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I have been reading some forums about small lumps in the armpits. I cannot assure it is something related to breast cancer. My mom had it too and removed it. Breast cancer runs in my family. When I touch it, around it there's nothing but right in the middle I can feel a bean-size lump. I notice that there was some pain but i didn't realize it until just a few days ago. I read also it is something related to pregnancy which I am not. Any answers will be appreciated..
my fiance is pregnant and has a lump in her armpit that just developed a month ago and the doctor scheduled her for a biopsy. my question is if it turns out she has breast cancer does that mean we will lose the baby due to treatment? She is only 7 weeks along in the pregnancy. please get back with me as soon as you can. thank you.
i have a lump in my armpit every time i have my period, then eventually it will disappear.. but now that i'm five months pregnant, the lump in my armpit appears bigger and it doesn't disappear.. what should i do regarding this?
so im 18 when i was pregnant from my son a lump in my armpit grew and it was very painful doctors told me it was a cyst,a lymph node,milk that got stuck there,etc.. i had an ultrasound done turned out i had mastastis..and after my treatment the pain went away but the lump nevr did im pregnant again and i already know this lump is gonna be a problem again..aftger i give birth should i consider surgery??? or is ther some kind of excercise i can do to minimize the size of the lump????
What you can do is to observe that lump for a month or two to see if it grows any bigger or starts causing symptoms. A pea sized lump in your armpit may just be a lymph node normally found in that area. If the lump is persistent after the two month observation period, even if it has not changed in size or caused any symptoms, it might also be wise to have it checked by a doctor.
Yesterday I found a lump under my armpit. It is tender to the touch, and is about the size of a pea - seems to be kind of hard. I have no history of cancer in my family (except skin), but I have had to have a LEEP procedure done due to Displacia on my cervi, about 8 years ago. I am 28, and 4 months pregnant, so I have been going to gyncecologist every month due to pregnancy, and PAP turns out fine. Should I be concerned? I have an appointment in 2 weeks, but am afraid to wait that long.
I have a pea sized lump in each armpit. They seem to be appearing and dissappearing over the last couple of weeks and have been very painful. Do you know if this could be linked to the early stages of pregnancy?
Hi, Breast lumps may occur normally in pregnancy, especially in the third trimester when the breasts are getting ready for lactation.A tail of breast tissue may extend into the armpit. There is a variety of reasons why lumps appear in the axilla area. It could be that you are using a deodorant that could cause sweat glands to get clogged.It could also be an infected hair follicle.
hi, about a year ago I noticed a lump in my right armpit, also before I noticed it , I had a clumsy little fall & had a big cut on my ankle & got a abscess near it. I admit I didn't treat the area well. I went to check it out at the doctor ( the armpit boil ) , and he said it was a boil & put me on antibiotics. It didn't really help, I don't think I followed the guidelines right. that one drained soon after.
it is in the place where the armpit sort of joins the breast, but it is still in the armpit. can it be something serious? i am also 20 pregnant...
I just recently noticed a coffee bean size left armpit lump. It hurts when I press it but it doesn't seem to have increased in size. I am currently 22 wks pregnant and wondering if I should be concerned or whether this is hormonal? Both breasts are pretty tender but that's been the norm throughout my pregnancy. I haven't noticed any lumps in my breasts. Has anyone experienced this?
Hi i am 22 weeks pregnant i have a lump in my left breast near my armpit..since i found it i have been touching it quite often and now there is a lingering pain. Does anyone know about this? is it something with pregnancy? it was not there 2 weeks ago cause i went to the doc and he did a breast examination.
During the 6th month of my pregnancy I noticed a lump under my left armpit, it was painful at times and I was informed by my GP that due to hormonal imbalances during pregnancy it was not unusual. Since giving birth nearly 2 years ago the lump has remained, my GP has now described it as excess breast tissue. It is painful at times and seems to be getting larger.I am concerned, should I seek a 2nd opinion?
