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But recently circa 4 painful, firm 'pimples' appeared under my nose/above my upper lip (including one just on the rim of my upper lip). they are tiny and do not react the same when I squeeze them as a 'regular pimple' on my face would, rather no white puss when squeezed. The thing is that my pimples are not usually painful unless they are the deep rooted pimples. These little surface bumps (that I have caused to scab from squeezing them) do hurt.
odds are it's canker sores you have. what testing did you have done to diagnose herpes in the throat? have you ever had a herpes igg blood test done?
It first started as a lip swell, and redness around the edge of the lip(under the lower lip). First i didn't really care as i thought it was a cold sore sign, so i used acyclovir for 5 days. Tho, there was never any cold sore/pimple on lip. And i haven't had herpes simplex outbreak in more than ten years. After those five days, lips returned back to normal. But redness was still there, and it started to itch around the lip. I used some vaseline, but finally went to see a doctor.
Now I have what looks like cancer sores ALL over the inside part of my lip, top and gums are really white and irritated and I also have a sore throat. They seem to be healing but I want to know what the hell this is.... [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Uploaded with [URL=][/URL] [URL=
// I really wanna know what they are..
I have what I believe to be a pimple on the line dividing my upper lip and skin. I'm not sure if it's possible that this can be a cold sore since it is partially on my lip and from what I've heard, pimples usually don't form on the lips. I haven't popped it since I'm afraid that if it is a cold sore, the stuff that comes out can spread to other parts of my mouth and cause even more cold sores. There's a picture I found online and it looks exactly like what I have. It's even in the same spot.
There was no ejaculation. Three days later I noticed a small 0.1 cm sore inside my mouth at the gum/inner lip interface. It is mildly painful. No other symptoms and no other sores. There was no 'tingling' as has been described by hsv lesions. What is the differential? Thanks.
I had oral sex with a woman not too long ago, a few days ago I started feeling a weird numb/burning sensation in my lip, then a small spot appear under my lip on the right, it has since grown a lot (now about 3mm diameter) its like under the skin its hard and painful when I touch it. I am worried I may have contracted herpes... If so, which type, and I've read numerous things on getting rid of the sores (most contradict each other), some say apply hot, some say apply cold, any suggestions?
As the week progressed, I feel like a tingling /burning sensation on my inner bottom lip. It has been a week later and my inner bottom lip is still tingling and has like a red blotchy spot looks like a small rash has appeared. I asked my friend when the last time he was tested/physical etc and he claimed he was fine, tested a few months ago, and was "clean". I was tested a few months ago and haven't been kissing or physical with anyone else.
( now exact two days later i got the white mark on my lower lips. Please see the images in link below and let me know if you think this is a cold sore ?? I have a mild sore throat but no fever. The white patch on my lips doesn't hurt and i been trying to remove it using my tooth too. Though my tongue kind of hurts. on closer look i can see some very very small red dots (not sure if its normal) During vegas i drank a lot of alcohol and got dehydrated.
I am a healthy 30 year old male and recently developed a blister on my face and am wondering whether this is some form of oral herpes. I have never had cold sores or been diagnosed with herpes and this blister does not match the images I see on the internet or obvious example of friends I know with cold sores. It appeared literally out of the blue one morning with no build-up that I could detect.
i do not know the girl. now i have white spots on my upper lip that look like fordyce much more then the pictures ive been seeing of genital warts. but now a small purple wart has sprung in my pubic area, on top of my penis, not on it... almost at my waist i keep looking at website that say genital warts only appear a month after... its not big like photos ive been seeing but i saw a small one that looked a lot like it. im freaking out please help me!
I've got this unusual rash (not prickly heat rash) just between my nose and upper lip. I usually get it like once in a year or two when my body is overheated (not overheated in the literal meaning but due to working overtime and getting very little rest) Once i get it, its very uncomfortable, itchy and it keeps spreading if untreated. Rash develops into pus cells or water buds that are ready to explode upon little pressure.
