer to start here. I am a male. I am 30 years old. In resonably good shape. Obviously, I have a genetic disposition to breast cancer, since my sister just had it and a number of my Aunt's have too. My question is probably a silly one. I have a bit of a sore spot on my left pec (male breast). Recently, I have taken Saw Pallmeto, an herb for hairloss amongst other things.
Avatar_m_tn I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I think you need to be proactive and agressive in finding out what this is. I like MedHelp, but its limited in making an actual diagnosis - please visit your physician.
Avatar_m_tn i am male and had an ultrasound on 2 small lumps in the left breast and the written report says that the largest lump (3mm) contains a tiny calcific focus with no internal vascularity demonstrated. It says the other one is a small cyst and that no other solid mass or architectural distortion is seen. It also says the retroareolar region and axilla are normal. If a lump has a tiny calcified focus does that mean cancer? and do you think i have anything to worry about?
Avatar_n_tn I have had this terrible sore tight chest pain with feeling of lump in my throat for around six weeks now. I've been on Omeprazole and that didn't seem to help at all - just made me feel worse: feeling sick, pains in stomach (that I hadn't had prior) headaches. Went back to see my Dr. and she changed the tablets but they aren't taking the symptoms away either. I've starved myself of wine, chocolate, fatty foods. Lost about half a stone as a consequence, but all to no avail!
Avatar_n_tn I don't know if that means the pain in my chest area is much worse or if the pain killers just don't work as well for some types of pain. I went to the doctor and an standard xray showed a 2cm mass behind and just above the nipple. The doctor said she couldn't feel any lumps but the xray tech told me I needed to see another doctor because they saw a large mass.
Avatar_n_tn I am after some information about what it might be, as you can imagine i am very aware of lumps appearing in my body. The lump itself can be quite tender and also has a dull ache about it. When getting in the shower in the morning the actual nipple is incredibly tender and stings until my body has warmed up.
Avatar_n_tn Hi, The most common sign of breast cancer for both men and women is a lump or thickening in the breast. Often the lump is painless. Other male breast cancer symptoms include: Skin dimpling or puckering ,development of a new retraction or indentation of the nipple, changes in the nipple or breast skin such as scaling or redness ,nipple discharge . From when have you been noticing this change in your right nipple? You need to get it evaluated by a surgeon.
Avatar_n_tn My husband found a small lump in his chest 3 weeks ago. It is about an inch to the side and down from his left nipple. It is hard and about the size of a kidney bean. We went to the doctor and he blew it off as a possible result of a medication my husband has recently started taking-singular-even though no mention of this particular side effect could be found in any reference guide of elsewhere. I don't want to make a mountain out of a kidney bean but I do want my husband to be safe.
Avatar_m_tn my mother felt the lump and she said its a tension knot or pulled muscle .. i am so worried about it being cancer. im 21 male and in good health .. but i havent felt myself in weeks.. im so worried.. can this all be just anxiety? please help.. i need to ease my mind somehow.. the lump is there.. has not grown in 3 days and im just so worried because i heard that most cancer lumps are painful, hard and not movable under the skin.. i am not feeling fatigue or anything..
Avatar_f_tn Afterwards I had some quickly appearing pressure in my left arm, tingly fingers and felt like someone was stepping on my lungs and the air felt thick breathing in (like when you're in a hot humid sauna) I was also a bit spaced out, like i was beside myself. No pain in my chest however.
Avatar_n_tn I am a 25 year old male and I have a lump about 2 inches to the left of my left nipple. I noticed it a couple months ago while showering. It only really causes me discomfort when I press on it. Any idea what this could be?