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i just found out i was pregnant only a week ago, so that only puts me at barely a month pregnant, and last night i was talkin to my husband and i started getting a pain in my lower stomach just to the right of my left pelvis, it wasnt ridiculously uncomfortable, i guess the best way to explain it was almost like heart burn in my stomach.
If youur early in pregancy, then yes completely normal. Its just youur uterus streching && getting used too he little onee.
I havn't had any morning sickness or anything and all day today I have had dull cramps in my lower back just like before I was pregnant right before AF would pay a visit. Now I have these kind of dull pains in my lower abdonminal and they are making me nauseas(?) and hard to eat. I am about 4 1/2 months along. Is it something to worry about or is it somtimes normal.
Today Ive been having slight pains there but Im also having lower pains. Not quite like menstral cramps, not at intense and AF isnt due for 2 more weeks.It feels more like pressure and uncomfort rather than pain.
Hi, I've been experiencing some really odd pains in my lower stomach I am 14 weeks pregnant and my doctor said it was round ligament pains but it has gotten worse it hurts to turn, walk, or even get up and I don't know what it is.. what could that be?
The last three days I have been having stomach pains to the point they have put my in tears. I took a home pregnancy test and it came back negitive so I was woundering what it could be. I don't drink at all. Any ideas?
I'm 5 weeks 3 days pregnant today and my lower left side of my abdomen keeps getting a hard ball in it and its the side that cramps the most...also I felt it in my stomach last night and this morning. Is this normal? I've had alot of problems in my past pregnancy and I had a miscarriage so every little thing is freaking me out. Thankss.
Off and on for the Last three months, I have been experiencing bad lower right side stomach pains. I am 22 never been pregnant. I got checked for appendix and gule bladder stones. All came back Negative. They said it was a Bactria infection in my kidneys. Well it came back again another round of anti biotic. I have been on 4 rounds of an Anti Biotic. Then after its done 2 weeks later Im in pain and I cant eat and I cant use the bathroom to go poop it like burns in my stomach when I have to.
but for the last 2 days I been feeling Pressure on my blatter n sharp but not suver pains in my lower stomach.and today I started spotting dark red blood but not enought that feels a whole pad...what should I do what should I think.
I am 29 weeks and for the last few days I have been experiencing horrible stomach pains....Sometimes I think it's just gas (how embarrassing) I am just hoping it's a bug or something. But I am not feeling sick or anything else. It's been off and on for the last 3 or 4 days. When I go to the bathroom, I feel better for a little while, until it comes back! This morning I thought I was having contractions they were so bad. I couldn't even stand up!
hi all had 2 blastocysts transfered on saturday, and since late saturday nite i have had period cramping... in back sides and normal lower tummy, af pains.... this is my last go and am very worried it hasnt worked and af is on its way... test date on 24th sept...
my last period was january the 19-24. i had sex unprotectd and the guy came in me on the 1st/2nd! startn this morning i have had lower abdominal cramps. Right above the pubic line. Nothing else seems to be accoring but the cramps. They feel more like a tightening or pinch. Keepn in mind, twins run highly in my family! so could this be a sign of pregnancy?
I am 8 weeks pregnant and my lower stomach is pretty sore is this normal?
But the last couple nights I've had sharp pains. N my lower ribs and sometimes on the sides of my stomach is it normal?
Wow was at my sons game tonight and all of a sudden I got these horrible lower abdomen pains, with lots and lots of pressure!!! I don't know what they were but they were bad enough I had to go sit in my car until they went away, they lasted for about 30 minutes and then since I have been really bloated! I have never felt these pains before, I dont know what they were. Also since I woke up my rib cage on both sides feels really sore. Has anyone ever had this before O, or during O?????
Hi I'm around 5-6 weeks pregnant and have been getting small sharp pains in my right side is this normal thanks
Im new to all this. My first child, but i have cramping in my lower stomach like period cramping, and in my hip. Theres no blood what so ever , no morning sickness. Just that and boobs hurting. Would it just be muscles tightening up and expanding?
i am 6 weeks pregnant and having sharp pains in my lower stomach. been going on for the past week. its not real bad but its constant. i have had 2 previous c sections. i dont remember having these pains with my other 2. i have had no bleeding. most of the time it feels like its on the right side, but feels like its on the left now. any ideas?
Well that pain didnt come back after that night which is good but I woke up this morning with cramp like pain in my whole lower stomach....is that normal? It didnt hurt real bad it was just strangly uncomfortable and i was just wondering if that was normal at all.
I was having trouble sleeping last night because my stomach and lower back were hurting really bad. I was getting up every two hours because I felt a BM but nothing would come out. Finally after hours of nausea and stomach cramps I vomited anything and everything left in my stomach. I went to bed with some relief and finally fell asleep for two hours.
I found out I was pregnant yesterday. My Stomach has been hurting, nothing TOO serious VERY uncomfortable but my body won't allow me to eat anything and everything makes me so sick. It feels as if I'm hungry but then again I'm not but once I do eat the first bite I don't want to eat anymore. My stomach pains last all day, when will it end?
5 weeks pregnant with some random stomach pains. For the last few days I have been having some stomach pains....usually in my lower right or lower left lower abdomen,but mostly the left. It comes and it goes. Its not tender to the touch but it hurts a little when it comes..........but its not so bad that I have to sit or anything. Is it normal to have twinges, pains, cramps, twitches during 7 weeks. I heard a heart beat on monday and feel soooo happy and relieved...........
I don't know if this has anything to do with it but i've had really bad stomach pains since then. I've also developed a cold, and i havent been near anyone that has a cold. i'm really not sure whats going on. i didn't know if i had to use a back up method when i changed my pill? i doubt i'm pregnant so what could this be. the pain is unbearable when i sit down, its only ok when i lay down or walk. any comments?
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