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Avatar f tn My doctor told me I couldn't take Coumadin because it has to cross the placenta and it's not safe. So, I take Lovenox and 81mg asprin daily. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I'm going to have all the blood screening tests for thrombophilia once I come off warfarin and if those are OK I should be off warfarin. My concern is returning to flying and have the following queries: 1. Is flying time cumulative in terms of increased risk for DVTs? So that lots of short haul flights make you more at risk? 2. Should I be asking my doctor about preventative injections before I fly and if so what does that entail? 3.
159354 tn?1286371288 As for your blood clotting disorder and flying, I think that as long as you have being taking the lovenox as ordered, you should be fine, just get up and walk and do leg exercises while seated. Did you have the miscarriages before or after being diagnosed with clotting disorder? As far as being pregnant when Jake is one. I personally couldn't have done it, but from 1 -2 years my son was still breastfeeding and clingy(needing to be carried etc). He was very much still a baby...
Avatar f tn I am done with my Lovenox shoots and I am on Coumadin now. I live in Florida and I am planning to go to Europe on August. I read online about the risks and precautions of flying with DVT in the legs. Does anybody know about the risks of flying with a DVT on the head? any advise, experiences or comments? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Hi I did IUI on Saturday and am now doing the dreadful 2WW and I am already feeling discouraged but not defeated. I have PMS signs and it sucks cuz IF and WHEN AF shows up I'm gonna feel like burying my self under my sheets and never waking up. Don't mean to seem negative but today I am feeling prety down. Anyhow good luck to both of us.
Avatar n tn The benefit definitely outweighs the risk and I strongly suggest that she continue with Lovenox/heparin or whatever she is presently taking. She will be doing herself more harm than good if she were to stop the daily injections.
117078 tn?1200026271 I went into the ER (I had already been started on Lovenox and Coumadin) after multiple attempts to place an IV sans success, they attempted to place a central line. The central line was sans success as well. What they ended up causing was a major hematoma. My blood, according to the anesthesiologist, was clotting as he was trying to place the line in. THey ended up placing a femoral line very shortly after in the left leg.
1571146 tn?1399913292 Belly measuring right on track now too, while before we were 2 weeks ahead. Next growth scan on 1/13! No big head PLEASE lol. I am still on lovenox and have been instructed to stay on it until the day prior to induction. That date is tentatively set for 1/27 pending confirmation from the hospital.
Avatar n tn i only transfered 1 five day blast and im 11weeks preggo! i had some mild cramps about 4 day after the transfer and i started doing hpt at 5 dp transfer. it was + and got darker every day! how many days past transfer are you and are you going to test with htp? i could not stand it. a girl that i met at my clinic and she did the same as me on the same days as me did not test + till 2 days before beta. let me know.
159354 tn?1286371288 ))) we haven't picked a name yet... and time is flying... I'm happy you started the Lovenox - better safe than sorry! At 36 weeks they'll probably switch you to Heparin, they're switching me because of the epidural.
Avatar f tn since my diagnosis, I have learned that I have factor V leiden (my mom tested positive so I checked and found out I had it), I had a 2nd trimester miscarriage (attributed to thrombophilia), and then discovered I also tested positive for sickle cell trait!
159354 tn?1286371288 I am so glad to hear you made it through with flying colors! Like you, I have had 2 m/c prior to this pregnancy and know what that pain is like. I was lucky though, I only had issues the first trimester of pregnancy, the subchorionic hemorrhage - thus putting me on bed rest until 11 weeks, coupled with the morning sickness that was so bad they had to put me on Zofran.
Avatar n tn Signs of chronic mastoiditis. She is on Lovenox and they want to watch wait and see. This thrombectomy thing sounds interesting. She is having headaches and visual disturbances as well. It seems to me a shunt would be in order but they are not wanting to get aggressive. Very concerned because she is so young. Dr.
1907191 tn?1468104574 Will you be on heparin or lovenox? I will talk to my re about the lovenox and immune suppressants he mentioned he wanted me to take. I started stims yesterday. Tentative retrieval would be June 21,22,23 with 4 embryos transferred on day 3 this time instead of day 5 Hope everyone is doing well! Happy Tuesday!
Avatar f tn Transfered 2 grade A and 1 grade B embryos on 3rd day of retieval- I am currently on progesterone oil injection and suppositories, Lovenox injection,Amoxicillin,medrol,folic acid, and prenatal vitamins. My stomach feels very tight and bloated and cramping, and have this unexplainable feeling in abdomen area. These symptoms can be confusing because of the medication.... By the way, Congrats to to all with good news and lots of baby dust to the rest!