A cold sore is typically blister like, sometimes a cluster of blisters. You can use google images to get an idea of typical cold sores. See your doc or a dermatologist to know what's up. No one here can give you a definitive diagnosis. Also, oral herpes is incredibly common, about 70% of the adult population has it.
maybe that's what he thought it was?? Apthous ulcers, or canker sores, can occur anywhere in the mouth but do not involve the outside of the lip. See:
I'm very worried that I put myself in jeoporday of catching genital herpes frrom this exposure. I didn't see any cold sores but they say it can be in saliva. Did I put myself in jeoporday of catching herpes and should I refrain from having sex with my girlfriend for fear of passing it on to her. Please advise as I'm worried.
i'm really worried, because i absolutely dont want one and also, there this tiny tiny white dot on my lip. and i dunno what it is. there are tones, its just one tiny thing. like just a dot. like a period at the end of a sentence, but of course it bigger than that because if some thing was that tiny i don't think i'd see it on my lip. smaller than this ‚óŹ but bigger than a period. it doesnt hurt, or anything at all really.
Now it came again and it covered all of my lower lip and started spreading to my upper lip. It is not very much visible like other images I saw here but I can feel it with my tongue/hands since they are really small. Went to see a doctor last week, because I dont want to trasnfer this to anybody unknowingly. She said that this is herpes by seeing it. I am worried whether this will become genital herpes in any way?.. Will it get transferred by kissing?..
I looked all over the web and none of the oral cancer pictures look like what i have. Also i dipped on my lower lip never on the top. I have no cavities and nothing wrong with my mouth. Can you tell me if you have any idea of what this could be? i know its hard to say without seeing it. ill try and describe a little bit better.
Flu, and felt great an hour later and have felt fine since. My boyfriend did develop a cold sore on his lip, I don't really remember if it was before or after we had sex. I'm thinking after but I'm honestly not certain. I know cold sores are type 1 or whatever and genital herpes are type 2 (correct?) So is it possible to contract genital herpes from someone who has a cold sore?
So i assumed it was because my skin was very dry. I'd use lotion and it seemed to help calm the open burning sores. The shape was a size of a quarter. So the next day i fell asleep on the side where I had the sore *noted i had a bandaid covering it* and another formed on the same side but near my noise. So i applied lotion on it and it took around 4 days to cover up. Now the lotion has helped but the skin still feels sensative.
I have had HSV-1 for as long as I can remeber, so I know exactly how it feels when a sore is coming on my lip. Nothing similar has happened down there. Regardless of symptoms, this is the first time I have seen these type of red areas, and it came 3 days after unprotected sex. I'm scared and worried. I'm scheduled for a blood test in few weeks. I'm almost postive that wiil be positive as I know I have HSV-1. Will the test diffeentiate between HSV-1 and HSV-2?
It has now been 13 days, post exposure , my symptoms settled few days ago but the blister on my lip persists. I have compared it with google images of herpes and it looks nothing like those. I am wondering if it is a mucocele. This morning I woke with a slightly sore throat again, it settled as day progressed . Over the past 2 weeks I have felt the skin on my upper Arms has been redder in appearance, this comes and goes. I am wondering if it just my paranoia.
//,r:6,s:0 They are on the inside of the foreskin, not throughout like vertically lined down.I couldn't spot any on the penis itself.
So about a week or two after I made my post in October, the tiny bumps went away. About the same time I made the post I began taking daily L-lysine pills (on the back of the supplement bottle, it says that they help with skin & lip health. My mother-in-law uses them for cold sores, she says the L-lysine helps dry them out faster), idk if that helped my lips heal faster, or whatever it was just out ran its course though.
I used regular old salt water and my sores and red welts would come and is my first day with no injection since last friday, and no copegus...lot less pills to take...having muscle twitches,and really tired and hungry...also bad headache...but I am sure it will get better...feels good to be done good thing I noticed is the heaviness in my chest is gone, I can breathe a deep breath and it feels wonderful...
I am a 30yom with HSV-1 diagnosed cold sores. They have always occurred on my left lower lip with the same prodrome of itchy/tingling. I recently went to Asia where I performed unprotected oral sex on a man. No ejaculation. Two days later, I met another man who I had protected insertive intercourse. I returned two days later after a 15 hour flight and started with a runny nose and malaise. I slept poorly that night and felt off the entire next day.
That sounds like 100% that you bit your inside cheek esp the blood blister type of appearance. Oral herpes is more on the lips and right at the live of lip and face. Inside the mouth are either canker sores (not herpes related) or bit injuries.
I guess according to that test i was exposed recently. Why did i get it on my glans and on my lip, when i had a condom on and didnt kiss? my lip did tingle and feel hot in the way that people say happens with cold sores before i got the red spot. what was on my penis looked more like a really mild version of the herpes pics ive seen than the yeast i have on my scrotum or the white dots you sent in that photo. it was all in one little dime sized area, and was quite sore.
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