Hello, It can be an accessory breast tissue or supernumerary breast tissue which occurs in occurs in 2-6% of females and has no physiologic significance, but some may enlarge with the onset of puberty, pregnancy, or lactation, and can be the site of breast carcinoma. The second possibility is of a benign growth like a lipoma. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Hello, It can be an accessory breast tissue or supernumerary breast tissue which occurs in occurs in 2-6% of females and has no physiologic significance, but some may enlarge with the onset of puberty, pregnancy, or lactation, and can be the site of breast carcinoma. The second possibility is of a benign growth like a lipoma. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
if it doesnt go away in like 2 or so weeks i would go to one of those walk in clinics insurance or not ur healths more important.. but sounds like theres nothing to worry about.,. could u tell me how u came about being diagnosed with cervical cancer?
Hi... Found a soft lump (non-painful, movable and ~2cm) in right armpit. Have NO lumps in either breast but my mother did have breast cancer. This may have been present for as long as 2 years (noticed when I was pregnant but complicated pregnancy sidetracked me from bringing up with birth complications...long story short, didn't notice again til this month). Have been in to family doctor and am scheduled for a mammogram and have a consult with a surgeoun.
My right armpit looks more swollen or has a lump in it and is a little painful. Is this something I should be concerned about or is this normal in a pregnancy?
When you do your SBE (Self Breast Exam) have you noticed anything abnormal like a breast lump, skin changes or nipple discharge? Pain in one or both breasts can be due to many benign causes,(including pregnancy) and it's rarely associated with breast cancer.Cysts,breast infection,oral contraceptive pills,injury to a muscle,tight clothing, Costochondritis (which is an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breast bone),could cause similar pain.
A fibroadenoma may cause some discomfort in some settings but it is unlikely to make lymph nodes swell. If you feel a lump in your armpit, it should be evaluated by a physician. It could be many things, including a lymph node but without evaluation, it is impossible to guess at what this might be. If you are not comfortable with your doctor, you might seek the opinion of a breast specialist. These are usually located at large academic medical centers.
during pregnancy of my 2nd child, i developed small lumps in my armpit. it pained a lot and after 2-3 days, puss oozed out of the lump and it dissappeared. again after few weeks, another lump in the same armpit appeared, which also dissappeared after 2 days, after puss ozzed out. this has been continuing since 4-5 months. the lump is small tender and swollen. puss comes out after 2-3 days and it dissappears. please tell me what it might be. should i consult a doctor, or is it ok.
I discovered a very painful lump under my left armpit and a not so painful one under my right armpit. I got my tonsils out in July and I have had 2 colds since then. The last few days I have been feeling kind of sick, (sore throat) and I am about a wekk and a half late on my period. I have never had sex so pregnancy is not an option. Anyways, I was wondering if there is any connection with my symptoms and these painful lumps? And about how long does it take for them to go back to normal.
when i came home from hospital on sunday i noticed a lump under my armpit that is some what painful some days more painful than others... does anyone know if this is related to breastfeeding and if i should be concerned... if so should i call the OB or my primary dr???
I am five weeks pregnant and have recently visited a a breast specialist to address problem in one breast. Before she even examined me, she said my symptoms were due to my pregnancy. Naturally I am concerned that I haven't been taken seriously, so I am looking for advice as to how long I should wait for problems to resolve before attempting to visit another doctor. For the last week and a half I have experience stabbing pains in ONE of my breasts, followed by swollen lymph nodes in my armpit.
I have been getting these large bumps in my armpits for 4 years now. I have a LARGE one in my right armpit now. I am a normal house wife, mother of five great health... I don't get what the deal is... I don't take Tylenol or any other non natural pain killers, I am a healthy person. I only shop at healthy organic food stores. So ladies it is not what you are eating, It is so something else. My husband wants me to go to the doctor to get it drained! I want to let it go down by itself.
Oh my goodness! I am having alot of this too. Mine is in my left armpit mostly and then in my shoulder, neck, upper left rib cage and back. All on my left side. Sometimes it feels cold,sometimes it is hot and tingly, sometimes it is just a throbbing pain other times sharp shooting pains. Most of the time my left arm is affected. I have had all the heart test run and when I felt a lump under my left armpit I had a mammogram done.
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