413852 tn?1317312312 Tijuana - I hope it is nothing serious. Maybe a combo of provera and Lovenox? That's it! You need to tell your boss that you have to go home and get some rest, feet elevated above your heart. Go home, veg on the couch with a big pillow under your feet.... Get some good snacks and a lot of water... and a few magazines, a good book or two, and maybe the remote. Don't forget the a/c down there! Hope you get better soon!!! XO!
Avatar n tn They have hooked me up w/ a hematologist for follow-up on this (and he is monitoring my Coumadin for the next 3-6 months). He is running other tests to make sure that I do not have anti-beta 2 glycoprotein 1 instead of anticardiolipin. Evidently, the test he ran 1st is not a specific test? For some reason, the anti-beta would be worse? I don't really understand all of this.
Avatar f tn Had my follow up from the first ivf cycle, and things are changing this time around, we are doing a long cycle, using lupron, gonal-f and menopur. This should be interesting and different. They are going this route, in hopes that I will be able to make some more eggs than last cycle, I had 8 total, with 7 mature, 4 fertilized and then 2 that were good to transfer. They kept watching the remaining two, but they didn't do much.
551343 tn?1506834118 I'm 42yrs old, mother of adult son, but have had undiagnosed symptoms off and on for years. From Joint pain and swelling to lymph node swelling and tenderness to now currently weakness (heavy feeling) and constant tiredness. I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago with a dead gallbladder which was removed...and it was dead. But now my PCP is testing for Autoimune and Viral/baterial infections: Mono, Lyme, Celiac and Lupus. I won't get the test results for another 24hrs or so.
1287560 tn?1272220121 getting a little nervous but super excited! Wish everyone the best and lots of prayers and look forward to hearing about all of our BFP's!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I felt tired at the time of the tachy but once it popped back to a normal rhythm, I felt fine and ready to go. I've had 3 ablations now and although I still have PSVT it rarely lasts long, at most 15 minutes and rarely goes over 150. The shorter bursts may pop up to 180. My doctor is now trying to get me onto meds which I don't want. She said I'm still having PSVT and am symptomatic. Just because I can feel them doesn't mean I'm debilitated by them.
1294995 tn?1330666336 Some of us have already been through multiple rounds together, facing this roller-coaster with fearless optimism, and I have been so uplifted by the ladies' kindness, knowledge, and understanding. We invite you to join in.... We are here because we know it will be our turn soon!
Avatar n tn Also, for the last 2 months my periods have been at least 4 days late and really light, and I am having discharge throughout the month. I was diagnosed with endometriosis about 3 years ago, but since my surgery none of the dr's have been concerned. I did have abnormal cells show up on a pap, but the biopsy turned out ok. I'm not sure what the problem is, and I have sceduled an appt, but is there anything I can do until then?
Avatar f tn I had my second transfer a week ago and am going for my test in 3 days. First transfer didn't work and I got a very painful and extremely heavy period 3 days before my test. Both transfers were with blasties. With the first transfer I didn't get any symptoms at all. With this second one I've felt a little bit of breast soreness, mild nausea and fatigue. I have also had a lot of cramping, but mainly in my hips and back, rather than the usual lower abdomen period pain.
Avatar f tn I am one day past IVF and am having lower menstrual cramps. Is this unusual. Did anyone else's doctor require them to have bedrest for 24 hours? Thanks for listening.
162948 tn?1205256292 I got my IUD out on Aug 5th and am ttc. I have had lots of spotting and maybe a period but nothing regular. I called my doc and they said that it takes 3 months before the hormones are out of your system. The mirena website makes it sound as though you can get pregnant anytime after removal. Any advice/stories would be appreciated. Thanks.
318181 tn?1336447096 I started lupron 20 units two days ago, and had my trial transfer and water sono that same day. I also got my protocol, and I will be on 3 repronex vials and 1 menopur vial a day once I start the stims. I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing, but also excited. I just REALLY hope it works! OK! Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do....I'll post again later once I've read through the posts on the old thread.
Avatar n tn i have had 3 iuis and going for my 4 today, with the other 3 even though i wasnt pregnant i had very sore breasts and felt very bloted i learned after having so many iuis to expect that i guess that comes from the hcg shot, i never was nausiuos though,that could be a good sign some woman know it the minute they become pregnant,and you could be one of them,i know the two week wait can be unbearable,but try and hang in there and try not to take a hpt test for a few more days,unlike i did and get a
Avatar n tn no symptoms and last time I had symptoms. I was bloated and had cramping and very swollen breasts. This time nothing. I feel like any second I could get AF and should on Monday or Tuesday. Anyone else never have symptoms but test positve with the Dr. Pinkpanter-there is really no knowing when the IVF will work. My worked on the first try but I know people who have tried 9 times. Go for it!