Lisinopril for opiate withdrawal

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We all are different but generally, as you all know, opiate withdrawal will not kill you. Alcohol, barbituate, and benzos are dangerous and life threatening. I am getting ready to quit the vicodin again this week. I will let you know when I officially quit, It's been so bad for me lately, I am so anxiety riddled when I wake up in the mornings, it's getting unbearable.
I was taking 50mgs a day of Norco ran out been on 20 a day for 3 weeks and withdrawals seem like im not even tapering. I was out for 2 weeks before I could my script filled. I need to know why the anxiety;y is killing me and should I just jump off the 20mgs now. thanks any help is very appreciated.
I kicked Vicodin about 10 months ago and thought I had it beat and then a funny thing happened about a month later. I also take Lisinopril (for blood pressure) and one day I got a call from the pharmacy that my prescription was ready. I went to get it and there were two prescriptions waiting for me, which seemed strange. The punchline: my doctor renewed my Vicodin prescription on his own.
But instead the nerve block injections took my severe migraines away completely for about 5 days the first time I received them and I was able to stop the opiate meds completely without any withdrawal. Amazing. I really don't think that you need to have migraines so badly for the rest of your life. Keep trying and I'll keep all thoughts towards your pain relief.
bet u have some funky withdrawal!Buphenorphrine aka Suboxone helps with this...have u tried for craving?may help u stay clean!some complain but it costs too much...i reply how much the drugs costing a month?A MD prescribes that has special license 2 dispense....something for u to research/consider!i see success with it with heroin addicts and those addicted to opiate painkillers.
I was already taking lisinopril for high bp. I am still taking that and monitoring my blood pressure. Thanks for the other recommendations, I am willing to try anything to help.
Someone asked if I could get clonodine (sp?) but I already take lisinopril for blood pressure. Im already on zoloft for depression and it has worked great until now. Im also really grateful my w/ds have not been severe yet. I want to get up and clean but would rather be slapped in the face than get out of bed. Please tell me when and if the w/d will get worse and how long will this physically last even with the meds she gave me ?