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I have also had tendinitis that comes and goes away on it's own. My husband now has a lump on his elbow about the size of a marble, maybe a tiny bit bigger than a marble. I never heard of a lump forming due to tendinitis - would this be normal? The lump is hard and painful to him when I tried feeling the lump. I told him several times to call the doctor, but he thinks it's just tendinitis. Has anyone else also experienced a lump from tendinitis?
My 18 year old son has a lump on his inner arm to the side of his elbow. it is small,slightly whiter than the surrounding skin and resembles a lipoma, but the surface skin is wrinkled. Our doctor has assured us it is nothing to worry about, although he is not sure what it is, but has suggested it is from pressure from leaning. However, skin is not rough or calloused. He prescribed a anti-bacterial cream ( I think it is steroidal too) but it is not having any effect.
My 19yr old daughter just showed me a small lump on the inside of her elbow...should I be concerned now or can it wait till the morning? It was a bruise at first for two days, now it's a small lump.
I woke up this morning with a lump on my elbow about the size of a golf ball. It is soft and does not hurt. There is no redness or heat. Any ideas?
Around the beginning of Summer, I noticed some type of lump/swelling on my inner elbow, right above the crease on the side closest to my body with palm facing up. My doctor said that it must be a hematoma and that I might have bumped it without noticing. After a several months, the swelling decreased and nearly disappeared, but it has recently come back. There is no discoloration and no lump can be felt beneath the skin when my arm is bent.
I HAVE HAD THIS pea sized lump for 6 months its the lymph node i had the orthpedic tell me, i havent had a infection near aroun my arm, chect leg, i have been getting pain with the ulner nerve i think the swelling might press against the nerve. what would cause this lymph node to enlarge for so long...... grandma moms mom was only 1 to have lymphoma at the age of 60.... im 23 yr old.
The pain seem to be coming from my wrist and shooting up my arm to my elbow and down to my hand. It hurts in my thumb, pointer finger, and my pinky finger. I also have a lump on the top of my wrist on the thumb side. I am at a loss as to what to do. I sleep with a brace on everynight and I take anti inflamatory meds when it flares up bad. Any suggestions as to what this could be?
At the moment my elbow is bent and as I type this the tingling and odd stinging pain has traveled down to my hand. My veins in my hands and down my arm seem to be bulging and my skin feels all tight and taut. I feel like I need to stretch like an elastic just to type. I have tried to push it away but it hurts A LOT. On top of the pain, it also feels like my arm/hand/fingers are slowly going numb. Pain/numbness is even traveling up to my shoulder...
Does it involve a lot of movement or rotation at the elbow joint or constant pressure on the elbow for long hours? Is the swelling on the inside or outside of your elbow joint? Do you remember any history of trauma or injury to the site? This could be - tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, olecranon bursitis or synovial cyst of the elbow joint. 'Tennis elbow is a condition where the outer part of the elbow becomes painful and tender.
it me vanessa25777 can u email me the answer or what ever u recomend me about the painful red big lump in my elbow that hurts so much please...
I can move the lump with my fingers but the lump is really sore. Theres no way its a ganglion. It feels like a sore burning there. Is it possible this could be a cancerous lump?
The lump is located (palm-side up) about 2-3 inches below my elbow (pinky side). The lump feels like a bb and its tender. At first there was some swelling, but it appears to have gone down and its not as tender. Last Saturday I went to an Urgent Care clinic and the PA took an x-ray and she said that the x-ray showed a reaction - but the bone was healthy. When she tried to explain what "reaction" meant --- it just didn't make sense.
I noticed a large lump on the bottom left side of my neck, I have noticed in the last week some soreness on my elbow, hurts by the touch of the desk, at the same time I feel a sore and perhaps swollen sensation between my elbow and my neck as a connection. No insurance, and have not told my family. any advise?
The weird thing is that I have also developed a lump on my upper outer right arm; about 3-4 inches above the elbow. This I just noticed about a month ago, but it has gotten bigger over time (now visible). My underarm lump HURTS!!! But the lump on my upper outer arm does not hurt. Have an appt Monday but gotta get thru the weekend-anyone have any similar experiences???
mobility coming back, squishy lump/sac dissapating Doc says it may return, but that many get an inflamed bursae and get it drained and have a cort injection to never have a repeat of the problem He didn't really have a clear answer as to what to do about the hard lump on the tip of my elbow that is hyper sensitive at times and has been with me for over 5 years
I have a lump by my elbow, in the inside of my arm. I gained a little weight , so I have some extra blubber in that area, but this is a ball about the size of a walnut. What kind of doc should i go see. It is not painful at all, I can grab it and move it around a little. Opinions please!! I really do not like doctors!! Sorry!
