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7244116_tn?1389506568 Wondering if it's normal for light pink discharge to come out after sex. I'm 4 months pregnant n it's the first time I see it.
Avatar_f_tn I started the pill Yasmin 15 days ago on my period as told to do by the instructions. i have had my period since then, except the last 3-4days i've been having this light pink discharge which i've never experienced before. my boobs hurt and are growing and i am feeling extremely nauseous a lot of the time. but those might have to do with the hormones getting put into my body.
Avatar_n_tn today during work i went to the restroom and when i i clean my self there was light pink discharge. I'm supposed to get my period in three days. I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and last week on Friday 03/09/12 he came inside of me... there was other times that he has came inside of me. I don't know if I'm pregnant or my period is starting... Help please and Thank you.
Avatar_f_tn Hi, after my last two periods I have experienced a light pink discharge, it's quite thick and a lot of it, it lasts for about two days then it goes back to a normal discharge colour. It also has a horrible smell like rotting meat smell, the smell makes me feel sick. I also get a achey pain around the overies area which started while I was pregnant with my first child, but didn't change with having a second child. I have this pain on and off through the day, through out the month.
Avatar_n_tn Ive always eatin alot. Ive been having trouble sleeping, and this morning I had light pink discharge. that happens only a day before my full period. My period Isnt due for another week or two. I would love to have a baby. But about a year ago with my ex I was convinced that I could NOT get pregnant. He has no children. But my now boyfriend has two that are not mine. Could I be pregnant? I also thought that the light pink discharge was from rough sex. theory.
949272_tn?1245969820 My period isn't due for another 2 and a half weeks, and i found brownish discharge in my underwear and when i wiped it was very light pink. im not on any birth control, never have been. My boyfriend and i were living together at which time we had no money and he didnt pull out. it was after my period so i didnt think i could become preg. but could i be? could this be implantion bleeding? please write.
Avatar_f_tn today i got a light pink/brown discharge when i went to the bathroom, i have been having more discharge than normal before today it was white. i have also frequently been using the bathroom. me and my boyfriend had sex with a condom a couple weeks ago but i didn't know it broke until a piece came out of me the next day. and i hadn't taken my birth control that day.. could i be pregnant?
Avatar_f_tn Yes, early in my pregnancy i had a few days of light spotting.
Avatar_f_tn ladies my AF is about 7 days late and I'm having brownish light pink discharge only when I wipe not enough to actually be on the pad could I actually be pregnant? I'm having mild cramping and feel bloated.
1274271_tn?1453265765 last night i discovered that my discharge had a pink/light brown tinge to it??? I'm worried because I had a miscarriage back in march at 6 weeks. I am now 12 weeks pregnant, morning sickness has gone, my boobs are still tender though and i don't have cramps, my period wouldn't usually come for another week if i wasn't pregnant and my doc appointment isn't till Tuesday next week, anyone else experienced this????
1907302_tn?1321897249 I am still one month away from getting my period but the past 2 days I have been staining my undies with very light pinkish discharge, is this normal? Will I might have the chances of being pregnant? I had a miscarriage on March and I am very nervous about the discharge.
Avatar_n_tn My period is now 3 days late and i have no signs of being pregnant, today i noticed a very light pink discharge, nothing much. I keep feeling like i am going to get my period but this is the first time i have been this late. I have a bit of numbness in my abdomen, what could it be?
582761_tn?1218100031 Alright, for about two days now I have been having very light pink discharge and today cramping along with it. I'm currently taking Lybrel (birth control with no periods) and wouldn't assume I was pregnant if I hadn't missed my pill the same day I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I've also thought maybe it is some sort of an infection? I've never experienced any problems before now so I don't know what to look for. I'm hoping some of you here could help me.
Avatar_f_tn I am 5 weeks 2 days and as of this morning ive had on and off light pink discharge that gets a little darker once in a while when I wipe. Nothing heavy to stain my underwear or a pad. I did have sex with my husband yesterday morning and ive read that is a trigger for vaginal bleeding but im still soooo worried.
Avatar_f_tn (Now that I said that, you are probably already pregnant ;) ) Light pink discharge can just be due to irritation of the cervix from intercourse. Regarding that, if you were my patient, I would do a pap smear and check for infection (STDs and others). If those were all fine, I would consider an ultrasound to look at the uterine lining and right ovary. Good luck!
Avatar_m_tn Hi. I had light pink spotting after a month of Clomid 50mg and I was pregnant. It was my first time also. Maybe you should test again closer to Wednesday when you are due.
1627185_tn?1328301751 i just had my cycle the 20th of feb and ended the 24 th we have been ttc but today and yesturday i have been having light pink discharge and it started after intercourse i took a hpt it was negative could it be to early to test or could i be pregnant its been 2 months after my mc on jan 1 2011 does any one have any answers?
Avatar_f_tn I even noticed when I went to the bathroom and wiped there was a light pink discharge. Is this normal, I'm scared and don't know if this is an early sign of miscarriage.
638773_tn?1223060253 its light pink, with like little speaks of what seems like tissue... its like bright red little spots. is that a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar_m_tn Two weeks ago, during the time I would have ovulated (if I had not been on the pill) I had a light pink colored discharge. I have never had anything like this before and am worried that I could be pregnant. I have been nauseated and have had very sore breasts since I started taking the pill so I a unsure that it is related to pregnancy symptoms. I have been cramping off and on since the pink discharge, but I am suppose to start my period in 4 days.
417210_tn?1202792350 Sounds like you could be pregnant. Light spotting pink or brown in color Implantation bleeding. You should take the test/Make an apointment for a BT much more accurate. Maybe you should/Shouldhave conciderd BC or condoms. That prevent unwanted pregnancies.
1455986_tn?1285361894 Hi i am trying for a baby and we has sex when i was ovulating but then a came on but only for four days instead of 5 & then tow days later i had a light pink spotting wot can this mean i have never had this be for and only had it once so far .