When I poke it, even slightly, it causes pain into the elbow! It's very superficial. I barely have to touch my armpit to find the lump. In other words, it't not deep in the armpit in the "hollow of the armpit. In fact, the lump feels like its right in the muscle of the armpit. The skin covering this bump also feels like a little swollen. Question TWO: Is one swollen lymph nodes = ARS? I hear that swollen lymph nodes can indicate HIV ARS.
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The other morning I woke up and my right arm hurt,feeling under my arm I felt a lump, it felt like maybe a spider bite so I wasn't too worried. It isn't red and it is not swollen. I does have some dull pain to it and hurts when I press on it. It is located ubder my right arm around the mid-bicep area.Today I felt another one just above the elbow area on the same arm. Is this anything I should be concerned with or could this just be fatt deposits or could it be a sign of cancer of some sort?
Hello, I am 14 years old and I have this round-like shape bump on my left elbow. I had a IV in my left arm and had fluids for a horrible migraine. The size of the bump is maybe a lima bean size. What should I do? I was diagnosed w/ phlebitis and it feels like more than phlebitis than anything. HELP!!!
I have just discovered a hard lump under the skin just above the crease of my left elbow. On the side closest to the body. About the size of a quarter. I have a high blood platelet count and it is steady at about 550,000. last 2.5 years. Have had bone marrow test, all clear. Constant muscle and lower back pain. Hla-b 27 positive. Absolutely NO energy. Mild heart attack at age 49. Now age 54. Any suggestions? Separate each on out or all them all up.
My vein is hard, and there is a hard lump where my elbow crease is.... it's not hurting at all anymore. I'm just assuming she damaged the vein a little, Maybe there is some clotting going on.... but I assume it will go away.
Or do you think I might just have some swelling around that bone from the pulled muscle. When I lay on my side with my elbow propped on my head, the lump seems huge! Please let me know what you think.
Hi: I have a small limp on my upper right arm about 2.5 inches from the elbow. Its about 3/4 to 1 inch in size, has not changes much in the last 3 months and the area around it is kind of bumpy (not on skin, but inside). I have no pain. It's kind of hard but does not protrude much at al. I'm a mail, 49 in great heath, so history of cancer in me or my family. Of course I'm concerned that it's a soft tissue cancer -- can someone descrive how a soft tissue in this area feels? Could this be one?
On my left arm, above my elbow, There is a lump kind of deep. It's not too large is size, but about the length of a small apple. It's painful and feels like it puts off a slight pressure. It's been bothering me for a while, and I'm starting to get pretty concerned about it. There is also a slight pain in about the same spot on my other arm also. I know I'm probably just sick on top of this, but I'm really feeling bad. Ahy help?
Hi, my best friends daughter has a small lump located near the elbow on the inside of her right arm. Her arm is very painful, and she cannot lift it. She says that the pain radiates up to the top near her shoulder and that she is also getting mild numbness along with the pain. She has no other symptoms of being un-well...She has seen a doctor who said it could be lymphoma...but after reading up on that condition, she does not have any other symptoms...her blood-work came back clean, too.
The lump is located (palm-side up) about 2-3 inches below my elbow (pinky side). The lump feels like a bb and its tender. At first there was some swelling, but it appears to have gone down and its not as tender. Last Saturday I went to an Urgent Care clinic and the PA took an x-ray and she said that the x-ray showed a reaction. When she tried to explain what "reaction" meant --- it just didn't make sense. Finally, she just said that there was some irritation.
now this lump, i have been in agony with a pain in my left shoulder and its radiated down my arm to my elbow. now its moved to in between my shoulder blade. today it has moved to my right shoulder. the pain is intense and i cannot sleep with it. My left ear is sore and i get swelling behind my ear also, my sinuses are a problem, as the decompression surgery involved cutting away the sinus membrane on both sides. i have a cough as its due to nasal dripping irritating.
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